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Interspecies friends in shark costumes. And also there’s a Roomba.

You know how sometimes I say, “this is going to be a very short post?” And really it ends up being crazy long?

Well, it is. Really, this time. Short, I mean. For real.


I have posts planned – at least one for Saturday, and one for Monday, as long as I have time to write them. Things are getting a little crazy and busy here in Amyland. Which is good, because when I get back? SO MANY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT! But right now? NO TIME TO WRITE, JELLYBEANS!

(What’s ironic is, I have SO MANY BLOG POSTS PLANNED, too. And no time to write them. Annoying.)

Tonight I have to get to bed. Just utterly have to. No choice. I haven’t been sleeping lately. Lots on my mind, and staying up much too late. Need to recharge tonight. And maybe try to do a little reading. I’m trying to get a book read by the time I leave town on Saturday.

Anyway, I will leave you with some fun things.

Remember I sent Andreas a present? It arrived! Over a week before the post office told me it would! And I made a pretty Storify of his wonderful photos he took of what I sent, so you could see!

Here, because stupid WordPress won’t let me embed Storify stories, here’s a preview:

Also, here is a video that’s been making us all giggle and giggle for the past couple days. CAT ON A ROOMBA!

There are all kinds of interspecies friends happening all up in here. Also, animals in costumes, and animals who are not at all distressed by bashing into cabinets while riding around on a Roomba.

Also, I think you will all appreciate this: when I was coming back from the wake this week (at which I did not embarrass myself or my parents, so that was nice) and drove past a sign for a business. That business was called:


You GUYS! There is an INTERWEB out in the world! I was talking to Susie about it and I researched it and apparently they sell paper-making machines or something? It’s all very confusing and I’m not sure what’s happening there. But you can be assured that when I drove past INTERWEB I shouted “INTERWEB!” as loud as I could and laughed and laughed and possibly internally debated whether or not to turn around, take a photo for all of you, and then get back on the road. (Common sense won out. And also, it was 7pm and I hadn’t had anything to eat since 1. I was STARVING.)

Also, I had my first official post on Snobbery this week; if you’d like to read about some booky goodness, please click on over!

Alright. Time to break up the cat-fighting going on right now and get to bed. With a book. And comfy pajamas. Because it might snow tonight. At the end of April.

UPDATE! Not only did it not snow, it’s not even that cold out this morning. Silly weatherman.

One more thing. This came on the radio today?

“Grab your things, I’ve come to take you home” might be one of the most perfect lines ever written in music, ever.

Happy Friday, all. I’ll be back tomorrow. Probably. I would assume. Barring the apocalypse, I guess.

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