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As of August 1, 2013, my book is officially out of print. Thank you all so much for buying it, and for being so kind about it, and for talking about it, and just being generally wonderful – special thanks to all of you who worked on it with me and helped me bring it to fruition. You may still be able to find copies of it out there used, and someday I hope it will be reissued – and if so, I’ll let everyone know!

So, as some of you know, I wrote a book. Here’s the post where I geek out all over that news, in case you missed it.

It’s a book of poetry. The title is Out of True. It was published by Luna Station Press on August 1, 2012.

If you aren’t a poetry person, or really, REALLY like my humorous writing and aren’t so much a fan of when I get serious, it’s probably not for you. I won’t be sad. I don’t want you to buy it and be all WHERE IS THE FUNNY. There’s not much funny. A little, but not much. Mostly it’s serious poetry stuff.

It’s 20 years in the making and has poetry from the past twenty years of my life. A little bit from here, a little bit from there. Hopefully (if I’ve done my job) you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference. There are poems about a little bit of everything: magic and zombies and summer and trees and Diogenes and Delilah and snow and love and loss. Something for everyone, hopefully.

I love it. So, so much. And I hope you all do, too. I can’t wait to finally have people read it and talk to people about it and have it be out there, you know?

Here’s the cover – it is the most beautiful thing ever, and I can’t stop looking at it, aaahh!

You can click to read all the info and such and to make it GIGANTIC. The cover photo is courtesy of Ken. I can’t imagine any other photo being more perfect for the cover. I’m crazy in love with this.

I’ll update this as I have more information – reviews and blurbs and such. Thank you all for being so excited about it – I say all the time I have the best readers in the world, and it’s not even hyperbole. I do, I do, I do. I absolutely do.


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Insatiable Booksluts did a blog tour for my book (THANK YOU EVERYONE) and you can find everything here, here, here! There are a lot of wonderful things here – illustrations and bon vivantery and videos and audio and everything in-between. Click on them all!

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On August 2, 2012, THIS HAPPENED, and I breathed kind of funny for an hour or so:


And look what the amazing and talented Cara made for me, from one of the lines in my poem “Fever” from the collection – isn’t it gorgeous?

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