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Hapy Thankgivinge blog peeple from Dumbcat!

Hello to peeple of the blogge! Momme sayed I could rite here twoday because she is travelng. She goed to visit my grandprnts for Thaynksgvng. That meens they are her momme and daddy, and also that when they visit us, they pet me on my head and maek me purr lots. I used to be […]

An adventure at the vet with Dumbcat, Newcat, and ME!

So TODAY, we had an adventure called “take two cats to the vet, one of which doesn’t 100% trust you yet because she is new here.” What do you mean, this isn’t an adventure. I beg to differ, yo. EVERYTHING is an adventure if you look at it the right way. First, I got out […]

A Very Exciting Day! (A Guest Post by Dumbcat!)

Helo blog peeple: MoM sed I culd write to yew todey and I said GUD becauze we have thingz to talk ebout! First MommE said to say hi how are youu. So hi to you nices peeple. I am a cat. Mom sayz my brain is made of puding but I think no. I am […]

Dumbcat is a Luddite and other revelations

I have three things to say and then I have to go because I got my new Kindle and all I want to do is behold it. It is GORGEOUS, you guys. And so much bigger than I thought it would be. And so SHINY. And I want to add all the apps to it […]

Dumbcat has made a FRIEND. A very long-distance friend. He is very pleased with himself.

Howdy, folks. What day is this in blogland? In me-land it’s a different day. I’m like a timelord, right? NO NO NO don’t start talking to me about Dr. Who, I don’t watch it. Someday. When I have all the time in the world. Promise. I hear good things. You don’t need to convince me […]