When it rains, it pours. And I never remember my umbrella.

The universe has a funny way of loading a lot on you all at once and then saying, “‘kay, I’m going to leave you to figure this out…good luck with that” and then taking off to traipse through the celestial flowers or whatever the universe does on its day off.

2014, so far, has been the year of both getting my ass kicked and kicking ass back. Gigantic highs and huge old lows.

I went to the land of the Finns…

Where I was amazed by the fact that you could TOUCH LEMURS (well, illegally, but still, it wasn't like anyone stopped you...)

Where I was amazed by the fact that you could TOUCH LEMURS (well, illegally, but still, it wasn’t like anyone stopped you…)

...and I got to see this in really real person...

…and I got to see this in really real person…

...and I got to hang out with my most favorite little Finnish girl in the whole world...

…and I got to hang out with my most favorite little Finnish girl in the whole world…

...and Andreas evilly tried to poison everyone with windshield washer fluid in a Coke bottle...

…and Andreas evilly tried to poison everyone with windshield washer fluid in a Coke bottle…

...and I got to sleep with this guy...

…and I got to sleep with this guy…

...this lovely lady...

…this lovely lady…

...and the two most perfect red pups in all the world.

…and the two most perfect red pups in all the world.

Then things kind of went to shit once I got home…in a nutshell, I was let go from an amazing job and all-too-quickly took a job that was offered, mostly out of fear of not having one. To say it was a nightmare is to speak a little too well of what went on at that job. But, professional grown-up ladies don’t badmouth places of employment, right? Right.

I put up with what I think can correctly be called Emotional Abusetown for four months, and then quit. Without a backup plan. Because sometimes you need to run. I mean, come on, Kenny Rogers taught me that when I was a wee Amy, right? I’m still not sure when to hold ’em or fold ’em, but I am VERY good at knowing when to run. Even when it doesn’t seem like a good idea because you won’t have health insurance in your life on the lam.

However, the universe (good old universe) decided maybe I didn’t have ENOUGH going on, so threw in the MOST EPIC CURVEBALL.

It said a lot about Emotional Abusetown that after three days there, I started jobhunting again. I applied near, and when nothing seemed to be coming of it, I applied far. And I decided to stretch a little for the kinds of jobs I wanted, not just settle for the kinds of jobs I could do, but wouldn’t be all that soul-enhancing. What the hell, right?

So when I got a call from a newspaper wanting me to do a phone interview in the middle of the day one day, I looked around for the hidden cameras. People like me didn’t get calls from newspapers, right? Unless it was a person wanting them to SUBSCRIBE to the newspaper.

Over a few weeks, I actually got calls from TWO newspapers. I had multiple phone interviews and one full-day in-person interview. (Yes, you read that right. The interview was – withour the slightest bit of hyperbole – six and a half hours long. It was almost an entire workday. And I did work, too. It was as if I was actually working for quite a bit of the day.)

Hey, guess what?

Both papers hired me.

One paid so little I couldn’t afford to take the job without taking another job (at least part-time, if not close to full-time) to make ends meet. It would have been a very good job. It was a reporter position for my hometown paper, the paper I read growing up that taught me to love newsprint. But it’s a very small town, and a small-town newspaper can’t afford to pay much. I said no, but sadly.

The other paid better, but not as much as I’m used to making. There was a lot of thinking involved. When the editor called with the job offer and explained that, in order to get me to say yes, he’d moved some things around and added on some extra things here and there just to bump up the bottom line…well. How can you say no to that?

So of course I said yes. I am their newest copy editor, and will also be doing some social media, and maybe some writing and reviewing, if the need arises.

Thing is…the really HARD thing is…

…the job is here.

You know I love it here in the Capital District. It’s home, and it’s been home for 12 years (12 years this weekend, actually – I moved here Labor Day weekend 2002.) My heart is here. That’s never happened anywhere I’ve lived, this sense of pride and ownership of place. I’m completely at home here. I feel very safe here.

But, around the time I got back from my adventure overseas, I’d started to get the itch.

Do you get this? This itch that something’s off, and something needs to change? It’s not something small, like, something that can be fixed by going out and buying a new outfit or a getting a kicky haircut (although those itches happen, too, sometimes.) This is a bigger itch, where you don’t feel comfortable in your skin, and something BIG needs to change. I used to get this quite often, which was ok, because when I was younger, I changed jobs or apartments or cities on the regular. But it seems you don’t outgrow the itch. It still shows up out of nowhere and starts bumping around your head like a fly made stupid with autumn.

I thought that finding a new job would satisfy it, and it would – it will. But the universe is, if anything, a trickster. So the universe said, “Sure! Here’s a new job. The new job is, actually, a job you’ve been dreaming of for, oh, only your whole LIFE. But here’s the catch – you have to move three hours away to a town where you only know one person and that you’ve never been in for more than half an hour. Also, the winters are kind of cuckoo-bananas. So, how are you going to handle THAT?”

I’m handling that by spending the last week packing everything I own…

This is my living room right now. Say hello to Mount St. Amy. It's insurmountable.

This is my living room right now. Say hello to Mount St. Amy. It’s insurmountable. Believe me, Dumbcat has tried. And failed.

…cancelling all my utilities, apartment-hunting, saying goodbye to people, quitting my two part-time jobs, sleeping too little, fretting too much, trying to get Dumbcat to understand I will NOT be leaving him behind so he doesn’t have to cling to me like a remora, and getting ready to leave my home for my new town.

I somehow had the best luck in the world and found the perfect apartment with the very first one I saw – really close to work, in a nice area, wood floors, fireplace, a ton of space, a yard, a porch…and only a wee bit more than I’m paying now. And the new landlord seems delightful. She gave it to me almost immediately, even though other people had applied. I think she knew it was a me-place as much as I did. It has good vibes. And it’s almost 100 years old! I have old-building love. Always have.

The town is about a third of the size of where I live now, but has a lot of history and is well-appointed – lots of shopping, lots of green space, beautiful old buildings, a zoo(!). Two of my most beloved people live within an hour of my new place, so I’ll get to see them more often, and I’m an hour closer to my family.

And, it all comes down to this: I’m ready for a grand adventure.

This is a job I’ll love, and dammit, I’ll be GOOD at this. The apartment is great. I don’t have anything I can’t leave here – I love it, but it’s not like I have family I can’t uproot, or something along those lines. I’m ripe for a change, and when better to make one?

In two days, my family will show up with trucks and trailers and such and we will have a day of MUCH physical labor…and by the end of it, I will be the newest resident of Watertown, NY, with a new job waiting for me just a few days later.

*deep breaths*

It all happens at once, or not at all…I guess I got the all at once this year.

Onward and upward.

(P.S. – apparently, it pays to be a grammar nerd. GO ME!)


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24 responses to “When it rains, it pours. And I never remember my umbrella.

  • wordsmith94

    Wooh! Go Amy! Life is an adventure, and it’s obviously time for your next chapter to begin. All the best!


    • lucysfootball

      Thank you! It IS an adventure – I’ll feel a lot more adventurous once I’m all moved! (Right now I’m just mostly sore – packing is EXHAUSTING!)


      • wordsmith94

        Yay! I think you’re all moved in (mostly, it looked like anyway)! Well, Dumbcat’s found a bed, so he’s happy.
        Best of luck and I hope you recover quickly and get time to explore before getting too busy with your new job! :-)


  • A. Pope

    So glad to see a post from you again! Wishing you all the best for your move and new job!


    • lucysfootball

      Thank you! I haven’t been feeling especially bloggy…but am hoping with the free time I’ll have with the job (and the weight off my shoulders) I’ll be around more often. Here’s hoping!


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    You blogged! This is a happy day! Well, apart from all the packing and moving you’re going to have to do. That’s the worst.

    But life has a tendency to give with one hand and take with another. There’s a price for everything. Nothing’s ever free. So you will have to move. But – once the move is over – a whole new chapter of your life will begin. And that’s just grand!

    Liked by 1 person

  • ScorpionGlow

    Good luck with the move and your new job.


  • Margaret

    This one piece is evidence enough you should be writing for a living. I’ll be looking forward to following you from your new ( old) place in H2Otown.
    Take care- and keep in touch!


  • Anonymous

    Hope all goes well, good luck with your new job and home


  • grrgoyl

    Not gonna lie, my heart actually sped up for a beat or two when I got the notification of your replies to my comments. I whispered to myself, “Is she back….?” Because WP has been a gray, lifeless place not worth visiting with you gone.

    How EXCITING (not just you back, but you getting the job of both our dreams (copy editing is proofreading, right? Because this girl was born for that. Errors look like red blinking neon to me on a page)). And how perfect that it’s still only your life you’ll be disrupting (well, remora!Dumbcat too) so now is the ideal time for an adventure. Watertown sounds very quaint (but you can keep the NY winters. Although I just got back from CT and the humidity was surprisingly merciful this year. Maybe winter won’t be so bad?)

    I’ll answer your question about Tery and her job situation here — she has been paying her dues working two jobs, a vet receptionist job that she loves and pays well but they didn’t need her full-time, and a 24-Hour Fitness receptionist job that made her want to punch things that paid too little and changed her schedule on the daily without ever bothering to tell her ahead of time. However, just this past week the vet has decided to take her on full-time! Which will solve a TON of problems. She’ll still be at the gym because you get a free membership even if you only work like one shift a month, but I think she’ll be able to tolerate it better knowing she has the vet job as her Rock of Gibraltar (with bennies, FINALLY). So all’s good with her, thanks for asking :)


  • April Campbell-McMillan

    congratulations, pretty lady! all the best luck and wishes are being sent your way from Chippawa… I have missed your posts, and am glad you are back. And Dumbcat will love your new place, just because you are there. I have a cat named Pika but she answers to StupidCat as well. OK, she ignores both names, but I can dream, can’t I?
    Have fun, most of all!


  • mfennvt

    I’ve been wondering about you lately. It seems like you and sj both vanished off the intertubes this summer. Didn’t know what to do with myself! I’m glad you’re okay and have a grand adventure in front of you. Best of luck with the move and the new job/town!


  • Mer

    Smooches to you and DC and many, heartfelt, deeply – deserved good wishes on the new adventures!


  • earthandink

    I am so glad that:
    1. you got the amazing job
    2. by now you’re finished with your move
    3. by now Dumbcat knows that all is well
    4. you are surrounded by boxes in your new home
    5. you got a great apt!
    6. you had a great time in the land of the Finns
    7. you’re closer to beloved people & your family
    8. the universe is still off rambling through flower beds
    9. that you’ve blogged (okay, that one’s selfish)

    Congrats! Er, about the job/apt not about blogging. Although well done there, too.

    Okay, now I’m just writing awkward things. Stop typing, me.


  • kitchenmudge

    Just checked on you and was happy to see a post. Grats, and don’t be afraid to write a little. I knew there was a place for grammar nerds somewhere.


  • blogginglily

    Good luck on your new adventure, Amy! I miss so much when I withdraw from blogs and reading blogs and talking to friends. I’m so happy you seem like you’re on the right track…even if it’s not the money you’re used to, find a job you love and the money will find you…that’s what they say. Right? RIGHT???

    So this post was written at the end of August and it’s damn near the end of September and…you used to write EVERY DAY! And now…well…now maybe you’re writing every day and someone’s PAYING YOU!!!



    • lucysfootball

      I don’t think the money will find me, Jim…but living here seems cheaper than living where I used to live (mostly because I don’t go out much anymore) and since I can live on less, I think it’ll be ok!

      Yeah, no more writing every day. Or sometimes even…every year, it looks like. Hard to balance all the things, you know? And the internet has to fall off the radar because it’s (sadly) the least important of all the plates I have spinning.

      Hope you’re well!


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