Let it snow. Just not THIS much. I know, I’m really picky.

Just a quick update. I am not dead; I am still coughing up a lung and my nose is running, like, a LOT, but otherwise? I think I might be on the mend. Maybe. Seems everyone’s got some sort of crud right now; I’m not alone in my sick nasty suffering.

I learned a very smart thing in that I could not sleep for days, and one night I totally ragequit my bed and decided to sleep on my couch and it worked like a CHARM and I couldn’t figure out why, until I figured out that I was weirdly propped up on a bunch of pillows and maybe THAT had helped with all the coughing, so I put a billion photos on my bed and the next night I slept MUCH better. So apparently the tuberculosis or whatever I’ve come down with likes me to sleep at a weird upright angle. I WIN, TUBERCULOSIS OR WHATEVER YOU ARE!

Also, if you live in New York or the northeast area, you may or may not have woken up to THIS on Sunday morning:


We totally got a foot of snow over a 24-hour period. I was at work on Saturday and the drive home from work was NO BUENO. But that was only a few inches of snow; when I woke up the next morning, we’d gotten probably 9 MORE inches. And I had to dig out from it. Which took about an hour. A sweaty, terrible hour, in which I wondered how I had been sent to a Soviet work camp. But I got my poor car unburied and moved it to an empty spot that had been cleared and then went back in and collapsed on the couch and went pant, pant, pant while my jeans dripped melty snow on the floor.

Ha! Yes. Shoveling snow ALWAYS looks this dapper!

Ha! Yes. Shoveling snow ALWAYS looks this dapper!

I love you, New York! I don’t want to leave you! But oh, that was a lot of snow! And I am not much of one for manual labor, hence me working in a cushy office job!

(I did giggle a little watching people get stuck. The problem is that people didn’t think they had to shovel MUCH snow to get their car out of the spots. The main areas had been plowed, but you had to clean out, like, behind your tires and such. Or your tires would spin and spin. And people were being lazy, and thought, “I will just clean away a LITTLE snow!” and then they totally got stuck and were all “WHIRRRR!” and stuck. It was their own damn fault. I wouldn’t have laughed otherwise, promise. I was the MOST anal about shoveling all the snow away from my car, because once I got stuck and it was the worst, and who’s going to help me get out, Dumbcat? I think not.)

Christmas is almost done; I am currently waiting on ONE GIFT and I can mail everything out and will be FINISHED. (Hurry up, one gift!) Some people have gotten their gifts already and I had many grins getting messages from people who’ve received things this weekend. I have a pile of gifts for Mom and Dad and the extended family that I will give to Mom and Dad when they visit next week, and they will give ME gifts, and I will save them to open on Christmas day so I don’t feel so bad about being that sad lonely person on Christmas. AND, The Nephew’s mom invited me to her house for Christmas brunch, so I get to give him his gifts in person, and see him on Christmas day! That was a happy unexpected surprise. I love that I get to spend a few hours with family on Christmas day that I wasn’t expecting. That makes me so joyous.

Shh, don't tell him, but I bought him a remote-control plane. He's going to flip.

Shh, don’t tell him, but I bought him a remote-control plane. He’s going to flip.

I am so pleased with Christmas this year. I’m so happy I was able to get it all together and make Christmas happen after the nightmare that was last year’s non-Christmas. And Christmas is only ten days away! Huzzah!

(And shh, I totally bought MYSELF some gifts; I think that’s allowed. Some new clothes, and shoes, and some various accessories. Sometimes you need to treat yourself just a LITTLE. Plus I needed some new clothes. Don’t we all? Sometimes?)

Also, aren't these the CUTEST, and they were 50% off! I HAD TO HAVE THEM!

Also, aren’t these the CUTEST, and they were 50% off! I HAD TO HAVE THEM!

I know I keep telling you more posts are coming, and they really are, I promise; they’re being worked on in draft form as we speak. There has been some posting going on on my review blog, if you’re so inclined. I haven’t disappeared. I’ve just got a million irons in the fire right now, I guess. Oh, and maybe also tuberculosis.

Hope your Decembers are all going well and you’re staying warm and dry and such. I’ll be back soon. You won’t even notice I’m gone. Promise!

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13 responses to “Let it snow. Just not THIS much. I know, I’m really picky.

  • becomingcliche

    I’m so jealous of the snow, mostly because if it snows that much here, I’m stuck in the house never to move again. Send some here, would you?

    I am so glad that you get to visit with Nephew on Christmas day. I hope it brings you much joy!


    • lucysfootball

      Snow…SENT! (I wish I could. We have far too much!)

      I can’t wait to see my little guy on Christmas. He’s adorable any day of the year, but on Christmas, he’s all excitement and bright eyes and joy. I can’t wait to see that!


  • summerstommy2

    I do so enjoy reading your posts Amy. My Christmas is about as opposite to yours as you could image, weather wise.
    I too look forward to the joy of seeing family, sharing time with them and our Christmas dinner.
    I hope yours is all you expect. Merry Christmas Amy.


  • earthandink

    I was totally trying to think of the word tuberculosis last night. And here it is! Thank you!

    We didn’t get as much snow as you did, but it was still: snow. Lots of snow. And now, again, today. I went out to my landing and broke huge icicles off the roof because, while pretty, I was afraid it would get warm enough for them to get loose enough that they would fall and poke someone’s eye out. Yes, I worry about that. So that was nice.

    Really glad you’re feeling better! And that you get to see The Nephew for Christmas. Good for his mom for including you. Well done, her.


  • Gigi

    Yes, you are TOTALLY expected to buy yourself gifts at Christmas. I do it every year – though not this year – YET. Mainly because I’m so far damn behind. Just whose bright idea was it to make Thanksgiving so late this year and have us move? Oh. That’s right…it’s all my Hubby’s fault.


  • Charleen

    So, my freshman year of high school, there was this horrible snow storm, but we didn’t hear anything about a snow day. So, my mom tried driving me, like normal, but we got stuck turning left out of our neighborhood because the middle part of the intersection, like the gap between medians, hadn’t been plowed. It took us a while to get out of that, and then extremely slow going down the road to the high school. What was normally about a five minute drive took us more like half an hour. So, she drops me off, and I trudge up the door… only to learn that they did, in fact, call a snow day.

    The following year, there was a storm that apparently WASN’T bad enough to call a snow day for… but something like 80% of the students didn’t show up, because we all just assumed there would be one (and yes, I was in that 80%).

    The moral of my story is that my district clearly needed better communication… and snow sucks.


    • lucysfootball

      Snow TOTALLY sucks. Our district was always very slow about calling it, if they called it at all (which was seldom…we grew up so far north, it took a lot for us to get a snow day.) Mostly we knew there’d be a snow day if the bus was a couple hours late getting us – but not always. Sometimes it showed up that late. That was never a happy day. “MAYBE A DAY OFF…ugh, dammit, there’s the bus.”


  • elaine4queen

    I like those shoes.

    I have really narrowed down the gifting to my mum and my brother. One of the side effects of illness. Even then, I bought one of my mum’s gifts like last Feb or something, and the other is the Hyperbole and a Half book which I bought the SECOND it was published, but I still ended up paying stupid tax because I posted them so late. Still, I sent my brother’s stuff a couple of months ago, which was good. I am planning a little something for myself as well. Ten is furious, but I am planning to go over to the dark side. Both my netbook and my laptop are going the way of all things – slow, noisy fanned, heavy…. yes, it’s surely time to buy a Macbook Air? Anyway, I am going to visit the shoppy shop when I am in Brighton and see the creatures in action. Then we will see.


    • lucysfootball

      That’s what most of my shoes look like. I’m a huge fan of Mary Jane-style shoes with no heel. Comfortable and adorable!

      Ooh, Macbook Air! I’m planning on getting a new laptop, probably next year. This one still works, but it’s getting old and I’ve worn the letters off the keys from constant use and it freezes up sometimes…so it’s at least time to start shopping around. I can afford something better this time, which is nice!

      I have the Hyperbole and a Half book, but haven’t started it yet. Have to get through some library books first. Hoping to get to it bright and early in the new year!


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