A new and most exciting venture!

This is just to say that you shouldn’t read me HERE today. You should go read me ELSEWHERE. (Well, read this here, too, I mean, you’re already here, and all.)

See, for the past month or so I’ve totally been working on this project which is LIVE TODAY! Well, “live” is relative. It’s live now, but there’s not a hell of a lot on it. There will be soon, though.

I have officially started my own book review blog; all of my reviews will be there from now on, as will random other literary-related things as they strike my fancy. Will they strike my fancy? No idea. Fancies are strange like that. You can’t predict a fancy!

I guess you can predict a Cat Fancy; they're bound to have cat-related articles in them, right? Right.

I guess you can predict a Cat Fancy; they’re bound to have cat-related articles in them, right? Right.

What does this mean for YOU, my loyal Lucy’s Footballians?

Well, really, very little. You can choose to read my writing over there as well, or, if you have no interest in reviews and literary things, you can keep reading here; I promise I’ll be posting in both places. (Speaking of which, I even made up a SCHEDULE for posting over here this month for myself. Like a grownup LADY. I know! Impressive, right? It’s hanging in my kitchen next to a magnet making fun of Dubya. What, isn’t that a thing everyone has in their kitchen? ANYWAY, I totally have posting ideas for like a DOZEN posts at LEAST over here this month, so go go gadget me. Some are even – GASP! – humorous!)

So, if you’d like to be ahead of the curve and see what a blog with ZERO CONTENT looks like, you can go here and check it out (and follow it! And tell your friends! And totally give me a ticker-damn-tape-parade! What? That’s way too much to ask? FINE) and in about an hour, the first post will go up, And about an hour after THAT, the SECOND post will go up. You can follow it and get notifications, or get email telling you when new posts are up, or watch my Twitter timeline or my blog Facebook page or or or…you know. All the usual things one does to find out if I’ve posted, I suppose.

I hope you love it; I’m very excited about it, and have all kinds of plans and schemes for things I want to write over there. Stay tuned, jellybeans.

Oh, and in Lucy’s Football news, since this IS Lucy’s Football, after all: um, things are…well, the same. I decorated for Christmas; I am getting packages in the mail so I can send people their Christmas packages in (hopefully) a timely manner (two of them arrived today that are so perfect for the person they’re for I totally squeed upon opening the box); work is going well; Dumbcat has not gotten any more intelligent and as we speak is twitching in his sleep so I think he’s dream-fighting cat-ninjas.



I hope Dumbcat wins.

Dad bought a laptop with a camera in it; after I convinced him that blacking it out with a Sharpie was a bad idea (you know, because THE GOVERNMENT), I may have convinced him that once he gets to Florida for the winter he and I can talk! WITH our FACES! I can’t even imagine the adventures that will happen if that occurs. (He’s totally going to Florida for months on end this winter, like the old people do. He doesn’t like to be called the old people but he’s not reading this so I suppose I’m safe.) I told him he can also make amateur porn and he said “daughters aren’t supposed to say ‘amateur porn’ to their fathers” and I said “yeah, probably not” and he said, “but that was a good one” and I said “yeah, I know, that’s why I said it.”

So all’s well here. Busy busy busy. Christmas is a’comin’ and I want it to be so special for people this year and that doesn’t just happen, you know! Plans need to be made!

That is all, I think. So, if you are so inclined, pop on over to new-blog-land and give it a look-see, or a follow, and I promise to tell you about books both good AND bad, and hopefully add books to your to-be-read lists, and have all the fun. Or, if nothing else, keep track of what I’ve read, because I totally brought a book home from the library the other day? And I’d already read it. TRUE STORY!

See you soon. Elsewhere, perhaps!

This is totally going to be me to all the people over there. New or not. I'm just that excited. And now I want to watch "Up" again.

This is totally going to be me to all the people over there. New or not. I’m just that excited. And now I want to watch “Up” again.

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13 responses to “A new and most exciting venture!

  • becomingcliche

    OH! Two Amys in the old inbox? Where do I sign up? Wait. You already told me that, didn’t you. Going there now!


  • Samantha

    Yay! This is very exciting! ALL THE AMY POSTS! :) *runs to new book blog*


  • Charleen

    I’m still sad you left IB, but yay for collecting your literary ramblings in one place! I still remember how exciting starting my book blog was – it was by far the most thought I’d ever put into starting a blog before (and I’ve started many over the years…)


    • lucysfootball

      Thank you! I’m excited about this. I have plans and schemes and lists of books to read and ideas about how to review them and and and…

      I might have put a little thought into this, maybe. Heh.


  • grrgoyl

    See how you are? I’ve been avoiding the WP, expecting it to be a barren, Amy-less wasteland, and I’m not interested in virtual tumbleweeds. You, madam, are a LIAR. For which I’m very glad!

    What was I going to say? Oh yes. Christmas. I also have everything ordered for people, and like you, some of the things I CAN’T WAIT for them to open. I love Christmas for this (and for getting things myself. I said what everyone’s afraid to. I LOVE GETTING STUFF ON CHRISTMAS). But then a week before I always freak out that I haven’t bought enough, which is crazy. I’ve spent over $300 on my girl Tery alone. That’s WAY TOO MUCH (especially since that’s on only two things!)

    That’s it, I guess. Just wanted to let you know, no hard feelings or anything for making me think you wouldn’t be writing so much anymore. :)


    • lucysfootball

      Oh, not REALLY a liar…most people don’t consider book reviews to be the same as blog posts, for whatever reason. I’m glad you’re excited! Yay!

      I want everyone to have the best things for Christmas. And I always overdo and get all stressed out and exhausted and then Christmas morning I’m all SIGH SIGH SO TIRED but I also secretly love it. It’s my favorite! (I also love getting stuff on Christmas; the best stuff is stuff from people who’ve really paid attention all year and saw something and KNOW I’ll love it. That makes me feel so loved.)


  • cynthiaw

    My parents don’t like to be called old people either. And, really, they aren’t THAT old (they’re only 64). But they take a NAP every afternoon and get cranky when their schedules are disrupted, so they ACT like old people. Plus, they’re always making jokes about how much it must suck to get up and go to work every morning – like I need anyone to remind me about THAT. Even though I love my job.

    But… my point is – if you don’t want to be made fun of for being old, stop acting like you’re 100 instead of 64.

    Oh, and YAY, new blog that I shall follow.


    • lucysfootball

      Mine are still pretty active (they’re about the same age as yours) but I like to tease Dad about being an old person. And for no apparent reason they eat dinner – ON PURPOSE – at 4pm. Who eats that early? If you eat that early, you’re hungry again before you go to bed, unless you’re in bed by 9pm or some such nonsense!


  • Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd

    I would like “You can’t predict a fancy” on my gravestone. Partly because it’s an awesome quote and also partly because it doesn’t make any sense to be on a gravestone.


    • lucysfootball

      That is an EXCELLENT tombstone quote. I highly approve of confusing people in the graveyard. I mean, they’re all sad there, right? Then they’d see your quote and they’d be all “what? THIS IS CONFUSING I LOVE THIS” and their day would be MADE.


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