Old friends and new friends and adventures and SO MUCH FOOD ZOMG

I am far too tired to function at the moment. However, I really want to blog about the weekend of adventure, preferably before I FORGET about the weekend of adventure, so I’m going to soldier on. I’m intrepid, I am.

This weekend was crammed full of things. SO MANY THINGS. I don’t know if I’ve had a busier weekend in ever. HAPPY busy, but INTENSELY busy. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m honestly quite lazy. When I’m not doing things (and let’s be honest; I’m quite often doing things) I am sitting around blogging or watching television. I’m not much of an adventurer, for the most part.

This weekend? SO MUCH ADVENTURE. Sincerely.

So on Friday, I left work early and went to the doctor and then ran a bunch of errands. Because that night…that very night…it was LAURA NIGHT!

Yes, Laura came to visit for a whole weekend! This was a plan we hatched a while back when talking about shopping. See, the lovely Laura is a thrift store shopper extraordinaire. And we have a LOT of thrift stores here. So we came up with a plan for her to come visit and we would do all the shopping, plus I would show her around Albany and we would have a grand adventure.

So I went to the train station! And waited most (im)patiently! And then like 47 trains came in at once! (OK, fine, two. Two trains came in at once.) And I was afraid I would not see Laura, but then there she was! And she was ADORABLE and she was IN MY CITY!



(This is kind of unprecedented. I usually go TO people. People do not usually come to ME. This felt very grownup and fancy.)

We decided the first night we would chill out and just hang out at my place. So back to Casa del Futbol we went!

The first bit of surprise: DUMBCAT LOVED LAURA!

I mean, he likes people EVENTUALLY. But he doesn’t usually love people right AWAY. So I warned Laura he would probably run away RUN AWAY, as he does, and maybe hide under the bed, or in the pots and pans cupboard. But NO! She came in, and he didn’t run away at all! He actually was all “PET ME, WOMAN!” and headbutted her for MORE petting and was all filled with purrs! Now, this is unprecedented. He runs away from EVERYONE. (Well, except me, unless I’m trying to clip his nails or touch him when he’s not in the mood for such nonsense.) This made me very happy.

I actually made FOOD. Like, real live food. With INGREDIENTS in it. I didn’t even warm it up in the microwave. Like, there was COOKING, In the OVEN. True facts!

This doesn’t look as good as it turned out. I made enchiladas! With chicken and beans and much cheese and spiciness! (Because I’m a freak, I got all the things to make them, then was like “ZOMG WHAT IF LAURA’S A VEGETERIAN OR HATES BEANS OR MEXICAN FOOD” and then had to text her and say, “Um. Is this ok? Will you eat this?” and she WOULD. Whew.)

Enchiladas are not the PRETTIEST food but they are DELICIOUS. These were super-good. And I have leftovers for two more days, so that’s nice.

So we ate and ate and talked and ate and laughed and talked MORE and finally went to bed kind of late because all the talking. I do so like talking to Laura. She’s the best of talkers.

The next day was DAY OF ADVENTURE!

We woke up and first went to my favoritest of diners where DELICIOUS WAFFLES WERE CONSUMED! The best part of this (well, other than waffles) was that Laura was trying to find out what kind of sausage came with her breakfast. “Is it patties, or is it, you know…” she said, and then mimed something that looked very much like either a hand- or blowjob. Without missing a beat, the waitress said “They’re sausage links. Are you a teacher?” and it was SO PERPLEXING. How did she get teacher from that? When Laura asked, she said, “Oh, you explained that like a teacher.” WHAT KIND OF TEACHERS DID THIS WOMAN HAVE. This made us giggle. A lot.

My favorite diner YAY! Seriously, I'd been dreaming of waffles for WEEKS.

My favorite diner YAY! Seriously, I’d been dreaming of waffles for WEEKS.

Then we went to our FIRST thrift store, which was the Salvation Army. It is a big Salvation Army and it is pleasingly arrayed in color order. We saw many things there, like a jar opener (if you are very weak?), and one orthopedic shoe for sale (I guess if you only have one foot), and a framed mirrored piece of artwork with Eminem in it. Thrift stores make me wonder about the people who dropped off these things. Why did they EVER have them, and why did they get RID of them?



Laura found a couple of things, and even I found some things, which NEVER happens! I found a few shirts and a very cute skirt and a nice picture frame with beading all over it (because I have photos I want framed but don’t have the frames for them.) We also found a million copies of the Twilight saga in the book section. That made me irresponsibly happy.

Then, on to thrift store #2! This one is more expensive but has more clothes straight from stores with tags on them and everything. I tried on so many clothes that I think I might have started a minor riot outside the two dressing rooms. SORRY HUMANS. But I bought SIX new shirts that I am VERY excited about and a very cute nightgown. No, you can’t see it, not even a little.

Goodwill! It is mega-huge,  yo.

Goodwill! It is mega-huge, yo.

Then it was time for lunch. Because we eat balanced meals, we had…

ICE CREAM! Kurver Cream was right across the street and is closing for the season soon and I was excited to bring Laura to my favorite ice cream stand. These cones were DRIPPY, you guys. We got MESSY.

Then it was time to take a quick tour of Albany. We were running out of time and had things to do that evening. So I planned a little excursion to my favorite place in all of Albany when you want to show someone the fantasticness.

The Empire State Plaza!

Laura seemed VERY happy with the beauty that is the Empire State Plaza. Weird shit was going down there this weekend. I have no idea what it was, but there was loud music and all the streets were closed and we had to hike across the Capitol lawn and we saw two wedding parties which was nice.

Laura at The Egg! Those ducks were cool. But we kept getting attacked by cheeky weird pigeons.

We then jetted home and got all dolled up for our ladydate. We totally forgot to take photos of ourselves all fancy, but we were wearing dresses and had pretty hair and makeup and we were the PRETTIEST. People were impressed.

First, we went to dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants, which is New World Bistro Bar. It’s where I take people when I want to show them the coolness. It’s got fun delicious food and a wonderful atmosphere and we were very impressed with the sexiness of all of the employees. We ate until our faces almost fell off.

We wanted dessert and even though the waitress was like “I warn you, that thing, it is HUGE” we totally ordered this ice cream sandwich which was rootbeer ice cream and rootbeer whipped cream and rootbeer cookies and listen. That waitress wasn’t lying.

I know, right? They weren’t screwing around about how huge. My word. We couldn’t finish this. We gave it a good try, though.

Then it was time for the theater! Originally, I was supposed to review a show that night, but that got moved to another night. So instead we went to my old theater to see Big Maggie, which I really wanted to see anyway, and was glad I could bring Laura to for many reasons, some of which were that she could meet my friends, and that some of my favorite local actors were working on this show.

And it was a total hit. We were IMPRESSED. The acting and the set and the direction – all of it was fantastic. And I saw so many people and got to introduce Laura to so many people and it was just the best time.

But THEN, a very bad thing happened which was the little headache I’d had all day got worse and worse and WORSE and then I was like, huh, it seems this is turning into a migraine. And by the time I got home, it was bad news bears. I took some aspirin, and the aspirin was the last straw and my head told my stomach “nope, we’re not accepting that” and then I had to go to the bathroom and fight the urge to vomit for many minutes because if there’s anything I hate it’s throwing up. Yuck.

So then it was time for early bedtime, which meant I went to bed but couldn’t fall asleep for a while because OUCH OUCH OUCH and then finally fell asleep and then when I woke up I felt all hollow like I had no brain, so that’s nice. But at least my head didn’t hurt anymore. Because it was HOLLOW, you see.

Then it was time to rush around and get ready to bring Laura back to the train station so she could go home. Sniff.

Back to the train station! Many hugs! Sad goodbyes! Laura was the best visitor. I don’t have many overnight guests. This was an excellent experiment in visitations. If it always went this well I would always have visitors. I MISS YOU ALREADY, LAURA!

Then it was time for the SECOND adventure of the weekend. I mean, with the second PERSON.

Not too long ago, one of my oldest friends contacted me and said he was coming to town for a few hours on Sunday, and did I want to get together for lunch? Yes. Yes, I did.

I have known David since the first week of college. So therefore, we have known each other since we were 17. SEVENTEEN. Can you imagine? That is a very long time ago. I barely remember that girl. I remember David, though, and I remember meeting him that day, when I was scared and homesick and a very nice boy smiled at me and held the door of the dining hall and told me I looked pretty that day, and then I ran into him again a few days later when visiting a friend at his dorm and we were friends from that point on. I’ve known David longer than I’ve known almost anyone. It’s funny, when you have that much history with someone. They know all of your things, and you know theirs, but then when you move away from each other, you still know those things…but then there are all new things you DON’T know, so that person’s still in there, but it’s also a new person. It really is a funny thing.

As you can see, this train station wasn't as awesome. (Obviously I did not take this photo today.)

As you can see, this train station wasn’t as awesome. (Obviously I did not take this photo today.)

So I then went to ANOTHER train station to get David, who was coming in about an hour later, and hung out in the parking lot like a creeper and wrote email and made phone calls and such. Then when the train was coming in I waited outside my car and I heard “AMY!” and there was David. And he looked like my David, even though I hadn’t seen him in ten years in person. (I thought it was just five years or something, but we figured out it had actually been ten. That’s a very long time.)

So we went to the restaurant, and talked and talked and waited for the restaurant to open, and David was in town because he is a very fancy talent agent and was there to surprise one of his clients who was starring in the tour of Ghost, but we ruined the surprise because she saw us on the street and she was so cute and surprised to see him and then she gave me a HUGE hug and she was teeny-tiny and full of all the excitement and I liked her very much. So I got to meet the star of Ghost! Which I am reviewing on Tuesday! So I certainly hope she’s good because how awkward will it be if she’s terrible and she was so adorable and filled with hugs? (Damn, but it’s tough being honest sometimes. Let’s just cross our fingers she’s wonderful.)

Then we went to lunch, only the restaurant wasn’t ready for us even though we had a reservation. “Can you come back in an hour? We’re cleaning up from a party last night,” said the man at the door. “Um. No? Because of theater reservations?” we said. After much sighing, he agreed to let us sit outside. So we had lunch and talked and talked and caught up and it was just nice, you know? If you’ve known someone that long, catching up with them is a nice thing. (And behind us, the people kept bringing trash and ice sculptures and such out of the restaurant. The whole thing was very strange. I don’t know that I’d go back there.)

Then we walked around town a little and then it was time for David to go to the show and for me to go home and crash out because WHOO WHAT A WEEKEND but we totally took some photos which I do not have explicit permission to post here but I’m doing it anyway.

This is us being…shocked, I guess? We are making FACES here, yo. Also I like how the Ghost poster looks like it’s telling David a secret.

Now we look happy and relaxed and beautiful. This is one of my most favorite photos of my whole life. Seriously. This makes me beyond happy. This is a photo of two people who have had a very good day and love each other.

And when I got home I had blogging and a weekends’ worth of internet things to catch up on and emails to write and a freelance job to do and now I am GOING TO BED, dammit. SO SO TIRED.

Best weekend. Just the best. And more wonderful things upcoming. So many things happening. So happy.

Hope you all had the best weekends filled with adventure, and all the delicious foods and friends and laughter.

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26 responses to “Old friends and new friends and adventures and SO MUCH FOOD ZOMG

  • becomingcliche

    Thrift stores? You didn’t tell me there would be THRIFT STORES in your neck of the woods! Those are the only places I shop! I’ll be right there.

    I bet David wouldn’t represent anyone who wasn’t just fantastic. You’ll probably be telling everyone at the theater that you got hugged by the star of the show.

    What kind of restaurant tells you to come back in an hour?


    • lucysfootball

      SO MANY OF THEM, HEATHER! We went to two of the three biggest ones, and ran out of time to go to the third, but there are seriously probably 15 or so more smaller ones as well. It’d take weeks to hit them all properly. And, in total, I spent $57 on 10 tops, a nightgown, and a skirt – and 5 of the tops and the skirt had tags on them. It was SUCH a haul. I just finished washing and putting them all away and I can’t wait to pick out which one I’ll be wearing tomorrow!

      OK, so when you visit someday, and we take our trip to (REDACTED BECAUSE OF CHICKEN-COUNTING) you’ll just have to come for a couple extra days, and bring some extra suitcases for bringing home your haul. There’s no two ways about it!

      I’m seeing the show tomorrow and can’t wait! She was seriously just the most adorable. I hope it’s great!

      I KNOW, right? That restaurant was WEIRD. I told my friend who recommended it about it today (she knows the owner) and she was like, “Oh, THAT’S bad news.”


      • becomingcliche

        Two suitcases sit waiting and ready for my haul. I am hoping I can visit in late spring (after all your snowy weather, but before the hot stuff).


        • lucysfootball

          YES! We’re cool-ish into mid-June, so that’s plenty of time (although I *think* I’ll be Finlanding the first couple weeks of June, if all goes according to plan – for no reason we can ascertain, the plane prices go up CRAZY amounts after that. We think maybe it’s because that’s typically when people want to vacation? But if it saves me a couple hundred dollars, I’ll go in June, not July, as originally planned, you know?)

          But yes, absolutely – late April? Sometime in May? You let me know, and I will plan us a MOST righteous adventure!


          • becomingcliche

            I think travel season is officially “in swing” after the first of June. We got crazy bargains on our honeymoon because we went in early June. The next week was considered the “on season.”


            • lucysfootball

              I keep checking – planning on buying tickets in the next few months, probably, but it’s looking like late May/early June will be the best time to go, as long as my job’s ok with me taking a couple weeks off then!


  • Samantha

    Awww I love this whole blog post. It’s just filled with happiness. :) Glad you had fun :)


  • sj


    No, but srsly, I’m having a hard time tamping down my jealousy because I wish I could come to you and go to fancy theatre shenanigans, but at least you will be HERE IN MY HOUSE IN LESS THAN A MONTH!


    • lucysfootball

      I will never get tired of seeing your face here again. Never. I have missed your comments the MOST.

      Someday you can come and shenanigan with me. Even if it’s when the kids are grown up and gone. I’ll still be shenaniganning. I bet you will, too!

      LESS THAN A MONTH! I’m totally counting down the days!


  • Charleen

    My weekend was filled with bittersweet memories and sunburns and allergy attacks.

    So, thrift stores… I’ve never been to one, and I have NO clue where there are any around here, but I really need to get on that, because I’ve decided that for Halloween I’m going as Robin Sparkles (watch this — http://youtu.be/U01hsTwtc-c — if you have no clue who that is) and I figure browsing some thrift shops are probably my best bet in putting something together.


    • lucysfootball

      Aw, that doesn’t sound like the best of weekends. I’m sorry!

      I’m sure you have one somewhere. Even up where my parents live, in the middle of nowhere, they have a couple church-run thrift stores. If you have a small town, try looking for a St. Vincent DePaul’s store – I’m pretty sure that’s what all the church-run stores are called. The hours are short, but they sometimes have some cool things.

      And YES, I bet you can find just what you’re looking for. I forgot to blog about it, but we totally found someone’s cast-off Halloween costume at one of the stores. It was a t-shirt with spiderwebs puff-painted on, with scarf-like mesh sewn under the arms with spiderwebs on THAT. I think she was female spiderlady or something. It was HILARIOUS-BAD. If we could have found a use for it, it would have been ours. If that’s there? I’m sure you can find what you need!


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Acetic salicylic acid does have a tendency to upset one’s stomach. You might want to try ibuprofen instead. That usually works for me, if I take it early enough. (But you won’t get that cool chemical ghost-smell in your nose from it like you do from aspirin, which is a bummer.)

    Glad you had such a great weekend, even if you were suffering from a headache. I don’t like throwing up either, and for me feeling sick is the worst part of having a migraine. When that happens I just want to lie still in a bed in a dark quiet room for a few hours.


    • lucysfootball

      The only thing, sadly, that works for my head is aspirin. Ibuprofen works for other aches and pains just fine, but does nothing for anything head-related.

      I NEVER get a chemical ghost-smell. Why don’t I get ghosts? That’s a bummer.

      Luckily, the headache was only a small part of the weekend, and I got to enjoy the rest. I’m glad it was gracious enough to wait until I got home on Saturday to really kick in!


  • Nerija S.

    And then like 47 trains came in at once! (OK, fine, two. Two trains came in at once.)


    You are the most adorable, Amy. :)

    That sounds like an awesome weekend of adventure! And that diner looks very nice! I love having that kind of favorite place where I want to take my friends.

    And, that poster really does look like it’s whispering to David :)


  • laura_thetwors

    It was SUCH a good time! Oh and I had this weird thought – I was TOTALLY ON THE TRAIN WITH YOUR FRIEND because until he got off in Schenectady, we were both on the train going west. Isn’t that kind of freaky weird?!

    But seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE WEEKEND OF FUN. And pet Dumbcat for me. I miss you both!!!


    • lucysfootball

      You probably totally saw each other and didn’t even know it! Aw, that is too cool!

      You are so welcome! Thank you so much for coming! And Dumbcat is sitting right here as I type this, so PETTINGS HAVE BEEN GIVEN!


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  • cynthiaw

    I love making new friends, especially if they’re new/old friends – as in, you’ve known them for quite some time online but are just now meeting in person. Especially when they are still super-awesome in person.

    But, definitely, catching up with old, old friends is the BEST. I’ve had the same bestie since 10th grade – we met in 9th, but became BFFs in 10th. So, we’ve known each other for 32 years – and it’s so true about how you KNOW all this crazy stuff about a person, but not some of the new stuff because life is B.S. sometimes and you end up living too, too far away and other stuff gets in the way.

    Anyhow – my BFF and I got together in person for the first time in something like 10 years last Christmas and it was the BEST time evah. And we were giggling over stuff that happened in high school and our early 20s and finishing each other’s sentences and everything and then we got in the car and drove to our other BFF’s house (who I haven’t seen since she got married like 17 years ago) and that was super fun, too.

    Even though we’re not the exact same people anymore – those other people are still in there and it’s fun to let them come out and play. Also, my BFF hasn’t had the easiest life – she has some chronic health issues and so does her hubs and so do both of their kids (inherited), so anytime she can let her younger self out to play is a good time.


    • lucysfootball

      My oldest friend is probably my cousin S., who’s coming to visit next weekend after not seeing each other for probably 10 years. We’ve obviously known each other since we were born, but we were actually friends as well, which doesn’t always happen with your family members. I can not WAIT to catch up with her. We’re going to have the best time!


  • grrgoyl

    Good times! I have a handful of old friends like that, and I just love them. People who know you for forever, and when you see them it’s like not a day has passed. Like my friend JeffyJeff, who is a Londoner and we visit only every five years or so. I’ve known him longer than Tery, which blows my mind to think about. Tery is always astounded at my ability to hold onto friends. Well, I’m not very good at making new ones, have to hold onto the ones I got.

    I don’t think I know anyone who enjoys throwing up. The last time I did it was a complete surprise. I woke up, felt fine, then next thing I knew I was running to the toilet. I burst all the blood vessels in my eyes (painless, which you wouldn’t think; didn’t even know until Tery said “Honey, look in the mirror!!”) and looked like a horror thing for two weeks until they healed.

    “With much sighing” Really? They screwed up and you were the problem child for wanting your reservation honored? Yeah, I wouldn’t go back again either.


    • lucysfootball

      I have a few old friends like that – my old roommate C., actually, is one, I’ve known her almost as long – and it’s always nice to be with them. They’ve known you for so long. You don’t have to pretend with them. It’s really refreshing, you know?

      That restaurant was WEIRD. I’m going to warn people about it if they ask me. I don’t know that they’ve got their shit together yet, and being that close to the theater, they really need to get it together. They’re going to get the pre-theater crowds, and they’re clearly not prepared.


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