Gnomes and creepy dolls and mountains and missing restaurants: a day of adventure!

So! Sunday was a day of ADVENTURE!

(I think it bears noting that the cat apparently does not want me to write this post. He keeps putting his paw on my hand so I’m finding it hard to type. YOU STOP THAT, CAT! You are being PESKY!)

How close Dumbcat is to my typin'-hand. Look at him being a creeper. I think he wants to start his own blog.

How close Dumbcat is to my typin’-hand. Look at him being a creeper. I think he wants to start his own blog.

So, Sunday. Sunday was a day a little over TWO YEARS in the making!

I joined Twitter out of utter boredom (and the acquisition of a smartphone) in May 2011, and the lovely Bronwyn was one of my first Twitter friends. We were both members (still are, actually, no need for the past tense) of the Geek Girls Book Club, and chatted on Twitter, which moved to us becoming Facebook friends and her being a loyal (and hilarious) reader of my blog (and sharing it with all of her coworkers, which I love…the idea of the whole office reading my ramblings makes me smile. HI, BRONWYN’S OFFICE!)

When she told me that she and her boyfriend Steve would be only an hour and a half from me for a wedding in August, well, THAT was exciting! I have a car! I am willing to travel an hour and a half to visit one of my most long-term internet people who I enjoy so, so much! Eeeee!

So top-secret plans were made, and squeeing was done, and then it was Sunday! So off I went for the Catskills, which I had driven through, and come CLOSE to, but never all up into. I was about to get all up into the Catskills’ business, yo.

You know what’s in the Catskills, right?

RIP VAN WINKLE! I was keeping an eye out for little men playing ninepins in the mountains, but did not see any. They are pretty good at hiding, however. They might have been there THE WHOLE TIME.

The trip to the Catskills goes like this:

Driving through a very curious town called Catskill
Small town with way too many dolls in the store windows

The highway part was boring. You’ve all been on a highway. If I have to explain a highway to you, you’re probably Amish, and what are you doing reading a blog?

Catskill was a hoot. It was like a town from back in the day, and the companies had VERY FUNNY NAMES.

First, there was…


(When I saw this coming up, I thought it said “Beef World” and I giggled, then I was all, “OMG BEER WORLD. That’s even BETTER! A whole WORLD of beer!”)

Then there was…


OMG, you guys. HoeBowl. This made me laugh so hard. Even funnier, it’s kiddy-corner from Beer World, so you could go to the World of Beer, then go get your Hoe on.

Then there was a sign I didn’t get to take a picture of, because driving, but someone was selling rabbits? And the sign was all hand-lettered and it said:


And I seriously was DELIGHTED and said, “RAY-BITS!” and kept saying it for like ten miles. “I sure would like to buy me some ray-bits! George, tell about the ray-bits again! TELL IT, GEORGE! Oh, Lennie. You’ve heard about them ray-bits like a million times.”

This just made me laugh until I cried. This kid was PISSED. And decided to ruin it for everyone, apparently.

This just made me laugh until I cried. This kid was PISSED. And decided to ruin it for everyone, apparently.

Then it was time for the twisty-turny roads. Seriously, once? I had to drive through the Colorado Switchbacks? And it was the scariest drive of my life, because sometimes a moving truck would be coming at you and there wasn’t a guardrail and so therefore there was nothing between you and a plummet down a very steep scary mountain? (Granted, it was gorgeous, though. I was able to enjoy some of the pretty in-between weeping and gnashing of teeth and praying.)



This drive wasn’t THAT scary, but it was similarly hairpin-turny. Drive a little TURN! Drive a little more TURN! NARROW ROADS! Other drivers CLIMBING ALL UP YOUR ASS-AREA!

At one point, we all had to stop, and once they let us go, there were a lot of cops and such and it seemed maybe someone had gone off a bridge or something, so that was reassuring.

But then you get views like this? So...kind of worthwhile.

But then you get views like this? So…kind of worthwhile.

So, finally I got to the town of Hunter, where there are a ton of little shops, and then took a turn for Hunter Mountain, where Steve and Bronwyn were…AND THERE THEY WERE! Right in the parking lot! The timing couldn’t have been better!

There was much huggery (I totally even hugged Steve, but he was ok with it, so that won him points – I mean, if you let someone who’s pretty much a total stranger hug you, you’re a winner in my book) and we decided to go to dinner at a place called Happy Asia, until we realized it was really called YUMMY Asia, at which point I of COURSE didn’t want to go there because I was SO looking forward to being happy, and this place was no longer going to make me HAPPY, it was only going to be YUMMY, but Bronwyn assured me that with how YUMMY it would be, it would MAKE us happy! Smart lady, that Bronwyn.

However, apparently Yummy Asia no longer existed. (I promised Steve and Bronwyn I would research this Yummy Asia situation, and I’ve got nothing, other than there’s only one Yelp review, and it’s from a year ago. I guess they closed all middle-of-the-night secretly? Sadtimes.)

We walked around, and there were SO MANY DEAD-EYED CREEPY DOLLS in the store windows. We were all, “Those are definitely there to steal your soul.” Also there were a lot of creepy masks. Not FUN masks, but CREEPY ones. This town might have been haunted.

So we went to a place that promised MUCH CHEESE on the sign (listen, if a place promises a lot of cheese, you go there, I think) and we ate and ate and talked and ate and laughed and talked and ate more and had a great time. (Yes, there was cheese. We didn’t order ALL the cheese, but we could have, had we wanted to.)

Do you know what I like?

I like when a person is who they are online. You know, like you get to know someone online, and then you meet them in person, and you think, yes! That is that person. That person didn’t pretend to be anyone they’re not.

Bronwyn is TOTALLY the person she is online. Only – and this is awesome – even BETTER. Because you actually get to talk to her FACE. She’s beautiful and funny and fierce and intelligent and she is, and I say this without the slightest hint of sarcasm, a total ray of sunshine. She absolutely radiates positivity. She makes you feel special just hanging out with her. She’s got this amazing energy. She’s a rare and beautiful spirit. Do you know anyone like that? And how, when you meet them, there’s just this bright light in the room? That’s Bronwyn. She’s a very bright light. She lights up everything she touches. She utterly glows.

Steve is…well, listen, I was totally ready to be judgey. Anyone who knows me at all knows I am VERY HARSH on a., new people, and b., people who are dating people I care about, because I want the loved ones of MY loved ones to be as fantastic as they deserve. And the verdict is…STEVE WINS! (Hee, if Steve’s reading this, I probably scared him. SORRY, STEVE! I was building up DRAMATIC TENSION!) Steve is funny and personable and handsome and intelligent and thoughtful, and Steve and Bronwyn together are really a fantastic couple. They play off each other well; they really, really like each other. It’s kind of joyous to watch them together. It makes your heart happy. And to see one of my friends happy – that makes ME happy. Steve! You are aces with me. I highly approve.

So we ate and laughed and talked about things both fun and serious, and life and mutual friends and blogging and romance and such, and got to know each other even more, and it was really a wonderful time. I was so, so glad I got to do it. Say what you will about the inclusive or divisive nature of the interwebz, it brings amazing, like-minded people into your life, and I love it for that.

On our way back to the car, we found some strange paintings which might have been the little men playing ninepins in the mountains. So, as you do, we molested them.

I think he liked our attention. He was probably lonely. (He totally looks like he’s molesting poor Bronwyn here.)

Steve! Steve is an excellent goofy-photo poser. You know I like a good goofy photo op.


Shush, you would have done the same thing if this guy was crotch-level to you. I mean, look at his shocked facial expression. It’s like if you turned down this photo-op, you’d be CURSED.

Then it was back to the hotel so Steve and Bronwyn could get on the road (they had a long trip ahead of them, and it was getting late) and it was time for me to get back on the road for home!

Again, many hugs and goodbyes and it was sad to leave. BUT! We are now face-friends, which is even better. And hopefully we can do it again someday!

It was a VERY SUCCESSFUL DAY! Thank you, village of Tannersville, for putting up with our shenanigans!

It was so nice to meet you in person, finally, my lovely Bronwyn! You are an absolute joy and I adore you. And Steve, you are fantastic, and listen, I don’t like ANYONE. So you win!

(Oh, AND, on the way home, I entered a time warp? Some asshole was creepin’ up on my ass on the twisty road, so I pulled off at a hiker’s parking spot to let him and his belligerent truck by, and my GPS said I would be home at 8:57, but when I pulled BACK on the road, it said I would be home at 8:52. WHAT THE HELL? It’s those little men in the mountains, I know it.)

YAY FOR ADVENTURES! (Guess what? I’m going on another one! THIS COMING SUNDAY! It’s going to be even FARTHER away! Ooh! Aah!)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Have an adventure. I DECREE IT THUS.

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21 responses to “Gnomes and creepy dolls and mountains and missing restaurants: a day of adventure!

  • sj

    Aw, hi Bronwyn! Hi, Steve! That looks like you had THE MOST fun!


  • Madame Weebles

    That picture of Steve kills me. Yay for adventures!!


  • cynthiaw

    Yay for adventures! And time warps! And internets people being AWESOME and not serial killers – which is who my husband thinks that I spend all my time talking to; serial killers who are going to chop me up into little pieces if I ever go meet them. I just laugh at him.


  • Charleen

    All my comments today are regarding pictures and/or captions.

    1) I would totally read Dumbcat’s blog.

    2) Lovely views are totally not worth almost dying on terrifying roads. We drove to the Poconos for our honeymoon, and even though it was pretty much all highway there was a TERRIFYINGLY LONG bridge on I-80, and of course I was the one driving when we came up to it, and I was all white-knuckled and saying “ohmygodohmygodohmygod” all the way across it.

    3) I’m trying to figure out who Bronwyn reminds me of. With the red hair and the smile… she reminds me of a celebrity (maybe a minor celebrity, but definitely not someone I know in real life) but I have no idea who.


    • lucysfootball

      Dumbcat would probably get more followers than I have within a WEEK. He’s a popular boy.

      I HATE GIGANTIC BRIDGES! They give me the willies every time. I just start looking straight ahead and waiting for it to be over. Urgh.

      You’ll have to tell me who she reminds you of! She reminds me of Bronwyn, but I think that’s because I’ve known her for so long!


  • becomingcliche

    GPS was designed solely to mess with our minds.

    I am very sorry that I missed the professionals at Hoebowl. I imagine them as being very old – the world’s oldest professionals.


  • ksbeth

    hilarious and just, wow.


  • Bronwyn

    Steve and I had THE BEST TIME! All the hugs and conversation and goofy picture-posing! We’re back in Canada now, and will be talking about our adventures in the Catskills for days! Can’t wait to do it again! :-D


  • Geoff

    The Of Mice and Men photo is painfully funny, I loved it. It reminded me of this t-shirt – Spoiler Alert


  • Heather


    I’m laughing SO HARD.

    The Catskills are a gorgeous area. I have some pictures somewhere of me as a kid, with a group of goats or deer or something trying to take food from me at the Catskill Game Farm. We used to have to drive through there (Catskills) to visit family.


    • lucysfootball

      Oh! I’d forgotten I went to the Catskill Game Farm! Probably…I don’t know, 10 years or so ago? It closed not too long ago. Which was sad. There aren’t many places to see animals around here.


      • Heather

        Aw, that is sad. That place was really cool when I was a kid, even though the animals would have killed me to get the food I had for them. Haha! I’ll have to dig out that photo to show you.


        • lucysfootball

          I don’t think we fed the animals – but we were old when we went and thought it was for kids to do that. (I do have photos of me feeding the animals at Santa’s Workshop when I was little, though!)


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