The Agony and The Ecstasy of Having a Very Popular Name, Part One

I was born in the mid-seventies. In the mid-seventies, the most popular – the VERY most popular – girl’s name was Amy.

It’s not that my parents weren’t creative; it’s that they didn’t name me. They were SURE I would come out with boy-bits, so only picked out a boy-name. (I’ve talked about this before. It was “Amos.” Go to the search box at the bottom of the blog and search “Amos” and you’ll get the whole sordid story. YES, I was going to be AMOS. Gack.) So when I came out sporting lady-bits, they were stumped.

Enter an unnamed nurse who was all, “Um. Amy kind of sounds like Amos?” and my parents were all, “Yeah, whatever, I suppose.”

From such humble beginnings, blah blah.

I don’t like my name. I’m not an Amy. Amy denotes cheer and goodwill toward man and possibly good deeds and lunatic smiles and forgiving one’s transgressors. I’m a lot more little-black-raincloud than that. I’m something stompier than Amy. I don’t want a name that goes up at the end with that cheerful “eeee” sound. Amy is a cheerleading wisp of a name that no one takes seriously. I want something solid, like a brick hitting a table.

Does this person look like an Amy to you? I thought not.

Does this person look like an Amy to you? I thought not.

However, I’ve had this name for almost 40 years. It’s not like anyone’s going to be down with me changing it to Ermentrude or Theresa or Florence now, right? Right.

(Side note: I have no interest in any of those names, but I do like the sound of “Ermentrude.” Ermentrude would take care of BUSINESS, yo. She would STAND NO GUFF.)

There were a number of Amys in my school, and one in my graduating class. The one in my graduating class had a very similar LAST name as me, as well, so that made things confusing. Even more so when the man of my dreams (well, he was 15 at the time, so the teen of my dreams), I found out through the gossip-mill, was in love with Amy. I WAS AMY! My heart was so light for about two days. Until the gossip-mill (consisting of my friend T.) shamefacedly skulked back to me reporting that it was the OTHER Amy, who joked with me about it at our lockers a couple days later. “Isn’t that FUNNY that A. would have a crush on me? I am SO not interested,” she said. I wanted to bean her over her cheerful curly head with my largest textbook. HE WAS UTTER PERFECTION WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HER. (Up until I stumbled onto his Facebook page, I still thought he was. Then I realized…well, we’d make a terrible match. I’d go into more detail, but if someone who knows me reads this, and it gets back to him, I’d feel terrible. He seems like he’s turned into a very nice man, and I truly do wish him all the best, even if Amy=oil and Amy’s high-school crush=water. Very, very conservative Merkan-all-the-way water.)

However, I did learn, as I grew up, there were perks to having a popular name.

  • I never had problems finding things that were personalized at souvenir shops. Pencils. Keychains. Ornaments. There were always a million “Amy” items. (I have a lot of friends who can’t say the same thing, and it makes them sadface.)
  • People don’t mispronounce my name. (Well, my first name, anyway. Strangely, they mispronounce my last name, which is NOT A HARD NAME TO SAY. I don’t get it. They put a strange emphasis and an incorrect vowel pronunciation on the first syllable and it makes me want to stab kittens in the face-area.)
  • There are a kabillion songs championing my glorious name.

It’s true! I am so vain that I think the songs are about me. So I did some research, and I found A MULTITUDE of songs with Amy in the title, not just the four that I knew. I know! It’s exciting, right? It totally is.

So I thought, let’s listen to them and discuss and rate them, because FUN. And because I’m self-centered and like to hear my own name over and over, who doesn’t like that.

Ready? (This is totally a two-day post. I’m not making you listen to twenty-some songs in one day. Even I’M not that insane. Part two might be tomorrow, but might be Monday. I have to go to Massachusetts after work tonight and won’t be home until many people are tucked safe in their beddy-byes.)


“Amy” – Bobby Darin

This song is already putting me to sleep. Why is this so easy-listening? Blergh.

What the hell, “lovely as indigo?” I realize you were trying to make a rhyme with “snow” but that’s just lazy. There are a million words that have that long “o” in them. Also, you only want her to love you for a day? Why are you selling yourself short, Bobby Darin?

I do not approve of this Amy-song. I do not think this puts Amys in a good light. Also, I don’t like being compared to a color that’s only used when remembering the ROY G BIV thing.

Grade: C-

“Amy” – Elton John

(Side note: I detest Elton John. Not as a human. I just don’t like his music. Well, I guess some of his songs are ok – but I don’t like his voice, so they’re ruined for me. But I like some covers of his songs.)

This song is kind of fun. I like this Amy. This Amy is wild and fancy-free. This Amy seems to be somewhat of a whore, as well. But she’s apparently very well-thought-of in the Elton John community, where they wear “romper boots and jeans.” Hee, romper boots.

This song also has an excellent line: “But Amy, you’re the girl that wrecks my dreams.”

I would very much like to be the girl that wrecks someone’s dreams. I’m good at wrecking things. Mostly fine china and potential.

Grade: B+

“Amy, Amy, Amy” – Amy Winehouse

(Side note: when Amy Winehouse died I was at my part-time job and Twitter told me and I was on a break so I came back in and told people and they were all “NO!” and I really was surprised they were so shocked. Then someone actually said, “RIP, AMY!” in like this totally affected way and rolled their eyes up to the heavens and pointed a little and I got the giggles. No, it doesn’t mean I’m heartless. It means I have a low tolerance for people who do things in order to get attention.)

This song may have Amy in the title but it’s not about Amy. It’s about Amy Winehouse being unable to write music because all she wants to do is hump someone wearing Diesel jeans. I don’t know if I know anyone who owns Diesel jeans. Those things are EXPENSIVE, yo. Also, a tad douchey. I think I might be more attracted to men in khakis. Does this mean I’m getting old?

Grade: C

“Amy’s in the Attic” – Insane Clown Posse

(Side note: I knew from the band name this wasn’t going to go well.)

I think I deserve a medal for listening to this shit. First, it’s like rap but scarier. What is this. sj, you’d know. What kind of scary musical genre would this be called? Clowncore or some such shit? (OMG SIDE NOTE. Per sj: “They call themselves horrorcore, but they’re just shitty white rock-rappers.” THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD I ALMOST PEED. Also, “horrorcore?” Bah. Clowncore is better. Clowns DENOTE horror. And insanity. And hiding-in-your-closet-ready-to-eat-your-face. It’s really a portmanteau of a word.) Anyway, this song is about a little boy who murders a little girl named Amy by accident on the playground and then hides her in the attic so NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW but it’s eleven years later and he’s haunted by her and her mouth is filled with maggots. This is terrible. Who listens to this band. If any of you listen to this band I think you need therapy. I don’t think this is a valid life choice.

Grade: F (and don’t you dare watch that video)

“Amy in the White Coat” – Bright Eyes

This is very pretty and very depressing and I think it’s about a girl who’s being abused at home and no one understands her at school. I like Bright Eyes. It’s not a CHEERFUL Amy song and it’s not an Amy song I can RELATE to and it never says Amy in the LYRICS but it’s totally pretty and sounds like he’s singing it in an abandoned warehouse and it’s all echoey. I like this a lot, even though it doesn’t fit my Amy-song criteria.

Grade: A-

“Amy” – Green Day

(Side note: I have always liked Green Day, but since I saw American Idiot earlier this year I’ve been in love with them. I have high hopes for this.)

This is pretty. I like this a lot. Also, it has nice lyrics. “No one really knows about your soul/And I barely really know your name” and “Amy don’t you go/I want you around” are very nice. This is a very good Amy-song. This gets high Amy-song marks. It’s also a little sad, though. I think it’s about a lost girl. I can relate to the lost girls. So that makes it even better.

Grade: A

“Chasin’ Amy” – The Steve Helms Band

(Side note: This song came out in 2011. The MOVIE came out in 1997. THIS IS A VERY UNORIGINAL SONG TITLE. Also, is it really a “band” if there’s only one guy? Does he have multiple personality disorder or something?)

I can’t take this guy seriously. He looks like a bloated Cheech Marin. No one made out with you by the water, especially someone named Amy. Also, where are you having this concert, the break room of an insurance company? Do they even WANT you to be having that concert there?

Grade: F

“If U Seek Amy” – Britney Spears

(Side note: I was confused by the grammar of this song for quite some time.)

So this song, for those of you who are as out of the loop about things as I am, is a TRICKY PLAY ON WORDS! It says, “All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy” and if you’re a GROWNUP you might be all, “WTF? that doesn’t grammatically make sense” but then you’re supposed to say it SUPER-FAST and then the “if you seek Amy” part sounds like “F-U-C-K me” but really only if you have a speech impediment because no matter how I say it, it still sounds like “IF-U-C-K me” and that doesn’t make any sense.

Also, the song makes no sense. It’s about people looking for someone named Amy cause they LURVE her, but then there’s that grammatically weird tag line in the middle and the whole thing is ridiculous. I get that she was trying to be super-naughty but that’s no reason to write bad music.

Mostly what I got from this video is how pretty Britney Spears was before she had a break with reality. Also? I would totally dance around the house to this while cleaning.

Grade: B- (it’s got a good beat, shut up)

“Miami, My Amy” – Keith Whitley

Oh, well this is promising, look at that little play on words up there. Miami looks like My Amy!

No. No no no. This is awful and sounds like the music I grew up with because my parents loved 8-track country. Also, the song has the worst narrative. This guy falls for this chick and says “I love you!” and she says “go away and I’ll call you later” but she can’t even wait and calls him like immediately. Also, he sounds like easy-listening country threw up in his mouth.

Who the hell is Keith Whitley? I’ve never heard of this person. Look at his feathery hair.

Grade: F

“Saving Amy” – Brantley Gilbert

(Side note: Dad says never to trust a man with two first names. That is all.)

This is a Christian song. I was tricked into listening to this. I don’t feel this was a nice thing to do to me. Even worse: it’s not even terrible. This guy doesn’t have a bad voice. The song is pretty sappy-bad, though. And that’s saying a lot because I’m a total fan of sappy deathy country songs. (I am not a fan of Christian songs of trickery, though.)

Grade: D-

“Amy Hit the Atmosphere” – Counting Crows

(Side note: I still kind of like Counting Crows. Is that terrible? Shut up. “Anna Begins” is one of the most beautiful, saddest songs in the whole world.)

I don’t know what I think of this song. I feel like it’s being purposely vague, and I’m good at figuring shit out, usually. POETRY DEGREE, BABY. I’m meh on this song. I can take it or leave it. Sorry, Counting Crows.

Grade: B-


  • Winning today’s post are “Amy” by Elton John, “Amy in the White Coat” by Bright Eyes, and “Amy” by Green Day. (However, I’m not in love with any of them. They’re GOOD, but they’re not STELLAR.)
  • Losing today’s post are “Amy’s in the Attic” by Scary Clowns Trying to Rap, “Chasin’ Amy” by A Man Who Says He Has a Band But I Think It’s Just Him, and “Miami, My Amy” by Some Country Singer Who Apparently Died Young So I Feel Kind of Bad Mocking Him.
  • None of these songs would win me over if you sang them to me in a wooing fashion.

Stay tuned, interwebs! We have MORE AMY SONGS coming up tomorrow! TEN MORE! (Possibly even MORE if I stumble upon them in my travels!) If you mention Amy songs in the comments, I will neither confirm or deny if they will be included! Because that will be spoily!

Happy Saturday to you! May your days be both merry AND bright. And may you find a song written about you that does not include you being murdered, stuffed in an attic, and then haunting your killer with a mouth filled with maggots. *shudder*

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39 responses to “The Agony and The Ecstasy of Having a Very Popular Name, Part One

  • A Pope

    Until your second bullet point I was thinking “at least people don’t mispronounce ‘Amy'”–I’ve had to dance around “Anna” pronounced with a long “a” my whole life. If I correct people I sound like a snot but if I don’t they will forever call me by someone else’s name and it’s just embarrassing to both of us if I correct them later. What to do? Still haven’t figured it out. I named my daughter “Sarah” from “A Little Princess” (but had to add the “h”) only to find that there are multiple Sarahs in all her classes (the “Amy” of the late ’90’s?).


    • lucysfootball

      I ALWAYS mispronounce Anna. I go for Anna with a long-A, it’s a short-A person. And vice versa. It’s gotten to the point now where I’m like – “Are you Anna or Aw-na?” because I HATE mispronouncing someone’s name. It’s such a pet peeve with me. I think it’s so disrespectful. (Andreas can attest. I made him tell me his last name over and over and OVER when I met him so I would KNOW how to say it even though he was all, “Amy, it’s not like it even MATTERS.”)

      There are a lot of Sarahs…yet I still think it’s the prettiest name. My brother’s name was going to be Sarah if he was a girl. (Sadly, he was NOT. Grump grump.)


  • franhunne4u

    Nobody would ever write a song about my first name. Amy has a soft sound, my first name is coming along with a last syllable – k followed by a vowel – that is harsh sounding – no song stuff. So you are pretty spoilt with Amy.


    • lucysfootball

      I’d rather have a cool name than a name there are a billion songs about, I think. Amy is very generic. I’m SO not generic.


      • franhunne4u

        Though my name sounds harsh – it is still one of the most widespread in women my age group … Don’t even know, why my parents called me like that. You got it sooo much better with Amy ;)
        Would you really have preferred something unique like Appleblossom? Or – to come near to your parents’ favourite Amos – Ambrosia?


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    They mispronounce your last name? But that’s just French, isn’t it? It shouldn’t be hard.

    (Oh. Do I mispronounce your last name?)


    • lucysfootball

      I doubt it. If you say the first syllable with a short u sound, you’re ok. But if you say it with a LONG u sound – like “ooooo” – you’re wrong. And that’s what people do. And it’s so weird. And I HATE it. (There aren’t even any words that HAVE those first three letters pronounced with that long “oooo” u sound, I don’t think! I’m trying to think of any! Where are they GETTING that? I’m being vague so killers don’t find me by my last name, but people could find it if they wanted, I suppose.)


  • aliceatwonderland

    Oh, yes, Amy is SO popular. At least something about me was popular in school – zomg I have revealed I am not really Alice. Shhh. Anyway, once I had a crush mix up too. This guy thought he loved me in junior high and then he realized I was not wearing Guess jeans and it was, like, over. Sadface.

    There were four Amys in my class – I got to where I did not respond to my name because it was almost always someone else. Then people thought I was snobby. My parents picked my name when they named by brother – 5.5 years before, so that’s their excuse. My name wasn’t that popular five years ago. Whatevs. I refuse to put a letter after my name now even though I work with one. They can’t make me do it, cause I am not in school anymore. Can’t, can’t, can’t. Yes I am mature.

    The only songs I’ve heard out of all of those is the Miami, My Amy one and the Bobby Darin one. Apparently that was one of my mother’s favorite songs. Also she liked Little Women. Meh on both counts.


    • lucysfootball

      Someone only wanted you if you were wearing Guess jeans? Ugh. No, thanks. You were way too good for him anyway.

      The GOOD Amy songs are tomorrow. Or Monday. Whenever I get around to writing the post, I guess. I’m going to bed now. WAY too tired. (I totally thought of you when I was writing this. It’s like it’s a post for both of us!)


      • aliceatwonderland

        You know what’s funny about them wanting to name you Amos? My father called me that as a nickname. I HATED it. Lol. Can’t wait for your next post.


        • lucysfootball

          I have randomly been called that by people in my life, too. Until I gave them my MOST SEVERE AMY-FAVE and explained that I DO NOT LIKE NICKNAMES. (I really don’t. If people will allow me to, I try to call people by their full name whenever possible. I have a severe dislike of nicknames, both of others and myself. I refuse to call my little brother by his nickname, even though he HATES his full name; once I called him by his full name in front of others and they snickered and he was all “ONLY AMY IS ALLOWED TO CALL ME THAT” and they stopped laughing because he’s kind of scary.)

          Tomorrow’s better. The music’s less stabby. Well, except for one. One’s REALLY WORRISOME.


  • Karen

    Oh, gosh, I love the Counting Crows and “Anna Begins” is one of my fave songs of all time!

    What about this song? (Does it count? They spell Amy wrong)


    • cynthiaw

      That’s the one that popped into my head right away – and I was all sadface that it wasn’t in the post.

      Insane Clown Posse is TERRIBLE – I didn’t listen to that song because I already know that they are terrible.


      • lucysfootball

        There is another post coming! WITH MORE AMY SONGS! I PROMISE! (Probably Monday. I don’t think I’ll have time to finish it for tomorrow.)

        Ugh, seriously. I had never heard of these people before now, and I’m not EVER listening to them again. Insane Clown Posse. Who the hell thought THAT was a good idea?


    • lucysfootball

      I can neither confirm nor deny if that is on the roster for the next Amy-song post!

      “Anna Begins” is wonderful, isn’t it? Because it’s TRUE. There’s only so long you can waffle and not make up your mind about something before you lose it…and that’s often when you have just decided you can’t live without it. That song always makes me sniffly.


  • Corvidae in the Fields

    Haha! Now you understand the ICP agony I experienced in the 90s. It was bad enough to have to look at The Ringmaster and The Great Milenko decals on the back of Honda CRXs. The band is from Detroit, and all of the low-grade rap sheeple here hung off it like a cheap suit.

    There aren’t any worthwhile songs for Nathaniel. So, I’ll just listen to “Long December.” It has been a frequent metaphor in my life.

    “…it’s all a lot of oysters, but no pearls.”


  • sunraeny

    At least your name has a multitude of songs written about it. I think I found one with my name and that is only if you spell it the “normal” way and not how my parents spelled mine :) Sorry I haven’t commented in awhile. I have been reading! I loved all your vacation posts and your nephew post just melted my heart. I think The Nephew and my Bug might be great friends and possible even soul mates :)


    • lucysfootball

      You never have to be sorry! I miss your face, lady. Work just isn’t the same without you there to giggle with. (I got to TRAIN someone today! Well, listen to his calls. I was supposed to be quiet? But someone’s last name was funny and I got a giggle fit? Which in turn gave him a giggle fit so he had to keep muting the phone? And then when it was done he was all, “YOU. ARE. THE. WORST.” and I could NOT stop laughing. Like, I’d stop a LITTLE, but then TEARS would happen. I just couldn’t stop. COULD NOT. I felt kind of terrible about it. He’s such a nice guy. I probably ruined him.)

      Ooh, YAY! We have a goal: The Nephew and The Bug will FALL IN LOVE! And then we will be in-laws! BEST SOLUTION EVER!

      I hope you’re doing well! MISS YOU MISS YOU!


  • becomingcliche

    I LOVE Counting Crows. Am I not supposed to? I can never keep up. Meh, who cares. When have I EVER been cool.

    I like a lot of Christian music, but I canNOT abide the country-crap. I turn the station.


    • lucysfootball

      I don’t know if we’re supposed to like them or not! Do they still perform/release albums? (I’m not on the cutting edge of cool, that’s for sure. I stopped even trying about 20 years ago. It was too much work.)

      I used to listen to a lot of country, and there’s still some I like (mostly female singer-songwriters, and older country, like Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, etc.) but it got very…I don’t know. Sexualized? When country was where I went when I wanted to get away from that? (Good grief, this comment makes me sound 100 years old.)


  • elaine4queen

    I do think, Amers, I may call you that, Ameroonie? That Amy is a perfectly okay name. But then, that comes from an Elaine – also MEH.

    I knew someone when I was a kid called Hephzibah. Hephzibah Pommeroy. There may have been more. I don’t know, but it says something that I still remember her name over 40 years later. Could be she hates it, though.


    • lucysfootball

      Amy is so cheerful. SO CHEERFUL! I like Elaine. In my head I call you Lainey. But not in really real life because no no on nicknames.

      OMG HEPHZIBAH! That is a VERY fire-and-brimstoney name! I hope she became a preacher. Or a prostitute. Either way.


  • emmawolf

    I hate my name too, so I feel your pain. I hate my name so much that it actually makes me not like other people with my name. I haven’t met another Emily that I really liked. Though I was friends with an Emilie briefly and frenemies with an Emily. Oh, and I hate Emily the Strange!

    Wow…sorry for talking all about me. When it comes to Amy v. Amos, I think you got off easy.


    • cynthiaw

      Emily has a point, especially given your hatred of nicknames, because I’m pretty sure that anyone called Amos frequently gets called Famous Amos.

      There used to be a decent number of Cynthias, but not really anymore – I haven’t had a Cynthia as a student for at least 10 years. And, no, I don’t go by Cindy – and, yet, I get telemarketers and/or people sending out newsletters try to shorten my name to Cindy ALL THE TIME. Ironically, I think that it’s some kind of marketing trick to make us seem all buddy-buddy, but it doesn’t work because it, A: immediately signals to me that they don’t know me at all and B. makes me RAGE-Y that someone would shorten my name without permission. So… not really in the mood to buy whatever they’re selling.

      Heck, I’ve taught for so long, that I really don’t care for people calling me by my first name before they’ve been given permission to, let alone giving me a nickname.

      Coolest-named kid that I went to school with? Zoltan Nagyvary. Whose middle name was John, oddly enough.


      • lucysfootball

        I hate when people try to be your friend by nicknaming you. I had someone in my life once that did that all the time until I finally said, “Are we friends? What’s with the nicknames?” and he was all, “Um…I thought we were” and I said, “Well, if we were going to be, we’re not now” and he stopped calling me nicknames. (We’re actually still somewhat friendly, though. He just thinks I’m a bitch. Which I’m cool with. It makes people leave me alone.)

        My dad goes by a nickname because he hates his real name, so if someone calls and asks for him by his real name, we knew, as kids, you had to say “he’s not here thank you!” and hang up because it was a telemarketer or work calling him to come in and work an extra shift.

        ZOMG ZOLTAN. That wins naming, too! Zoltan would be a dark wizard and have a cape and possibly a crow for a pet, I think.


    • lucysfootball

      I like Emma a lot, though. I think you’re more an Emma than an Emily. Emma denotes more strength to me, I think. (I also like just Em.)

      I kind of like Emily the Strange, though. *ducks*

      You can ALWAYS talk about yourself! All the time! IT IS A FREE-FOR-ALL HERE!!!!


  • Samantha

    Samantha is a common and heard of name, but I don’t meet many other people with the name Samantha. I was one of two in my first grade class and then from then on, I was usually the only one. Finding another one is always the coolest thing ever, even though I don’t have this super crazy off-the wall name at all.

    One of my good friends has seven siblings and they all have three names (not including last) that are all super….unique. (Except one, because apparently he was born in the hospital and they made her parents name him right away). I would think it would get exhausting to correct people all the time. I have a very generic name overall, but people STILL misspell my first name. It is spelled exactly the way it sounds. I don’t understand.

    I have a hard time imagining most of the time what someone’s name should/could have been. So I think ‘Amy’ fits you, but like I said, I usually don’t think otherwise for most people. Unless they look a lot like someone else, or something.


    • lucysfootball

      I’m probably the hardest on my name. I don’t think people overthink names as much as I do. (It is not surprising I overthink something. It’s kind of a thing with me.)

      At the answering service, we get a lot of parents calling in with unique spellings for their kids’ names. And the best part is, they tend to get huffy when we ask them to spell it. “Could you spell that for me?” “SIGH FINE! S-H-Q-Y-U-Y-A-I-Y-A! Shqyuyaiya! SIGH!”

      I’m sorry I didn’t know how to spell that. Clearly public school failed me.


  • grrgoyl

    I was named Elaine after my mother’s middle name. I never liked it when I was young–sounded like a stuffy boring aunt name. Once I was at a hair salon waiting to be called after checking in. I waited and waited and waited. Eventually the stylist talked to me (since I was the only one sitting there) and admitted she was expecting a little blue-haired grandma type. THANKS MOM.

    I like it better now that I’m older and realized there are so many other things to be upset about in the world. Although it’s also tricky getting schlocky souvenir stuff with my name on it (which is fine).

    My last name (at the risk of giving too much away) is Adamcewicz. Pronounced “a damn sea witch” (my little sis came up with that one). As Polish names go, not nearly so bad with the excess consonants, but people’s brains still freeze up when they try to pronounce it. And I calculate I’ve spent a third of my life spelling it for people slowly and patiently. THANKS DAD.

    I don’t know of any songs with my name in it. Sting’s “Desert Rose” comes close with the “I dream of rain, Ela-ea-la-laine,” which he only threw in there because it rhymes with pain. THANKS GORDON.


    • grrgoyl

      Oh! But my little sister’s name is Amy! How could I forget?

      I’m also with you about the anti-cheery and sunshine name. Though Elaine isn’t half as guilty of that.


    • lucysfootball

      I think you have an EXCELLENT name. It’s got such character. I’m kind of in love with it. Both your first AND last names.

      I love my last name – even if I met and married the love of my life, like, tomorrow, I wouldn’t change it, I love it so much – but my first name can take a flying leap.


  • b.h.quinn

    I was nearly positive that there were no other Brigids in Hawaii. Everyone spells my name wrong and pronounces it wrong, if they remember it at all (I had a teacher call me Brittany for nearly 10 years; I’ll still look if I hear the name). Then my mum made a friend in one of her Master’s classes whose name is spelled the same way and they’re from the same town in Massachusetts (which is weirder because we live in Hawaii).

    On a slightly related note, all of the Amys I know are not bubbly and cheerful but somewhat stern and quick to judge idiots. I have never thought of Amy as a bubbly name. *And* we actually had two Peter Kims and three Alex Kims (one was a girl; there were also two other non-Kim Alexes) in my 60-person class. None were related and it was very confusing, but we figured it out.


    • lucysfootball

      I LOVE that. I love that I am known as stern and quick to judge idiots. I’m not always stern (usually I’m giggling over something nonsensical) but I am VERY quick to judge (and summarily write off as dead to me) idiots. I have no use for idiocy in my life. None.


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