Bloggiversary prize goodness: a very special guest post!

Hi, all! It is me! Amy! From Lucy’s Football! The very blog you are reading at this very moment!

Heather from Becoming Cliche, the winner of our top-secret bloggiversary giveaway a few weeks ago, promised most excitingly to guest-post for us when she received her surprise. WITH PHOTOS! And…DRUMROLL DRUMROLL DRUMROLL…SHE DID!

So, without further ado…here is Heather’s guest post of receiving her bloggiversary prize! Thank you for being amazing, Heather, and I am so happy you won the prize, because MAN, were you ever fun to shop for!

I am late getting this post together. But there’s a reason. I promised Amy I would take lots of photos. Well, not me. I promised I would have Girl-child act as photojournalist. And then the pictures disappeared. And I was so sad and disappointed in myself. How could I lose all those pictures? I didn’t remember deleting them. And then it hit me. Girl-child used her own camera. With its own memory card. Yeah. There’s that. Pictures = found. Blogger = stupid. Oh, well!

So anyway, I was having a blue day last week. Really blue. One of those weeks, really. Parenting challenges, a camper at work whose dad reminds me every time he sees me how much his kid loved the teacher that he used to have (you know, the one who is not me), and a thousand little things piled up on my head. Then I looked out my window.

FedEx may be the sneakiest delivery service ever. The dog didn’t even bark, and she’s a Basset. But I saw the guy headed back up the driveway. I swear he was tiptoeing. I peeked out the front door, and guess what I saw? GUESS!

MOONPIES! Note the death grip on the box.

I knew I was going to be receiving a bloggiversary celebratory package from Amy, but it had completely slipped my mind. And I had no idea it was going to be MoonPie related. Good thing, too, because I would not have slept at night. Or gone to work. Or bathed. I’d have camped on my front porch and waited for delivery people.

Editor’s note: I knew Heather loved MoonPies. The minute her name popped up in the random selector thingy, I thought, “I wonder if MoonPie has a gift shop or something?” THEY DO. Oh, do they. It is a wonder to behold, really. And I had the BEST TIME shopping in it.

The box clearly said MoonPie, but what was inside? Girl-child took pictures. The Padawan got a box cutter. I have not included the photo of me yelling at the Padawan for bringing a box cutter in the vicinity of my Darth Vader look-alike because that wasn’t a moment I want to remember. We settled on scissors.

All of my helpers

And what did we find?


My team seemed to think there was a chance I would share. With them.

The force is confused with that one. He thinks I'm going to share.

The force is confused with that one. He thinks I’m going to share.

How do you say no to that?

My precioussss! Or is that "My deliciousss?"

My precioussss! Or is that “My deliciousss?”

And look at the loot! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I wore the earrings to church on Sunday. They were a little dressy, but I wore them anyway.

Editor’s note: These are the earrings. How could I not buy them for Heather? THEY ARE GLORIOUS.

And I felt generous. And a little guilty. Yes. I shared. I thought I would get out of sharing with Girl-child. She’s a vegetarian and doesn’t eat anything with marshmallows. Yeah. Fooled.

I guess there is something to that force thing

I guess there is something to that force thing

Under the influence of marshmallowy goodness

Under the influence of marshmallowy goodness

I thought I would be safe from sharing with Girl-child. Not so much. No gelatin!

I thought I would be safe from sharing with Girl-child. Not so much. No gelatin!

Thank you, Amy, for such a delightful gift. I smile every time I think about it. Happy bloggiversary. May the words always flow and your pen never run dry.

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