Murder house, terrapins, and near escapes with the po-po: weekend wrap-up!

Can I quickly tell you about my weekend of fun before I crash out in bed? Let’s see how I do. It’s been a wonderful and a long weekend and I’m so tired but I am watching Game of Thrones (it’s a VERY Jaime-heavy episode, so I can’t even half-pay attention, because whenever Jaime comes on, I have to watch it with my whole face, of course) and I still have to unpack and then crawl in bed like a half-dead person. But I want to quickly tell you about the most wonderful weekend away. I took PHOTOS! I totally thought of you guys the whole TIME!

OK, so I left work early Saturday and met C. in Rhinebeck. Rhinebeck is a pretty little town but it had a million of people walking around because it was most utterly the best weather in the whole world. Low 70s, but that nice spring 70s, before the humidity sets in? With a little breeze? And a clear sunny sky? Not too hot, but bright and warm. It was just the best day. The best weekend, honestly.

Also, look! It’s already spring down there! We already have some buds on the trees, but not as many as this tree! Whoa! So pretty!

On the drive down, there were a lot of light-up electronic signs on the highway that said “Cell phone in one hand…TICKET IN THE OTHER” and that made me giggle every time I saw one. SO DIRE! Also, if I had a cell phone in one hand and a ticket in the other, HOW WOULD I DRIVE?

C. and I went to Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, which is a wonderful little independent bookstore which I highly recommend if you are ever in the area. It’s beautiful and well-organized and has a great feel to it and the people seem so happy to work there and there’s a very intelligent children’s section. Oh, and there was this sign in the bathroom.

I don’t know if you can read this, but after it telling you not to flush anything weird, it says “George Bush’s Yale transcript?” Hee! This is graffiti I can stand behind.

So as C. and I were browsing, because we were there early, Owen King got there, and remember how I freeze the hell up when someone I admire a great deal is right near my face-area? C. was like, “You could talk to him now!” and I was all frozen like a deer in headlights. IMPRESSIVE WRITER PERSON I AM AFRAID!

So then there was the reading, which was very good (sincerely, you need to read Double Feature, I can’t recommend it highly enough) and Owen King gives a very good reading. He apparently is not stricken with the thing that happens to me when I get in front of people to read something I’ve written which is “Um um words coming out of me heh talk too quietly for anyone to hear mumble mumble scared bye.” Then he answered questions and I DID have a question but I did not ask it because it would have spoiled the whole end of the book for people who hadn’t yet read it and what kind of asshole would do that, I ask you? So I was well-behaved. (Also, no, I didn’t take a photo of him, that seems stalky. Sorry, bloggians, my love for you apparently only goes so far.)

But then I TOTALLY had to be brave and go up and get my book signed even though it was SCARYTIMES and C. was all, “Nope, I’m not going up with you” which was the right answer but I had to go up ALL ALONE but it wasn’t even at all like the time I met Kevin Smith and I was a complete dumbass! Mostly because I didn’t talk as much. I might have learned my lesson. He remembered me from the review I’d written, and thanked me, and signed my book and drew me a little drawing and he was very nice and very gracious and I was very proud I didn’t say something idiotic or perhaps trip on my way up. Here is my happy signed book!

Aw, best! (The book is heavily about films and filmmaking. Otherwise that picture wouldn’t make sense, now would it?)

Then we went to dinner at a restaurant called Terrapin that looked like a CASTLE. We tried to go elsewhere but there was a 45 minute wait and that wasn’t happening. HUNGRY. (Plus it was getting late.)

Also, how could I not eat somewhere called Terrapin? You know I'm obsessed with turtles.

Also, how could I not eat somewhere called Terrapin? You know I’m obsessed with turtles.

I totally took photos of my food like a hipster would. I know, right? I’m the best. I told you guys you were coming with me on my travels.

I even ate something I had never TRIED before!

First, TAPAS! I have never had tapas. Look at the happy little triangle plates! On the left, FRIED OYSTERS! I have never had oysters, fried or not. On the right is fried artichokes. My evaluation? The fried oysters weren’t great because all you could taste was the breading and so they tasted like cornbread. But the fried artichokes were AMAZING. The artichokey part was creamy and artichokey and the breading was very light and the sauce was zingy. I could have eaten a zillion of these things.

Then, something boring but delicious. I filled my quota of trying new things for the evening.

Fish tacos! (NOT A EUPHEMISM. I told C. I was going to say NOT A EUPHEMISM about fish tacos.) They were delicious and the tortillas were freshly made and the fish wasn’t battered, just crispy. My only total complaint was that there was A TON OF GARLIC IN THAT GUACAMOLE. Holy moly, to be punny and rhymey. And you know I hate garlic. C. had roasted garlic soup for her appetizer and she said there was so much garlic she almost died and on the way home she had to stop for Tums. They use a lot of garlic at Terrapin if you like such things. I do not.

Then it was time to go back to C.’s house for a sleepover! On the way there, I WAS STOPPED BY THE PO-PO!

Totally true. I was driving down a highway and a cop was coming the other way and he did a total U-turn with lights a’blazin’ and then got all up on my ass and I was like “um, should I pull over?” because at that point, he had turned off his lights? And that was unnerving. But then he turned them on and that makes your heart get cold. So I pulled over and I knew I wasn’t speeding and I don’t have warrants and all my insurance and registration is up to date so what the hell? And then the cop knocked on my car window with his flashlight like they do in the movies and I rolled down my window and he was SO HANDSOME in a blond severe way with very pretty eyes and he said “LICENSE AND REGISTRATION” and of COURSE I couldn’t find the damn registration because cops make me nervous but I gave him my license and he was all “Do you know why I pulled you over today” (and C. and I were joking today about do you think anyone ever screws that up for themselves? Like, they answer that with “oh, the dead body in my trunk?” or “all the weed, right?”) and I said, because it was the truth, “No?” but then I thought, “wait, maybe it was…” and he said, “you have a light out” and I HAD noticed one of my headlights was looking weird but sometimes they do that and then they come back on? Well, at least the signal lights do. I assume the headlights might, too, I don’t know. ANYWAY, I was all “it IS? Oh, crap, how embarrassing, I’m here from out of town for the night, I can get that fixed on Monday, WHERE IS THAT STUPID REGISTRATION” and he said, “Nah, it’s ok, you’re from____” (that’s the name of my town, you don’t get to know that, Stalker McStalkfaces) and I was all, “Yes!” and he apparently lived here once, so that was nice, and he said, “Do you have constant problems with that light?” and that was worded oddly so I said, “No?” and he told me to have a nice night and I was going to ask him on a date because that’s like speed-dating, right? Only better – but then he went back to his car and I got no ticket. I WIN! I think also we’re in love now.

So then C. and I had a sleepover and she had PRESENTS waiting for me and here are the best two things!

Half Magic! This was on sale at the bookstore and it’s one of my favorite children’s books and I don’t own it but I didn’t want to charge $3 and didn’t have any cash and C. totally sneaky-bought it for me! Aw! BEST!

A card with a frog on it! I love frogs! Well, let’s open it up and see what’s written inside!


This made me cringe then laugh like a moron.

Also there were Tic Tacs because I mentioned I ran out and soap that smells like maple syrup and a cat toy. Aw! C.! You are the best at presents!

So then we talked and played with the cats and then slept and the bed was the best and then it was the next day and there was diner food which I didn’t take a photo of because you’ve all seen French toast before but let’s just say I ate it all and it was delicious but then I was so full for the rest of the day, urgh.

Oh, also, there was this.

Oh, what’s this, I wonder? Could it be…MURDER HOUSE?!?!

Yes, it’s totally the murder house where Stinky the Serial Killer killed the women and put them in the attic. Only it’s been majorly overhauled since then and C. pulled up and let me take a photo and I was GOING to tell you that I didn’t TAKE the photo all crooked like this, IT CAME OUT THIS WAY, but I totally took it this way to make it look haunted. It’s just a nice brown house.

Then we went to see In the Heights and it was kind of entertaining. OK, first, I had never seen that show before, and I loved it. Most of the leads were excellent. Two of the dancers were AMAZING. Even more amazing – they were high school boys. So, so good. Some people were less than good. I’m not going to call them out here, because what if they accidentally found this through the wonder of the Googles, you know? Suffice it to say that a few things gave me the giggles. But overall, the pure joy these people had putting on this show was utterly contagious, most sincerely. I think maybe sometimes we don’t bring our joy onto the stage. We see it as a job and the joy is all sucked out by the time it hits the stage. But these people, screw-ups and all, were really the most joyous. And that was such a pleasure to see.

Then it was time to come home (after a quick pit stop to act out some of the things that made me giggle for C.’s boyfriend C., who stayed home because he does not like musicals and he wanted a nap.) And now I am home! And it is late! So I am going to bed!

Happy week, all! I only have two work days, then on Thursday, I get up at 3am to go to Baltimore! YAY! (Well, not yay 3am, but yay BALTIMORE!!!) Thank you C. and C. for the best weekend! Can’t wait to see you both again soon!

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36 responses to “Murder house, terrapins, and near escapes with the po-po: weekend wrap-up!

  • Jeff

    I love the line about “cell phone in one hand, ticket in the other.” That was brilliant! Also, very nice picture of the “murder house.” Appropriately creepy-looking.


  • Kris

    Ha-ha! “speed dating” with the cop that pulled you over! Get it? SPEED dating???!!! (Ok, *I* thought it was funny…)

    And that is one creepy frog/clown card. I’m not overly creeped out by clowns, but that card creeps me out!!! O.o


  • wordsmith94

    Five awesome things, in no particular order:

    1) Intelligent graffiti (just the other day at uni, I saw someone had stuck one of those ‘Hello my name is…’ stickers on the back of one of the toilet doors, and underneath was written, ‘Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.’ This amused me.)

    2) Literary-themed outings with friends

    3) Trying new things at restaurants that look like castles

    4) Meeting authors and being starstruck

    5) Half Magic!!!

    Lovely wrap-up of your adventurous weekend! :)


  • The Waiting

    We had fish tacos for dinner this weekend! How did I not even know that they existed until like a year ago? They are SUPER easy to make at home if you ever want to duplicate their magic in your home kitchen ;D


    • lucysfootball

      The only Mexican I’ve had any success with at home is enchiladas (and seriously, you’d have to be very, VERY bad at cooking to screw up enchiladas.) I’m not good at tacos (hard or soft) or even quesadillas. I let restaurants do everything but enchiladas after MANY failed attempts. (Fish tacos are my favorite, too, then chicken – I don’t like beef, so my Mexican options are a little limited…)


  • Krysty

    Oh my! You know I was supposed to go to a book signing earlier this year but I couldn’t because the book I wanted the author to sign was in my Kindle! Maybe I should have made him sign my Kindle.


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    The murder house looks very idyllic, but then they always do.

    Or so I’ve been told. *cough*


  • Heather


    2. sj and I would like to know when we should expect the phone call from the King compound, inviting us to Thanksgiving dinner.


    • lucysfootball

      Hee! I think probably just keeeeeep waiting on that phone call. Any day now.

      I totally giggled over the graffiti and spent too long in the bathroom trying to take a good photo of it. :)


  • An Embarrassment of Freedom

    Great perpective on your weekend! I will try to look at my own experiences with the same flair but I am a type B and laid back individual. So … some nice (old) books until dawn, went to a cool folk concert reunion (right on), went to a dance legends show ( no screwups but the soloist was a bit off) with two of my retired teacher friends and ate a spicy panini, read and commented on some varied blogs, wrote my own stream of conciousness story about the stories my mom ( Irish!) used to tell as we washed dishes together, went to a Mad Hatter Tea Party ( pink flamingos and everything), started clearing out stuff in my son’s old bedroom ( amazing what you find)so I can paint it, had a nice meal at my sister’s farm and played with her adorable grandchildren. No murder house but we have lots of old ghosts living close by. P.S. Nice weather here too so I took down my Christmas tree lights.


  • the diarist

    It’s a real murder house? Who would want to live in a real murder house? (in LA they tend to tear them down if something bad has happened in a house.)

    You totally should have asked the cop out. Like, now that it’s settled that you won’t be giving me a ticket, here’s my number. ;0

    I’m going to have to go to wherever you were and have those artichokes. Yum.


    • lucysfootball

      I’m trying to decide if I would, if it was very cheap, or if it would creep me out too much. I think it would depend on if I got a bad vibe. I’m weird about things like that. Mostly I’m totally grounded, but there have been some places where I’ve gotten the worst vibes. I could never live in a place that made me feel like that.

      I would be too afraid to ask the cop out. Probably he’d give me ticket for terrible timing.

      Those artichokes were so good. Now I want artichokes again!


      • the diarist

        I totally get vibed out! But not always. It’s a very intermitten vibey thing. (If only it were dependable, I could be a Jr. Police Detective or something. Or be locked up for weirdness. One or the other.)

        And now I want artichokes. Again!


  • sunraeny

    That restaurant sounds & looks pretty amazing. Have you been to Turtle Pond in Central Park???


  • faithrivada

    LOL. I found you randomly – and am glad I did!


  • Nerija S.

    Hee! I love how the sign in the bathroom emphasizes “weird.” Like, if the rest of the writing wasn’t in italics, “weird” would be in italics. I wonder how many “weird” things have been flushed in those toilets that they had to ask people to stop?

    Also, one day you are going to be telling your kids the story of How I Met Your Father, and it’ll be made into a TV show (there’ll be a random running gag where a thing looks like one thing, and then suddenly it looks like a clown), and in the end it’ll be the police guy, and it’ll be so cool!

    …well, that made sense in my head, anyway ^_^;;


    • lucysfootball

      I know, who’s flushing weird things in a bookstore bathroom? Are they flushing books?

      I think the policeman is lost to time and space and I will never see him again, sadly. Goodbye, hot policeman!


      • Nerija S.

        Oh well. Then he’ll be one of the characters everyone is sure might be the one, but then it’s revealed that the show’s been signed on for another season, woo! :)


  • Charleen

    I’ve had shrimp tacos, which I liked more than I thought I would, but never fish tacos.

    Also, you don’t like garlic?! I… don’t even know how to handle that. (Well, no, it’s a very strong and distinct flavor, so I guess it makes sense that some people might not like it. I just love it. Something has to be REALLY COMPLETELY LOADED with garlic flavor for me to think it’s too much.)


    • lucysfootball

      I do not like garlic. It makes my mouth taste terrible and it makes me cough and it makes me disgusted. I know. I’m weird.

      Ooh, SHRIMP tacos. Those sound delicious!


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