Traveling the world with the most enthusiastic/obnoxious photography subject EVER.

I have about an hour to write this. This is going to be word-short and photo-heavy, my little potato pancakes.


OK, so a looooong time ago, I was all, “Where are my photos of my trip to Europe back when I was a young and still-not-yet-disillusioned kiddo?” and thought they were lost to the ages but then I found them in a bag of things my mother brought me a couple years ago. When I was all, “MOM! Why didn’t you tell me those photos were in there?” she said, “I put those in there? Why would I have done that?” so I think Mom is losing it.

There were ALL KINDS of goodies in the bag. Therefore, you get:



You can see how my hair has gone through many iterations. Also, my eyebrows used to be OUT. OF. CONTROL. And I still like making faces in photos just as much as I did back then.

Let’s see what we have first, shall we? It’s not just Europe in here, you guys. It’s ALL the locales.

Oh, I should warn you, these are terrible because I don’t have a scanner so I took ’em with my cell phone.

Who can guess where I am. Anyone? Anyone? Red rocks? Pretending to look for alien life forms? No one? Really?


This was from a trip my brother and I took to some place in Sedona where there were spaceships. There was a sign that said not to climb these rocks. I did it anyway. Then I made this face. I think I was probably about 24 here.

Please note the flannel shirt; it was the late 90s, so I thought I was Kurt Cobain, still, apparently.

I’m not sure what’s up with that hair. It’s not my hair color, and I guess I was going with shoulder-length that year.

This is 20-year-old-Amy pretending to be shocked at the news that King Arthur is dead. This is apparently King Arthur’s tomb. I don’t know how they know such things, either. The internet tells me I was at Glastonbury that day, apparently. I don’t remember anything about this trip at all. Do we think I was drunk? It’s a possibility, kiddos.

This is 20-year-old Amy again, pretending to be depressed that this super-historic rock is cracked. The back of this photo says “Amy is sad that the Anesbury stone is cracked” and it looks like I wrote that on there in the dark. Let’s see what this “Anesbury stone” is and where I was that day. OK, apparently it’s “Amesbury” and it’s a town close to Stonehenge. I remember going to Stonehenge. I wanted to see Druids but there weren’t even any Druids, it was super-depressing. Why were we hanging out with this stone, I wonder? Man, I’ve forgotten a large chunk of my 20s.

HOW CUTE AM I HERE SERIOUSLY. I want to hug myself, I’m so damn adorable. OK, so this is 20-year-old-me standing on either side of the international date line in Greenwich. Again, I don’t have a single recollection of being in this place, so it’s a good thing I have this photo. AND I AM SO CUTE IN IT. That’s a good smile. As you can see, I have an army-navy black trenchcoat here. This was before the trenchcoat mafia so I was safe, I guess. Also, I miss that sweater, it was super-comfy.

Ooh, now we’re skipping into the FEW-CHUR. I’m 28-ish here. Mer and I went to California for a trip. This is me outside of the Winchester Mystery House. That house totally gave me the shivers. This is pre-shivers, though. I’m not even making an obnoxious face here, so that’s a nice change for me.

This might be my favorite. This is me in Berlin. Dad, when I was little, used to say “CHECKPOINT CHARLIE!” a lot, so when I got to Berlin and there was a whole Checkpoint Charlie museum, I was so pleased I did a little dance. Then I had my photo taken with this odd look on my face to show him I was here. This was 18 years ago and I still have that shirt. And I still wear it, too. That shirt was a good investment. I can’t say the same for the eyebrows, though. WHO TOLD YOU THOSE WERE A GOOD IDEA, AMY?!?!?

I don’t know why this is so yellow, either. The hell, phone-camera? This is young Amy doing some sort of flamenco dance outside of a tall archway. As you can see, I am wearing a skirt. And Doc Martens. As one did in the 90s. I know, I am quite fancy. FINE, I will look up where this arch was. The back of the photo says I am at the Colosseum in Rome. I think this photo looks like Instagram before Instagram existed. I WAS AN INSTAGRAM HIPSTER! I don’t remember visiting the Colosseum in Rome. OH WAIT NO I TOTALLY DO. There were cats. CATS EVERYWHERE. And one of the guides was all, “They live here, don’t touch them.” Well, THAT’S sad.

This is another photo of the trip with Mer. Mer, I miss you the most right now, by the way. We are at Haight Ashbury. However, someone stole the “Haight” street sign so I assume anyone expecting to turn at Haight would be lost. All we could find was this Ashbury sign, and someone said, “Yeah, this is Haight Street, people are always stealing the sign.” Jeez, how about a little peace, love and understanding, you thieving asshole? Anyway, these jeans were a mistake. They came pre-ripped-up and after about three washings they fell apart. They fit really well, though. I’m not even acting like a goon in this one. Mer brings out the LADY in me.

That is all the photos of me. Well, there were a lot of photos of various pieces of architecture, so I was all, WHO CARES ABOUT THOSE. No one, is who. Why weren’t people taking more photos of me? I’m really the most awesome. With the faces and poses and such.

I will leave you with this, because just seeing it again made me laugh and laugh:

When we were in Paris, I needed an adventure so one day I left the city all on my lonesome and went to Rouen, which is a pretty little town not too far away. It’s where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. That’s not WHY I went there, I’m not like a Joan of Arc fetishist or anything. I just wanted to get out of Paris and have a solo adventure, is all.

Anyway, this was a Joan of Arc wax museum, only everything was falling over, and it was terrible, and at one point, one of the figurines had a Hanes sweatsock unceremoniously plopped on its hand. Like it was a sock puppet, I guess. It wasn’t on purpose. I think some kid did it. But it struck me as hilarious, so I seriously had to lean against the wall and laugh until I almost cried. SWEATSOCK! I apparently did not take a photo of the sweatsock, or it didn’t come out. A LOT of my photos did not come out. Remember back in the day when you didn’t know if your photos would come out, like, when you used FILM and you HOPED and you PRAYED they would? I don’t miss those days at all. Not even a little bit. I love digital, me. Instant gratification!!!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s installment of Amy Takes You Around the World and Makes Faces in All the Different Places. I’m pretty sure I have more of these photos so can totally do another one of these someday when I have like an hour before bed and nothing else to say.

Happy weekend, all! Remember: the rules for a good photo are location, light, and lunacy!

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22 responses to “Traveling the world with the most enthusiastic/obnoxious photography subject EVER.

  • Andreas Heinakroon

    I don’t remember the 90s being this yellow either. But photos don’t lie. Except when doctored. Then you have to trust your memories. Except they are most probably false as well.

    I guess history is dead.


  • sj

    This is my favourite post ever. Ever.


  • Mer

    After your last post I totally looked wistfully through all of my adventure photos. RE: Cats in Rome…I have a picture of some quartered off piece of antiquity, by which I wrote “look for the cats” presumably because I would have forgotten why I had taken a picture of rubble. :)
    Ugh, too many things I want to say. I love younger Amy and would adventure with Now Amy anytime!


  • Samantha

    Yay, I like your traveling pictures! And all the faces! :D

    I want to visit the Winchester Mystery House SO BADLY. I actually thought about applying to work there when I was severely unemployed. Because how awesome would THAT be. (I mostly want to photograph it, not going to lie.)


    • lucysfootball

      I laughed so much finding all of these. I make ALL the faces!

      I loved the Winchester Mystery House, but it seriously creeped me out. And I don’t get creeped out easily. Twice in my whole life, actually. This was one of them. There was such a weird vibe in there. Don’t get me wrong – it was GORGEOUS – but something super-creepy was going on there.


  • grrgoyl

    I have a very good friend who is a London native. Needless to say, that alone makes him the coolest friend ever. I’ve been to visit him twice, and the last time we went to Amesbury. I thought no one else had ever heard of it. We also took goofy pictures, and Jeff thought one of them should be the cover of my first record album.

    (And going back to find this photo revealed that it’s actually Avebury). Good times.


    • lucysfootball

      Ooh, that’s a beautiful photo! I’m impressed. None of my photos are that good. NONE. Even by accident. Mostly I have a ton of photos of my thumb in various places. My thumb in Rome! My thumb in Picadilly Circus! My thumb had a GREAT semester abroad!


  • Kris

    Um, I’m not entirely sure what that last photo is – what is that wax dummy holding? Nevertheless, it was fun time and world travelling with Young Amy! And a fashion travelogue, too! ;-)


    • lucysfootball

      Sticks, I think? To make the fire burn hotter for Joan? The whole museum was way beyond bizarre.

      Hee, young Amy would be so pleased that the world appreciated her photos. Or freaked out. Because the internet barely existed for most of these.


  • Storm

    I love finding old pictures. So awesome!


  • Heather

    I still wear flannel/chamois shirts. They’re one of my wardrobe staples in the winter. Heh.


    • lucysfootball

      I still have all of mine, too. They’re comfy. But I wear more hoodies now. I live in hoodies when it’s chilly, pretty much.


      • Heather

        HA! Me, too! Turtlenecks and hoodies/flannel shirts! Sometimes I throw in a sweater if I have to look presentable.


        • lucysfootball

          Yeah, I don’t wear the hoodie to fancy places. But if I COULD, I would wear it everywhere. It’s my favorite.

          Well, not my favorite, I HAD a favorite hoodie, but it fell to bits from overwearing/overwashing and now I only wear it in the house because it has a million holes in the arms. I miss it. It was the most comfortable and the best color blue. Sigh.


  • Heather

    Oh! And I love all of the pictures!


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