Those were the reasons and that was New York: a day with Andreas (part three)

So first, we talked about my actual TRIP to New York City; then we talked about the meeting, and the giving of gifts (which was done with much style and panache, as two most excellent bloggers would of course be expected to do.) Today, we will continue our tale of ADVENTURE AND WONDER with:

Breakfast in New York City!

So Andreas and I left his hotel room of fanciness and walked a few blocks to a little café for breakfast. CONFESSION: I totally had a pre-breakfast breakfast before I got on the train, because remember? I got up at 3:30am. If I had not eaten some sort of snack before I got on the train, I would have gotten crabbity and headachey, and that is not how I wanted to meet Andreas, no no no.

HOWEVER, Andreas waited until I got there to eat breakfast, because, as mentioned? Perfect gentleman. Probably a perfect STARVING gentleman at this point, but still, perfect gentleman.

So we walked to breakfast and talked and talked. Most of the day, even if I’m not mentioning it? You can assume we talked and talked. There was so much talking on Saturday that I’m pretty sure the rest of the city was silent to make up for how much we were talking. So. Much. Talking. And now, I know what you’re thinking. AMY! you are thinking. It was just you talking, wasn’t it? And poor Andreas just couldn’t get a word in edgewise. NO NO CHARLIE! You are completely incorrect. We BOTH talked! Back and forth! Without any awkwardness or weirdness or those odd dead-spots that happen sometimes! Sometimes we had so much to say we would BOTH start talking and then have to laugh and say “you!” “No, you!” And it was WONDERFUL.

So then we had breakfast. There was bacon and eggs and some lackluster pancakes and a bagel and much coffee. Andreas drinks all the cappuccino and I drink all the iced coffee (decaf, because otherwise I get a., headachey, and b., way too speedy.) We drank much coffee on Saturday. There is not a better place to sit and talk over coffee than New York City, and you can’t tell me there is. I will glare at you glaringly.

Once breakfast was finished, it was time to go on our grand adventure. Well, the whole day was really a grand adventure, but we had one big fat adventure planned; one we’d planned far in advance. See, we really didn’t want to make too many plans – there’s only so much you can do with twelve hours, which at first seems like a very long time, but once you start using up your twelve hours, it disappears in a swirl of words and laughter and walking and talking and just being in the same place at the same time, you know? So we decided to see where the day took us, overall. But we made one plan; one great big plan. We researched it on the internet and knew it was the one thing we had to do.

So we went back outside. Oh, I forgot to mention: IT WAS FREEZING ON SATURDAY. And snowing on and off. It was not supposed to be freezing, but New York City tricked us. I did not dress appropriately. I thought it was supposed to be in the 40s, so I wore a spring jacket and a sweater and a t-shirt and jeans. LUCKILY, we were walking around a lot, so that kept us somewhat warm. Poor Andreas was chilly, though. Even though he had a kicky hat. You can kind of see it in the photo in the first post. Andreas really had the best hat. He looked very cosmopolitan.

So we shiveringly walked to the subway. Another amazing thing about Andreas: he’d only been in the city at this point for three days (and a bit of a fourth) but he totally had mastered the subway. I usually do all my subway research before I show up but after talking to him last week, I realized I didn’t even need to. He totally has a compass in his head. With someone like me, whose head-compass is completely broken (or might not even have been there to begin with), being in the city with someone with an excellent sense of direction is a total gift.

We popped on the subway (and even though Dad SAID if we stood too close to the edge, we would get pushed in front of the train, we did NOT, although in Dad’s defense, we did not stand too close to the edge) and after a couple of stops, we arrived at our destination.

Central Park!

After only a couple of slightly wrong turns (which were totally my fault, as there was this duck pond near the entrance? And I was all “ANDREAS! DUCKS!” and pulled him off the path to bask in the glory of ducks even though he told me ducks were not as nice as they seemed and kind of attacky toward each other, I was NOT DAUNTED, because, DUCKS! I explained to Andreas that I was the duck whisperer and one time all the ducks followed me all around when I was feeding them in like a CLOUD of ducks and he said “grumble grumble that’s because you had FOOD” but mostly he was just charmed and the grumbling was for show because if you get me around animals I am CHARMING, yo) and then we realized that detour for the ducks led us way off-course. But with a little map-peeping, we got back on track. And where were we heading?


(That gets multiple exclamation points.)

Andreas and I love animals. And seeing them. We discussed the Bronx Zoo, but that one’s huge, and would take longer than we had. I’d been to the Central Park Zoo before, and it was a nice little zoo, and I wanted nothing more than to see the Central Park Zoo with Andreas.

To the zoo we went!

First, since it was SO COLD, we decided to go into the Tropical House. In the Tropical House, there are monkeys, but I like Andreas enough to brave monkeys for him.

Also? For you guys? I took a ton of photos.

In the Tropical House, there are many things, like birds and reptiles (not just monkeys.) This is a terrible picture of one of the birds. My camera was being kind of a jerk. But trust me that this bird had very funny feathers around its head and neck like a boa, and it made me laugh and laugh.

This is a terrible photo of those monkeys that look like little old men, like I saw when I was in Florida with Dad. I think they are called Cotton-Topped Tamarins. Andreas was not freaked out by the monkeys that looked like little old men but I mostly hid behind his jacket in case they decided to eat my face somehow through the glass like that monkey in Monkey Shines.

This is a frog. I love frogs. They’re one of my favorite things. This frog looks like he’s brooding; that’s because, randomly, he was in a tank with a snake. I’d be brooding, too.

This frog was hiding. He also looked like he was made of plastic, but he was really real. Again, he was in a tank with a snake, which I find just bizarre. That’s like renting out an apartment to a human, but inside, SURPRISE!, is a TIGER! He is your ROOMMATE now!

This one is for HEATHER!

Amy & Andreas, NYC 2013 005

It was the only tortoise we saw all day. He was kind of intrepid.

I took a photo of the sign so I would remember what he was so I could tell her. TEXAS tortoise, Heather! It’s like Texas toast, only it’s a tortoise, so you cannot eat it! So, then…nothing like Texas toast.

LEMURS! They were far away and behind glass, and also at this point, we were getting too hot. The Tropical House doesn’t dick around with the heat, yo. This photo is for friend C., as lemurs are her favorites.

This is my favorite Tropical House photo. It is Andreas marveling at a bird who landed really close to us, and the bird looks bored and above it all and SO OVER ALL OF THIS and a tad bit snooty. Also, you can see Andreas’ charming hat.

After the Tropical House, I was happy to get outside, because we went from TOO COLD to TOO HOT. New York City was not being kind to us, temperature-wise, this weekend. I felt like I was going through early menopause.

Next were the outdoor exhibits, at which we promptly got too cold. Oh, New York City, you are the coldest.

First: SNOW LEOPARD! We got so excited. Who doesn’t want to see a snow leopard?

Look really hard. Can you see it? Can you? Look harder. LOOK HARDER.

I’m just screwing with you. It wasn’t there. We went around the corner and it WAS there but then it jumped up super-high and we couldn’t even take any photos of it. It was very pretty, though, and had a very long tail. Here, I found a photo on the interwebs of it for you.

They had educational things all over and this one kind of horrified me so I told Andreas I was going to start taking photos of things that were NOT FOR CHILDREN and that made him laugh.

This says (because I couldn’t get it all in the shot) “The challenges of being a snow leopard” and had such cheery things as “You’re shot by a poacher” so when we couldn’t find that snow leopard I asked Andreas if he thought it got shot by a poacher and he said, “Perhaps.”

Next was a polar bear. I thought he was super-depressed because he kept looking up, sighing, and then going back to this pose:

But Andreas said he was just sleepy. Also, look at those PAWS! Polar bears could totally swat the hell out of you. Whenever I see a polar bear I think of Iorek Byrnison. Aw, Iorek, my favorite.

Then this was outside the polar bear enclosure and I had to continue my “taking photos of things that are children-inappropriate” game.

Dead bloody seal ARGH! Goodness gracious this is graphic.

Do you know what’s next? Do you do you DO YOU?


I’m glad this was near the end of the zoo because it was like saving the best for last. I WAS SO EXCITED! All through the zoo I kept saying “Andreas! Is it time for penguins yet? How about NOW. Is it time for penguins NOW?” And now it WAS time for penguins! AND SEABIRDS!

I told you guys there might be penguins in New York City. THAT WAS LIKE A LITTLE CLUE!

Andreas took this one and sent it to me. Andreas, I’m stealing your photo! This made us laugh because there was a seagull in with the penguins, like he snuck in there all “Oh, don’t pay any attention to ME! I’m a penguin, la la laaaa!” Also, the seagull made me laugh because it made me think of the “mine? Mine? Mine?” seagulls from Finding Nemo, which I love.

More penguins! I may have gone a little photo-happy in the penguin-room.

A penguin-room story: Andreas went across the room to read up on the penguins. When he was gone, the man behind me said “Why do you think those penguins have those things on their wings?” (They have bands on their wings; I assume it’s so the zoo employees and vets can tell them apart, probably?) He then went on to muse, “Maybe to keep them from flying away.” I whipped my head around to see if he was being facetious. He was not. Not even a little bit. HE THOUGHT IT WAS TO KEEP THE PENGUINS FROM FLYING AWAY. And he was a GROWN MAN. When I told Andreas this (when we were outside, so the guy wouldn’t know I was mocking him) Andreas nodded sagely and said “Yes. Penguins are known for that. Flying.”

This penguin was the leader of the room. He waddled all around and seemed to be telling the other penguins to straighten up and (NO NOT FLY, YOU WEIRDO!) stand right. Then that little penguin in front of him was his minion, and he’d waddle all around in back of him wherever he went. Andreas totally did a minion-voice for that penguin that made me laugh and laugh. “How’m I doing, boss? Am I doing a good job, boss?” Hee! Win!

This is another photo of the leader of the pack. I liked him. He did not brook any nonsense, this penguin!

I couldn’t take photos of the penguins swimming. Andreas took a video. Maybe he’ll blog about his trip at some point and we can see it? WE CAN HOPE! My favorite part of the swimming was that when they were done, they would POP out of the water like little feathery missiles, land on their feet, and shake themselves off like they hadn’t just been penguin-projectiles. I love you, penguins!

Then this happened, and it was creepy yet awesome:

All the penguins in one corner were turned with their backs to the glass. So you know what that reminded me of, right?

The end of the Blair Witch Project ZOMG!!! I’m pretty sure those penguins were waiting for the Blair Witch to come and steal their souls. Or that leader-penguin maybe put them in a time-out for general naughtiness.

OK, this is SO SO LONG and I have to go to bed. You know what that means, right? TO BE CONTINUED! That’s right. We’re not even done. This is the end of the REGULAR zoo, but don’t even think that’s all of the zoo. There’s more zoo to be discussed. And then lunch, and dinner, and ONE MORE ADVENTURE. And then having to leave, which was the saddest so I don’t want to talk about that right now.

Tomorrow there will be no post – I have to review a show tonight so won’t be home to write – but the rest of the week seems non-eventful, so be ready for part four (and – dare I say it? – possibly part five?) Thursday and maybe Friday.

So stay tuned, my dearest darlings! We are only at this point about halfway through our day! SO MUCH MORE TO DISCUSS!

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34 responses to “Those were the reasons and that was New York: a day with Andreas (part three)

  • Charleen

    lol I love the seagull who wants to be a penguin. I pretty much love all pictures of a group of animals and then one oddball animal who doesn’t belong.


    • lucysfootball

      There were a couple of those seagulls in there, and they were SILENT. Totally trying to blend in. It made me laugh and laugh. When Andreas sent me this photo, he had the subject line “One of these things is not like the other” and I LOVED that!


  • Samantha

    I completely understand your penguin excitement. I could probably watch penguins all day.

    I would agree that New York City is a pretty awesome place to sit and talk with coffee, but I would argue San Francisco is pretty darn good as well. But I am biased because I have only been in New York City for nine hours and I’ve been to San Francisco a lot more.

    I wish I had a sense of direction. I don’t get how people can walk out of somewhere and know which direction is north. I even always forget which direction the sun rises and sets. Sad, sad day.

    I am enjoying your Andreas-day chronicles. It sounds like you guys had so much fun!


    • lucysfootball

      See, *I* was only in San Francisco for a short period of time! It was SO COLD when I was there. We were not dressed appropriately and therefore had a miserable time. I want to go back someday when I have a sweater so I can enjoy it more.

      I have NO sense of direction. I was telling Andreas about the north thing on Saturday! Dad says that to me all the time. “You should have known you needed to head north!” and I’ll say, “Well, sorry, Dad, I didn’t see any MOSS growing on the TREE TRUNKS of NEW YORK CITY, please EXCUSE” and he’s all “You can tell by the sun, and also you should just KNOW” and I’ll just roll my eyes. Who just KNOWS these things? Sigh.

      We had the best time! At least one more post’s worth, maybe even two!


  • blogginglily

    so much scrolling! And Penguins! and they were all chanting “One of us. One of us. One of us.” to the seagull.


  • sj



    • lucysfootball

      I only saw a little of it but that was ENOUGH. It instilled a lifelong phobia. Well, that, and the time we went to Parc Safari and monkeys swarmed a man’s car and pulled off all the shiny parts while he and his wife were inside screaming. *shudder*


  • becomingcliche


    There are snakes that don’t eat amphibian or other reptiles. Those with heat-sensing pits specialize in warm-blooded animals and don’t really “see” cold-blooded ones.

    Oh, dear Lord. I saw those penguins’ backs and immediately thought of Blair Witch. *shudders*


  • elaine4queen

    you are the meanest person.

    LOOK HARDER? i broke my damn beak looking harder.


  • mfennvt

    What an awesome time you had! So cool. And Iorek is my favorite, too. Isn’t he cool?


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Those 12 hours were definitely not enough for all we had to say. So many things yet to say. There was so much talking that I almost forgot to eat my breakfast. Almost, but not quite.


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    And I’m not the perfect gentleman. If I’d the perfect gentleman I’d have offered you my jacket since it was so cold. But I did not. Because I’m selfish.


    • lucysfootball

      I really hope the thought of offering me your jacket didn’t even cross your mind. It was SO COLD! You would have FROZEN! Plus, I already had a jacket, it was my own fault it was so light! There’s being a gentleman, and then there’s being FOOLISH. I totally would not have taken your jacket. I would have been too worried about your comfort to do that!


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    If you keep dropping hints like that I might have to blog about the trip. Or at least my day in New York City with you.


  • Kris

    Hmph. I totally LOOKED HARDER. ;-)

    My first thought on the penguins with their backs turned was that they were all, um, taking a ‘natural break’?


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    That is not my winter hat. It’s my summer hat. It does nothing to insulate my head from the cold. Well, I guess it does something, but not much. If I had known it to be that cold, I’d brought my winter hat. (Or perhaps not; it’s an de-branded Red Army fur karbus hat. Would probably have been too socialistic for the United States of America…)


    • lucysfootball

      Yes, people would have thought you were suspect had you brought THAT hat. The hat you brought made you look very cosmopolitan and debonair. It was a very good choice, even if it didn’t keep you warm!


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