Start spreading the news…

This is the face a person makes when they have to get up at 4am but instead they wake up at 3:30am in order to get ready to make a 7am train to meet one of their closest friends in really real life in their favorite city in the world at 9:30am this morning.

I may or may not have crazier eyes that that when I actually see Andreas for the first time in 4 hours. It’s still up in the air. I already warned him I’m going to hug him. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ANDREAS!

My hair decided to behave and I have a happy new shirt with a cowl neck which I remember telling my mom once that only very old people wore so I guess that means I’m an old person now, so that’s nice.

IT IS ANDREAS DAY. I can’t believe it’s Andreas Day. How did this happen already?

This isn’t a real post. I have to hit the road soon and still haven’t packed everything and also I’m jumpy-nervous like a looney and the cat is losing his mind and for some reason has decided the couch needs to be groomed so is licking it repeatedly and also making this noise: “Reeeooooiou?” and maybe he usually does that at 5:30am and I’m the one bothering HIM in HIS routine since I’m never up now, who knows.

ANDREAS DAY. Holy hell, you guys.

I will try to post tomorrow recapping our adventurey goodness but it might take until Monday because the post might be traditionally Lucy’s Football long. We’ll see. I’ll also try to post photos on Twitter and Facebook and such, if I don’t start talking to him and just never stop.

Here we go. My man Frank Sinatra would be proud, I’m totally leaving today to be a part of it, baby.

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17 responses to “Start spreading the news…

  • becomingcliche

    3:30. Oh, dear God. 3:30. And I thought I had it bad.

    Have so much fun today! And I expect at least 2 posts. At least.


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Yay! I get to meet you in just a couple of hours!


  • mfennvt

    Safe travels! Have fun!


  • Charleen

    I… don’t even know what to do with a post that short. Am I on the right blog?

    And I just said this on Twitter, but Happy Andreas Day!


  • Le Clown

    My favourite city in the world! Enjoy.
    I’ll send you a PM, I haven’t forgotten you… I’m not a real bastard, after all…
    Le Clown


  • elaine4queen



  • elaine4queen

    between the dog sitting on the keyboard and finding WEIRD SHIT to blow my mind with and wp signing me out, you don’t seem to have got my VERY IMPORTANT COMMENT. it was;


    (also, though, i wanted to say that i recently got a top with that kind of neck. i found it weird and disorientating to wear, but then i saw someone on tv with one on, and they had a brooch pinning it down on one side. when i go to Ely to stay over before the funeral of A Pat i plan to go to the antique barn enorme to pick up some sort of OLD LAYDEE brooch to accessorize with. i will let you know how that turns out.)


    • lucysfootball

      They both came though! That’s ok, I love BOTH comments!

      Hector sat on the keyboard? (I assume it was Hector; Poppet seems like that would be beneath her, somehow. Not the KEYBOARD, of course in that scenario it would be beneath her, but the IDEA of sitting on a keyboard.) Aw, Hector, that is a total Dumbcat move. Once I was emailing someone and Dumbcat sat on the keyboard and typed “aohsfoh” which I assume was a secret message to that person, but we never could decode its meaning.

      Also, WordPress is logging me out constantly lately. Why is it doing that?

      SO MUCH ADVENTUREY GOODNESS! Wait til you see the blog recap. You will love it.

      I loved that top. It was comfortable and I thought the neck might bother me, but it actually was very fun and fancy-free. I have SO MANY old-lady brooches but I never wear them because most of my shirts don’t warrant a brooch. I should start wearing brooches!


  • 35JupiterDrive

    Frank would have loved you. I know this.

    Adventure! Yay!


    • lucysfootball

      Aw, Frank! He was so stylish. I just love him so much. (I choose to ignore the fact he was a bit of a misogynist, only because he’s my grandfather’s age and I love him so.)



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