Burning the candle at both ends, and possibly a little in the middle as well.

I wonder if I can get a little teeny tiny post written before I have to leave for work in half an hour? Let’s see.

This is kind of not even a real post but later in the week you totally don’t get posts due to all the busy-ness so take ’em as they come, darling sunshines, take ’em as they come. That’s what she said.

So it’s a week of running around like a crazy. I did/have to do the following:

  • see a play that I’m not reviewing, just for fun (it was very good)
  • go to dinner and a play with a friend (also very good, the dinner, the friend, and the play, quite a success all-around)
  • go to a committee meeting at the theater
  • get a fancy-schmancy haircut with a real hairdresser, not even at Supercuts, you guys, I KNOW
  • and of course still go to work and eat and sleep and such.


However, I have a two-day weekend coming up. I know you’re all “um, that’s just called a ‘weekend’ by regular people, Amy” and yes. Yes, it is. But since I work Saturdays, I don’t get real weekends. But I have Monday off! Martin Luther King Jr. Day! So that means this week, I get a REAL weekend! Two full days off! I AM SO EXCITED!

Oh, and side-note, the play I saw last night had a very very pretty man in it, who was a., tall, b., British, c., funny (that’s really kind of a trifecta, I told friend K. if he had a beard I’d probably have melted out of my seat) and after the show he apparently was trolling Twitter for mentions of the play, and he totally tweeted me, yo. So THAT was exciting. (I have a friend who works at the theater, and she saw him after the show, and said, “Oh, you must be the hot, tall one!” because that’s what we told her he was and he was apparently all embarrassed and flattered, so that’s nice, then. I think she should have found out if he wanted a green card marriage because I am not at all opposed to that. And I’m sure he could GROW a beard, you know? He didn’t seem to be particularly follicularly challenged.)

Tall, pretty boy is on the right. The other boy's not a ghoul or anything. He's fine. But the other one...sigh, sigh.

Tall, pretty boy is on the right. The other boy’s not a ghoul or anything. He’s fine. But the other one…sigh, sigh.

We are just about to the point where we pick next season at our theater, and then I have to start reading a billion one-acts that were submitted by the general public for our Playwright’s Showcase in July, and THEN I can finally read some things for FUN. Yes. I know. That probably isn’t the most exciting for anyone but me, but I’m totally stoked about it. I have a billion library books to read, plus all the books on my Kindle. They are all crying out for me. “AMY COME READ US!” they say, and how can I resist that, really? All those sad books?

OK. I have to go clean the snow off my car. And then drive to work. And the weatherman was all “IT IS SLICK YO SO SLICK” so I’ll probably have to drive slowly, then. Sigh sigh is the winter over yet? Happy Wednesday, people of the interwebs!

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