This is not a post. It is a thank-you disguised as a post. TRICKED YOU!

I wasn’t going to post at all today because, well, that’s the thing now, but I have a bit of time this morning and there are things that need to be said, so you get this little teeny-tiny post. Oooh, aaah, little tiny post!

OK, first, how are you reading this? Through a feed reader? NO. CAN THAT SHIT. For once, you feed reader people (and I am one of you, so I’m not at all judging you) I need you to click on through to my blog itself. Here. I’ll even link you. I promise I’m not doing this for clicks or to up my stats or anything. There’s a reason.


(The rest of you already know where this is going.)

OK, now that you’re there, what do you see?


It is GREEN and CREAM and has a new HEADER and is GORGEOUS!!!!

I’ve been teasing about this for a while, but it’s finally here! It happened while I was sleeping! Like that sappy Sandra Bullock movie only with less shenanigans and kissing!

Here’s the story:

I’ve been wanting to do something with the blog for a while, but didn’t know what. I mentioned this to Andreas. Did you all know that Andreas, on top of being a scientist and an amazing dad and an all-around top-notch human, does computer stuff for a living? It is true! However, that’s not why I mentioned it to him. We talk a lot, it just came up. (I believe it came up because he mentioned he’d been playing around with the fonts on his blog and I asked how a person would do that because I was thinking of doing something with my blog in the new year but I wasn’t sure how.)

Andreas said, “what are you thinking of doing?” and asked many questions and I answered them and he asked MORE questions and then he said, “you know, I do this for a living and would love to redesign your blog for you.”

WHAT? No. People don’t just DO THINGS to be NICE. Or DO they?

Yep. They totally do when they are Andreas.

(This is not an invitation for you all to inundate Andreas with favor-requests. If you want to pay him all the money to redesign your blog, cool, but don’t be hitting him up for free shit. I don’t think that’s what he’s there for.)

Sometimes people do things just to be nice. And because they love you. And someday I might actually not be blown away by that, but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen, because I’m almost 40 and I still get all weepy at unexpected kindnesses. (And let’s face it, all kindnesses, to me, are unexpected, and probably always will be. Because I’m deeply broken.)

So for the past couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing options and color-schemes and leafy things and sidebars and ins and outs (and listen, I’m not the easiest to work with, because I have NO IDEA WHAT I WANT and NO EYE FOR DESIGN) and then last night, when I was sleeping, he implemented the redesign! AND IT IS GORGEOUS!!!

I love that it’s a design no one else has and no one else will EVER have (well, unless they copy it from me, and don’t be copying, you creepy stealing bastards.) I love that it was created for me by one of my most favorite people and most dear friends. I love that it represents me – the colors, the layout, everything. I LOVE IT IRRATIONALLY.

Andreas is going to be embarrassed about this post because he was all “YOU DO NOT HAVE TO THANK ME” but I’m doing it anyway. I don’t often do what I’m told.

So, new blog! It is pretty and shiny and green and very me, and I can’t stop looking at it. I love it so, so much.

Also, I love Andreas so, so much. He has proven himself one of the best people I know and a true friend time and time again over the past year and more specifically over the past few months since we started talking more and more which was one of the happiest occurences of 2012 for me; this is just another example of his expansive wonderfulness. Which he would deny having. Because he always denies how amazing he is. Superheroes always deny their secret identity, kiddos, that is a true fact from me to you.

Well, unless you're Tony Stark. All bets are off when you're Tony freaking Stark. Sigh. LOVE.

Well, unless you’re Tony Stark. All bets are off when you’re Tony freaking Stark. Sigh. LOVE.

Thank you, Andreas. Times a billion. You’re most sincerely awesome. Deny it if you want, I know the truth.

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