Dumbcat is a Luddite and other revelations

I have three things to say and then I have to go because I got my new Kindle and all I want to do is behold it. It is GORGEOUS, you guys. And so much bigger than I thought it would be. And so SHINY. And I want to add all the apps to it and see if it really plays TV shows and start reading books on it because sj showed me how to use my laptop to put books on it (seriously, she is like a GURU, if I ever have questions, I just say, “sj, how do I do…” and she ALWAYS KNOWS and she never even laughs at me when the questions are foolish, and I love her the most) and I have ALL THE BOOKS waiting for me and I am SO EFFING EXCITED and I feel like I am a Jetson. Right now it is charging and also looking at me like, “why aren’t you playing with me why? I am so pretty. I want you to play with me right now, because of my prettiness.”

So let’s talk about three things and then I’m going to tap tap tap away on my pretty screen. Also I totally got a burnt orange cover for it and it was a very good choice. It’s both flashy and retro. I love it irrationally.

Amazon calls this "persimmon" but it's orange, yo, don't be gettin' fancy on me, Amazon.

Amazon calls this “persimmon” but it’s orange, yo, don’t be gettin’ fancy on me, Amazon.

First: the mystery of the cable and the phone.

So I still have a house phone. If all goes well and I get my new phone later in the week and it has unlimited minutes and I get good coverage in my house and I can change my home number to my cell number (because I’ve had the same home number for ten years, I don’t want to change it, I don’t like change, I FEAR IT) then maybe I’ll think about getting rid of the home number. ANYWAY, my cable and my phone are controlled by the same little box under my television set. My internet is controlled by a different box, that one’s in my bedroom. Anyway, last night when I got home from hangin’ with The Nephew, I noticed that the merry green lights (there are usually 6) were down to two, and they were flashing all irregularly on the cable box. Sometimes my cable goes all wonky, and I wasn’t planning on watching television last night anyway. My phone was still working. So I was all, meh, it’ll be fine tomorrow.

It looks like this, but longer and skinnier. I don't know what it is. I'm not a cable tech, sheesh.

It looks like this, but longer and skinnier. I don’t know what it is. I’m not a cable tech, sheesh.

When I got home TONIGHT, there were NO GREEN LIGHTS. And my phone didn’t work so I had to call Dad on my cell phone and he HATES that because he doesn’t recognize the number in his caller ID so he thinks I’m a killer or a telemarketer. So then I called the cable company and apparently they were having problems with the cable guide. “If you are experiencing problems with your cable guide, please be patient, it’ll be back soon,” said the recorded lady. “If you have ANOTHER problem, please hold. The current wait time is TEN TO FIFTEEN MINUTES.” Eff. EFF. That was annoying. So I settled in for a long winter’s wait and decided for the hell of it I’d unplug the cable box and then plug it back in because one time that worked and I’m a sucker for doing things that worked one time.

I went behind the cable box and unplugged the phone cord thingy and plugged it back in. Nothing. Unscrewed the thick cord, no idea what that’s called, screwed it back in. Nothing. Sighed deeply. Then I thought, wait a minute, where’s the power in this thing coming from?

Yeah. From the power cord. That was sticking up behind it. Unplugged from it.



I plugged it back in and all the green lights immediately came back and now I have cable and phone again and I hung up on the cable company where I still had at least 10-12 minutes of wait time left.

Who’s the culprit? I mean, cords don’t just come unplugged.

The answer is, DUMBCAT.

He loves to sleep on top of the cable box. LOVES. It’s warm and it’s a little space because my TV stand is an old desk so the cable box and related things are in the little hidey-hole that goes to the right of your legs if you’re sitting at a desk. There’s JUST enough room above them for a chubby cat if he squeezes himself in there and then he’s all warm and secure and purry. A couple of days ago, he fell out of there. His claws got caught on the top of the cable box. So he tumbled out and gave that hidey-hole a very dirty look for tricking him like that. The cable box was poking out of the hole when he was done. I poked it back in and laughed a little.

ZOMG radiator-bed. Dumbcat would LOVE this. Although he would squish out the ends. He's a chubby little monkey.

ZOMG radiator-bed. Dumbcat would LOVE this. Although he would squish out the ends. He’s a chubby little monkey.

Apparently when he did that, he unplugged the cable box.

Oh, Dumbcat. You plus electronics = not compatible. I still love you the most, though. (He is currently curled up on my leg purring like a maniac. He doesn’t even care that he turned off the cable and phone. DOES. NOT. CARE. He’s like a furry kind unintelligent honey badger in that way. He also might hate technology.)

Story the second: the mystery package.

So I got my Kindle, and in a separate package (because Amazon is nothing if not wasteful) I got the charger (that I had to buy separately – way to make extra money, there, Amazon, because you KNOW people are going to buy chargers, otherwise, their Kindles won’t work) and something else I bought separately in another box. When I got to my door, there was ANOTHER package. “Huh,” said I. “I didn’t order anything else.” (Well, I DID, but it’s not coming until next Wednesday.) So I manhandled all these packages upstairs (the third package was HEAVY) and when I got it upstairs and looked at it, it was for someone named Brad who lives in another building and another apartment which is NOWHERE NEAR MINE and not even CLOSE and nothing about his address has anything to do with mine. Way to GO, UPS! This poor guy is waiting for his package (it’s some sort of electronics; if I wasn’t such an honest person, I’d totally open it up and steal it, wouldn’t I?) and I have it. I don’t know this guy, or even where his building is, to be honest – this is a big place – so I’m going to bring it to the office tomorrow night and let them take care of this situation, I’m sure they have a phone number for him or something. But listen! This poor guy! He’s probably waiting for whatever this heavy thing is, and if he tracks it, it’ll say it was delivered, and it WAS, but not to HIM, to ME. And also, what if I was a thief? This makes me nervous about ordering things, honestly, UPS. You should be more careful.

Have theft problem made me giggle. THEFT PROBLEM!

Have theft prob made me giggle. THEFT PROB!

Finally: let’s talk about my hatred of acronyms for a minute.

I don’t mind NORMAL acronyms. Like, if someone were to say “I went SCUBA diving” I wouldn’t want to stab with with a knitting needle. But the texting acronyms that have become pervasive in modern society make me want to punch someone in the brain-area.

I refuse to use LOL. UTTERLY REFUSE. If something makes me laugh out loud, I will tell them, “that made me laugh out loud.” I will SPELL THAT SHIT OUT. LOL annoys the PISS out of me. I know EVERYONE uses it, and it doesn’t bother me SO much when others use it, but I just won’t. Won’t won’t won’t. I worked with a guy who SAID it to me once. “That’s so funny, LOL,” he said. “Did you just say LOL to me? Instead of LAUGHING?” I said, with a disgusted look on my face. “Well, duh,” he replied. “If you think you’re saving time, you’re not. Laughing would have taken you like a second. And also you’d have looked like less of a tool.” He rolled his eyes. “You’re so old,” he said. “All the kids say LOL.” “They don’t SAY LOL, they WRITE LOL,” I said. He LOLed again only this time with his mouth. He was a good kid. I couldn’t hate him. He was a big goof. He meant no harm.

The latest ones that make me insane are “FML,” “SMH,” and “YOLO.” All three of these are the stupidest. Some of the sweetest people I know use FML quite often. And don’t seem to understand that it’s SO STUPID AND EMO AND OVER THE TOP. I always read it as the person is saying it with the back of their hand on their forehead like they’re swooning. “OH, EFF EMM ELL!” I imagine them gritting out, all sad and whiny. Listen. Are you breathing? Do you have food and a roof and a job and such? Then no. No, don’t say FML. It makes you sound like an asshole. The things they put in front of FML are never good enough to warrant it, either. “I can’t believe I have to get out of my warm bed today, FML.” “Ugh, mom’s serving mashed potatoes again, FML.” SERIOUSLY? Just once, I want someone to post “Oh, there are parasites in my drinking water again, I have to walk a mile each way to the well for fresh water today, FML” or something, because THEN it would be WARRANTED, dammit.

Yes. Eff your Ell, my dear. Eff it right in the A.

Yes. Eff your Ell, my dear. Eff it right in the A.

SMH just annoys me. (By the way, I didn’t know what any of these meant and had to look them all up online. I think probably the only one I use is BTW. Maybe others, I can’t think of any off the top of my head.) Again, people way overuse this. “Just saw someone paying for their purchase with pennies, SMH.” MAYBE HE WAS POOR AND IT WAS THE ONLY MONEY HE HAD AVAILABLE TO HIM, SERIOUSLY. Stop SYH and start being less of an asshole about shit.

Oh, good, look, you can get it as a button. In case you wanted to tell EVERYONE you're a goober.

Oh, good, look, you can get it as a button. In case you wanted to tell EVERYONE you’re a goober.

And YOLO? People are getting TATTOOS of this. You only live once, huh? Well, maybe try to make this life count, then, and stop effing it up with things like YOLOing. Also, this one reminds me of Rolos and I hate those, the caramel’s too chewy. I think I read somewhere that YOLO won the most hated word of the year award or something. GOOD. Let’s stop USING it, then. YOLO! And I’m going to cut it short because you keep SAYING YOLO! By stabbing you with nail scissors in the uvula!

Oh, Efron. Aren't YOU so cutting-edge? Sigh.

Oh, Efron. Aren’t YOU so cutting-edge? Sigh.

OK, that’s it, chickadees, I’ve got a Kindle that’s not going to play with itself. (NOT A EUPHEMISM.) Have a happy Thursday and I hope your aren’t SYH and nothing happens to make you say FML because YOLO, you know? LOL.

UGH. I want to cut my fingers off with pinking shears for typing that shit.

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42 responses to “Dumbcat is a Luddite and other revelations

  • Words for Worms

    I’m a big fan of OMG, but YOLO? No, no. That’s carpe diem for people who haven’t seen Dead Poet’s Society (or speak Latin, but really, who speaks Latin?)


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    You only live once? I wish I could believe that, my friend, I really do. *shudders and links to the octopus reincarnation post* http://heinakroon.com/2011/11/11/the-dread-of-reincarnation/


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Pinking shears? You Anglo-Saxons sure use the oddest words.


  • mfennvt

    The only acronym I use with any regularity is BRB. Handy when chatting and the house is burning down or something. I don’t think I’ve ever typed (or for goddess’s sake, said) LOL when something made me laugh. It’s just too stupid.


  • sj

    I ALSO hate FML, SMH and YOLO. Especially SMH. I don’t know why that one bothers me the most, but it totally does. Even worse is SMDH.


  • becomingcliche

    YOLO is something of a joke in the dept at the zoo where I volunteer. Pretty funny. Though we were discussing that Hindus and certain other faiths might disagree with the whole YOLO thing. We discussed YOLUYAN (you only live until you achieve Nirvana), but that doesn’t have the same ring. It sounds more like a body part.


  • Kris Rudin (@krisrudin)

    (just kidding – I really did laugh out loud, tho – you got me with another ‘NOT A EUPHEMISM’!)

    I’m sorry Dumbcat is a Luddite. He probably just doesn’t like technology because you spend time using all the tech things instead of petting him!


  • DogsDontPurr

    You actually didn’t need to buy a charger for the Kindle. You can charge it off your laptop or you can use your phone charger (unless you have a super ancient cell phone.) Those chargers are universal now. So, when you get your new phone….don’t buy another charger! Although, it is handy to have several chargers: you can have one by the couch, one in the kitchen, etc. Also, you can still use the kindle while it’s charging..it’ll just take a speck longer to finish charging.

    If you need any advice on good apps to get or anything, let me know. If you’re looking for things like weather, drawing, notes, camera, etc…or want to know what’s the best kind of stylus or something…I can help you out a bit with tips and tricks.

    Have fun….you’re going to love it. And it does sooo much. I use mine like a mini laptop.


    • lucysfootball

      I did need a new charger, because I got an iPhone (NOTHING, apparently, is compatable with an iPhone!)

      I already love it! I haven’t had a ton of time to play yet, but will soon, and can’t wait to see all the things it can do!


  • 35JupiterDrive

    First of all, let’s celebrate your Kindle, yay!!! I love mine. I wanted to read a book today (TODAY) that I heard about today (TODAY) and guess what I’ll be curling up with? Yup. You guessed.

    It’s a tie who makes me laugh more your dad or Dumbcat, but truly, I’d have to say your dad because I love him the most but I also love Dumbcat. So much love.

    Your hatred of acronyms cracked me up. I think of them as being soooo old school, because it’s what we used back a zillion years ago (20! 20 years ago!) when we were all hanging around in chatrooms for more exalted reasons than is done today. So they bring me back a long time ago. (20 years!) I don’t mind YOLO, it just makes me feel sorry for the person that they think this is it. I think YOLTOTATYAIUYAABBTPASH (You only live thousands of times and then you are immortal unless you are a bodhisattva because those people are stuck here!) Which would make for an awesome tattoo if you could remember what all the letters stood for. Which I wouldn’t.


    • lucysfootball

      I am already kind of in love with it. I read my first short story with it last night and it was so easy and so much fun. It was a good purchase.

      I use the normal acronyms, but these new ones just seem so…whiny? I guess?

      Both Dad and Dumbcat are fun for different reasons. They both deserve all the love, I think. :)


      • 35JupiterDrive

        you are right.They are both awesome for different reasons & both deserve all the love.

        It is the absolute best to get a kindle and discover that your favourite authors have put out little 1.99 short stories for you to download. I love it the most! Soooo happy. :)


  • unexpecteddreamer

    Ha I thought it was smack my head. Goes to show what I know! Then again I don’t use such phrases.


  • Charleen

    The saying LOL thing reminds me of a random character on Scrubs that the main guy dated once, and she would never laugh. Instead, she always said, “That’s so funny.”

    I do say “double-you-tee-eff” in real life quite often. It’s perhaps my favorite acronym, because I so often have that reaction to things, but so rarely actually swear. It’s nice to have something to say other than just, “huh?” Even if it does take longer to say than the actual words.


  • Heather

    I abhor text speak. Truly.


  • Rachael

    I am oh so guilty of using LOL. But I’m with you on the others. Pointless and things that shouldn’t be a part of everyday language!


  • Samantha

    Hah…I use acronyms when I’m gaming, but that’s probably it. Only in appropriate situations, so to speak. :p Those three: SMH, FML, and YOLO though, I agree, annoying. And it makes me REALLY SAD that Zac Efron has YOLO tattooed on his hand. -_- I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. *sigh*


  • Kris Rudin (@krisrudin)

    I TOTALLY forgot that I read somewhere that some super-religious-types say that you shouldn’t use “LOL” because it *REALLY* means “Lucifer Our Lord”. Um, yeah, sure, ok…..


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