My Annual End-of-Year Music Post, Which I Again Did Incorrectly (Part 3 of 3)

Well, here we are, my little end-of-year hooligans! It’s the last of these posts. For this year, anyway. Who knows what will happen next year? No one, is who. It’s a good bet I’ll continue to listen to terrible music, though. It’s what I do, you see. It’s what I’ve always done and I can’t imagine it will change in 2013.

In news of flu, I am still dying, but maybe not dying as much. My fever was up all night, but today it’s down, so maybe I’m on the mend?  I still feel like utter crap. I called out from work today, which makes me feel terrible. Saturdays are really busy and they need me there. But if I went in, I’d a., cough and cough whenever I tried to talk, and b., probably get my germs all over everyone I work with in time for then to get the death flu for Christmas. That’s not fair to them. This shit is INSIDIOUS-contagious, yo.

Today’s goal is to take a shower, put on clothes, and order Chinese food (because I’m really wanting the soup.) And maybe clean the house a little since Mom and Dad are coming tomorrow to bring me presents. We’re supposed to go to dinner, too, but baby steps, darling sunshines. I haven’t eaten anything but toast and sugar-free jam in two days. Oh, and fruit punch. And I had a popsicle yesterday.

Also, when you’re sick and you have a fever and chills, are you aware the best thing ever is a hot shower? Like the hottest shower ever? I stood in the shower the last couple of days and just MOANED with how GOOD it was. I seriously at one point said “this is better than the best sex EVER, sorry, sex.” I wanted to stay in there forever and ever. Until I felt like I was going to pass out because I’d been standing for too long. I realize I probably should take a bath but I hate baths like crazy. I don’t know if I’ve taken a bath in years.

So these are my top ten songs of the year. These are the songs that I’ve listened to over and over and over on YouTube; these are the songs that, when they come on the radio, I turn the volume way up and sing along loudly and off-key (because that is how I sing because I know no other way.) These are my best songs of 2012. Which I hope are not too embarrassing and you will not all hate too much.

Let’s get started, then, shall we? Sure we shall.

10. “Love Interruption” – Jack White (Blunderbuss, 2012)

I want love to/forget that you offended me/or how you have defended me/when everybody tore me down

I do love Jack White. He makes me smile. This is an awesome song. And it’s not just about squishy-squishy love-love – it can be about any kind of love. It’s about how love just punches you in the stomach. I adore that. Also, and not at all on-topic, the album title Blunderbuss makes me laugh, because I call Dumbcat a blunderbuss all the time. I know it’s actually a gun, don’t be silly. I just think it sounds like what he is. He blunders. So he’s my blunderbuss.

9. “Fuckin’ Perfect” – Pink (Greatest Hits…So Far! – 2010)

Pretty, pretty please/If you ever, ever feel/Like you’re nothing/You’re fucking perfect to me

This is my song for all my most loved people. I often think, if only the people I love could see themselves through my eyes, they would never get down on themselves again, you know? Yes, I know. I know, it’s stupidly optimistic and things are never this easy and blah blah blah. But I still love this and the point is still valid. Also the video made me cry.

8. “5 Years Time” – Noah and the Whale (Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down – 2007)

Oh in 5 years time I might not know you/In 5 years time we might not speak

This is via Andreas. Andreas sent me wonderful music this year and this song has been listened to so many times. It’s both happy and melancholy; quirky and adorable and intelligent. I love it so much. Thank you, Andreas, you are wonderful.

7. “Rootless Tree” – Damien Rice (9, 2006)

Let me out of this hell when you’re around

This is an sj song. When sj discovered we had a mutual love of Damien Rice, she asked if I’d heard this song; I hadn’t, so she promptly sent it over. (I know most people, when they like a singer, listen to everything that singer ever did. I don’t. I mostly just listen to the song I discovered that I liked over and over and over. In Damien Rice’s case, that’s 9 Crimes and The Blower’s Daughter.) I love Damien Rice because he’s got this huge well of emotion in his voice. You listen to him and your heart just aches. I love when there’s that much emotion in a song, emotion so deep that it transfers itself onto you.

Also, any song that screams “Fuck you” over and over and over will always and forever win with me, because sometimes I need to yell that. Sorry. It’s just a true thing.

6. “Keep Your Heart Young” – Brandi Carlile (Bear Creek, 2012)

Don’t go growin’ old before your time has come/You can’t take back what you have done

Told you you’d probably hear Brandi Carlile again. This one’s a lot happier than the last one. Still with that bittersweet tinge to it that she does so well, but it makes me smile. A lot. I plan on keeping my heart young for a good long time. I think it might be the key to all things, honestly.

5. “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz (Love is a Four Letter Word – 2012)

I’m giving you all my love/I’m still looking up

This is going to make Ken SO DISGUSTED, as Jason Mraz totally assaulted him (sort of) recently. And listen. I HATE JASON MRAZ. Hate hate HATE. I hate all of these hippie singers. I lump all of them together, the Dave Matthews/Jason Mraz/Jack Johnson type singers who are all “Duuuuude” and laid-back and they annoy the shit out of me. But I really, really, REALLY like this song. The first time I heard this song, I was all, “Who’s this? I like this song.” So I did my Shazam thing (best app ever), and saw it was Jason Mraz, and was SO DISGUSTED with myself. But then I heard it again a couple days later and I thought, “I still really like this song. Dammit.” Then I heard it a lot over the next few weeks and months and I still really liked it. So sometimes, even if the singer makes you want to stick hot needles in your eyes, they do something you really like. Sorry, Ken. Most abject apologies. This is just a really pretty song.

4. “Jolene” – The White Stripes (B-side of “Hello Operator” single – 2004)

Well, you could have your choice of men, but I could never love again/he’s the only one for me, Jolene

This is my other top-ten sj song. She and I were talking about “Jolene” and she mentioned that she loved the White Stripes cover version of the song. “There’s a White Stripes version?” I said. She sent me over a link. I immediately fell head-over-heels in love and have listened to it a billion times since.

The original has been one of my favorite songs since childhood; the cover is AMAZING. The original is sad and wistful, but the cover is really raw and emotional and painful and (sorry, Dolly) how the song SHOULD be sung, in my most humble opinion. The White Stripes KILL this one. When I was researching this (as a side note) there were people online who were all “I can’t believe Jack White didn’t change the gender of the lyrics, this makes him sound like he’s gay.” Way to miss the point, assholes. Also, if he changed the gender of the lyrics, wouldn’t he have to change the title of the song to “Joseph” or something? Stupid.

3. “Ho Hey” – The Lumineers (The Lumineers, 2012)

I belong with you; you belong with me; you’re my sweetheart

Ooh, look, The Lumineers are back. This is just a total joyous song. Joyous and fun and romantic and wonderful. It makes me so happy when it comes on the radio, I can’t even tell you.

2. “Somebody that I Used to Know” – Gotye featuring Kimbra (Making Mirrors, 2011)

But you didn’t have to cut me off/Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing

It made me laugh when this made it onto sj’s worst-of-2012 list, because I knew it was going to be in my top ten of the year. I ADORE this song. I’ve listened to this song over and over and over this year. I liked (shh, sj) the Glee cover they did this season. I loved seeing Gotye on Saturday Night Live. Did this song get overplayed? Yes, I guess it might have…but for those of us who loved it, we liked how much it was played. Also, it’s TRUE. The lyrics are true. I like that you get the male point of view, then the female point of view, on the breakdown of the relationship, and how they see it differently, because isn’t that always how it is? Also, both of their voices are amazing, and the video makes me smile. So, yeah. Love it.

(Also, the Walk off the Earth cover is worth a view, if only because it amazes me that they all use the same instrument. You’ve seen this, right? If not, check it out.)

1. “I Will Wait” – Mumford and Sons (Babel – 2012)

And I came home/Like a stone/And I fell heavy into your arms

And my best song of the year. I’ve listened to this song more this year than anything else all year long. I absolutely love it. Love more than I can even say. It’s gorgeous and it’s sad and it’s wistful and it’s joyous and it’s got everything I love in a song all rolled up into one. Over and over and over I’ve listened to this. It comes on the radio and I can’t turn it up soon enough and I sing along SO LOUDLY. Again, I’m well-aware people are all “Mumford and Sons are a stupid hipster band” but I don’t even care. Love them. So much.

There you go! Thanks for sticking with me for three full days of this! I hope I have not embarrassed any of you too badly. And if I did…well, love you to death, but I’m probably not going to become someone with good musical taste anytime soon. I like what I like. I’m lowbrow all the way.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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18 responses to “My Annual End-of-Year Music Post, Which I Again Did Incorrectly (Part 3 of 3)

  • Le Clown

    A Merry Secular and Non-denominational Christmas Kwanzaa to you and your loved ones!
    Le Clown


  • becomingcliche

    I hope you’re all better really soon!

    I love Pink beyond all reason, which may come as a surprise to some.


    • lucysfootball

      I do, too! And it is surprising…she’s not at all what I’d think I’d like, but almost every time I hear one of her songs I find myself loving it so much.

      I’m feeling a lot better. Fever’s gone, just a sore throat and a cough left now. And I’m tired. But compared to a couple days ago? I’m like a million bucks. Thank you!


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Huh. I’d never heard but really liked ‘Somebody that I Used to Know’. Imagine that.

    (And thanks! Although you haven’t heard all the music yet, so you could still change your opinion, I guess.)


    • lucysfootball

      YAY ANDREAS! Did you listen to any of the rest?

      I will love them all. I know it. I’m just spacing them out. I need to listen to winter soon…but I wanted there to be some snow before I did that. And it’s not snowy yet. Not that I’m complaining…I don’t WANT snow. Yuck.


      • Andreas Heinakroon

        I didn’t. And then I felt bad about it and gave them a listen. *dramatic pause* I liked them all! And I totally get a little teary when watching the Fuckin’ perfect video. (Also: I was listening to the Walk off the Earth cover of Someone I used to know, but commenting on another post (yes, I’m multitasky (no, I’m not a woman (and by the by: and I don’t really believe in gender stereotypes))) and I didn’t realise they were all playing the same the same guitar – at the same time. Which is just amazing!)


        • lucysfootball

          YAY! I’m so glad! Don’t ever feel BAD, though. You never HAVE to listen to anything I recommend, of course.

          The “Fuckin’ Perfect” video really is emotional. And the Walk Off the Earth video – so cool, right? I love how they did that!

          You’re not a WOMAN. You’re just AMAZING and able to do more than one thing at ONCE. See how that works?


  • sj

    I really do love that cover of Jolene SO MUCH. Like, it’s almost embarrassing how much I love that song.


    • lucysfootball

      ME TOO. It’s like a reimagining of the whole thing. Just the raw emotion there…amazing. I like to get my heart ripped out by a song, I really do.

      It’s the masochist in me, I suppose.


      • sj

        So, dude. I just watched the video again, and I’ve watched a bunch of others too, but I really think this was the BEST PERFORMANCE they ever had of this song.

        I looked it up, and I remember this was RIGHT BEFORE Elephant came out – so it was early 2003 – and they were on Conan for FOUR NIGHTS, it was glorious. Anyway, they did this song (along with a song from White Blood Cells and 2 songs from Elephant) and I was SO GLAD I had decided to record their performances each time. Other than the live version of Hotel Yorba I’ll include at the end of this comment, I think it ranks up there with their best work ever. Who knew appearing on Conan could bring this raw emotion out of them?


  • Charleen

    I know this is old but I am just now catching up on all the blogs I missed over the holidays, and I haven’t even had a chance to listen to all the songs yet (which I will, because I am also woefully out of touch with current music), but I just had to say how much I love F’ing Perfect. I pretty much love every Pink song I hear (well, maybe not her early R&B/clubbing music… not that I DISLIKE that stuff, it’s just not really my kind of thing), but that one is, well, perfect. I also love that she wrote it for her daughter. Brings tears to my eyes every time.


    • lucysfootball

      She always gets to me, too. I love “Please Don’t Leave Me” and “Raise Your Glass” and “So What.” She does equally well with songs that make me laugh and bop all around as with sad, contemplative songs. I really like her.


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