I’m only about a year behind on my pop culture. That’s good, right?

I have had a billion things to do tonight so now I left this until the last minute because I am an dummy so I won’t be going to bed until really late. I AM NOT THE SMARTEST.

Let’s see. What’s up in Amyville today. Well, I have actually watched TWO SOMEWHAT RECENT MOVIES this week. I know! It’s like I’m an actual functioning member of the human race. Well, they’re not RECENT recent. They’re within the last year or so, I think. More recent than things I usually watch. Or…well, let’s face it, I never watch movies, I don’t have the time. But randomly this week I had time for TWO WHOLE MOVIES ZOMG! I know! And have a third movie for later in the week if I don’t completely run out of time! I know, super-fancy!

FIRST, yesterday I watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Which I knew was going to kill me but I didn’t think was going to kill me as MUCH as it was going to kill me. I like to cry. I really, REALLY like to cry. Don’t even get me wrong. And I do it a LOT. I cry over EVERYTHING. Commercials. Stupid television shows. Thinking about things. Emailing people. Movies. Thing is, I don’t do it in front of people. Unless I’m watching something and someone else happens to be in the room or something. Then I try to be really quiet about it. (My dad does the same thing; his excuse is always “allergies ALLERGIES!” and then he’ll run out of the room and get a tissue and come back all “damn seasonal allergies, SO UNTIMELY” and I’ll pretend I believe him. It’s what daughters who love their dads who are also totally emotional do. I mean, it’s not like I got it from the neighbors. It’s a little bit of genetics and a little bit of a learned response. Also, I’m just a huge sap.) I don’t like to cry in front of people. It makes me feel like a weak lady. I AM NOT A WEAK LADY. Call me weak and see what happens when I get all ragey on you. I just…get emotional. About things. About ALL THE THINGS. That’s not TERRIBLE. It’s just Amy. It’s an Amy-thing. (If it makes you feel better, I also cry about HAPPY things. Sheesh.)

Oh, now this is disturbing. And, also me.

Anyway, this movie killed me. It was all the things. It was all the things that get me, rolled up into a movie. 9/11 and a child who loved his dad and a mystery and a quest and New York City and a man with a secret past and a mother who’d do anything for her child. It was a little sappy, maybe. But I wasn’t paying that much attention, because I WAS SOBBING LIKE A LUNATIC. Like, not just crying a little. Nope. No pretty lady-crying happened to me in this movie. Like, major ugly-cry. There were noises and everything. At one point, the cat decided he’d had enough and left. “Momm, you arr being crazey,” Dumbcat said disapprovingly.

(Please cast Tom Hanks as a 9/11 victim, movie, if you want to absolutely GUARANTEE I’m going to be crushed, by the way. Yikes. Also, the kid in this movie was fantastic. I hope he has a nice long career. He was great. Apparently the internet thought this movie was sappy and exploitative. Maybe. I liked it a lot, so I don’t really care what you think, internet.)

So when that was done I’d had a very good cry. A very good cry is EXTREMELY CATHARTIC and makes you feel all clean. I recommend everyone have a good cry every once and a while. It’s like an oil change or something. It’s a human oil-change. Then I slept very very well and woke up totally ready to face the new day, it was great.

Now I am watching (finally, I’ve been wanting to for a while) The Cabin in the Woods. I had no idea this was a whole THING. I thought it was just a stupid horror movie (but probably more awesome, because, well, Joss Whedon, let’s be clear, Joss Whedon makes everything amazing.) But you guys! It is not only a horror movie, it’s actually got a PLOT. And it’s smart and it’s funny and it’s got a lot of Whedonites in it and it’s also got a lot of gore (listen, I’m a sucker for the gore, I admit it) and it’s kept me guessing. And I watch a lot of horror movies, so it’s not easy to surprise me. I should have known Joss Whedon wouldn’t just do a normal horror movie. He’d do it like, well, Joss Whedon. Has Joss Whedon ever let me down? I think not.

Also, I have a weirdo crush on Fran Kranz. It’s his nose, I think. Don’t get me started, I have this weird Roman-nose thing. And this nerdy-boy thing. WE LIKE WHAT WE LIKE, PEOPLE. There’s no accounting for taste.

Tomorrow if I have time I am watching A WHOLE MOVIE ABOUT VIBRATORS. Yup. Which was, in news of ick, highly recommended by my dad. (More so because he likes Maggie Gyllenhaal than anything, I think. I’m going to pretend it’s not for the sex-parts. DAD DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT SEX BECAUSE HE IS DAD AND THEREFORE NO SEX UCK NO NO.) It is called Hysteria. I think it looks kind of awesome. (I like historical things, like how women were treated for lady-problems back in the day by men wielding vibrators, because OF COURSE that fixes everything. Well, kind of probably it made them feel better, but I don’t want some weird clinical doctor diddling around in my lady-business, thanks, ew, yuck.) So that’s tomorrow, if I don’t fall asleep when I get home. It’s a long week.

Oh, also Hugh Dancy? Well, that’s nice. I like that. OK, then.

And THEN, TODAY (it is Thursday, right?) I have a THING happening which is exciting, then the readthrough for The Laramie Project, then MORE WORK ARGH WHAT A WEEK, then Arlo Guthrie yay! Then who knows what the week ahead will hold, really. Life’s just utterly an adventure. SO MUCH HAPPENING. Well, if you consider “an adventure” being “working a whole damn lot, then sleeping so you can do it again.” However, this week’s got less work in it than last week, so every day’s a blessing, I suppose.

OK, this is brief, but I have to get to sleep. Well, I have like three more things to do. THEN I can get to sleep. I always have three more things to do. That’s why I never get enough sleep, to be honest. Those three things to do. DAMN YOU THOSE THREE THINGS TO DO.

Happy Thursday, people. Send those good thoughts, ok? I need ’em this afternoon. OVERWHELM me with them. Send me on my way with so many good thoughts that I can’t even have a single minute of awkwardness or self-doubt. That’d be the best. Thanks so much.

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15 responses to “I’m only about a year behind on my pop culture. That’s good, right?

  • elaine4queen

    here’s a tip.

    if you fancy a cry, try watching ‘breaking the waves’. i watched it one night in the middle of the night and cried for HOURS.

    and i *never* cry.


    • lucysfootball

      I feel like I watched this and it devastated me. Was there a boat? Something sad that happened on a boat?

      I think roommate and I watched this and we wept like lunatics. C.? Are you reading? Did we watch this and weep like lunatics?


      • elaine4queen


        it makes ANYONE HUMAN cry like a lunatic. might be a good test for zombies and the like. it was back when i had a tv, some good long years ago, and it was scheduled at stupid o’clock in the night. i think i’d got up because i couldn’t sleep. hardly cozy programming.


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    I recently watched hysteria with Fiancée. And my mother-in-law. After a while she commented: “Well! That’s basically masturbation now, isn’t it?” Yes. Yes, it is rather.

    The moral is: don’t watch it with your extended family.


    • lucysfootball

      Oh. Oh, awkward. Any movies with sex in them and I watch them with Dad I usually say, “Time for me to get a snack!” or something and leave the room until the sex noises are done because NO NO NO.

      Also, I didn’t love “Hysteria” as much as I thought I would. I thought it was pretty foolish, actually. Which made me sad.


  • sj

    THAT IS TOPHER! Aw, man. I <3 Topher so much (and I totally miss Dollhouse).

    Also, your title today totally made me think of Holtz, before I even knew you were going to talk about Joss Whedon!

    Justine: Some kind of Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi groove thing? Wax on, wax off.

    Holtz: You’ll find your references to modern popular culture will tend to be lost on me.

    Justine: What a shocker.

    Hee! Aw, I miss Angel too.


    • lucysfootball

      Aw, Topher. I miss all the Whedon shows. Mostly “Buffy” and “Angel” and “Firefly.” SIGH.

      He was very good in “The Cabin in the Woods.” Did you see that yet? You need to. You’d really enjoy, since you love Whedon. It’s intelligent horror.


  • Lisa

    Ah a life with things to do is a life where you do things. Remember that, it’s very important. I do love a good film… And a good cry. I tend to turn to “one day” as my go to movie for that… I’m going to try that whole ‘crying into two glasses’ thing though. I will cry and cry until I master it. It is my new aim in life!!


    Its possible that I may not have as many things to do as you do…


    • lucysfootball

      Ugh, “One Day” killed me. But the book more than the movie, for some reason. I don’t know why, exactly. I liked the movie…but the book just wrecked me. I sobbed and sobbed. LOVED it, though. Unrealistic as hell, but I LOVED it.

      I don’t know that anyone has as many things to do as I do. I am running around like a looney lately.


      • Lisa

        I was stuck on a train at the crucial point when I read the book… Awkwardness won over emotion that day… I felt robbed.


        • lucysfootball

          I don’t remember where I was, but wherever it was, I apparently felt ok with sobbing, because I did. Unabashedly. For the longest time. Then I shook my finger angrily at the book and said “THAT WAS NOT FAIR, BOOK.”


  • Kris Rudin (@krisrudin)

    Sending good thoughts!!

    Also, the movie where I sobbed like a… really loud sobby lady was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Yes, I know, that’s weird. But, you see ever since I first saw Star Trek when I was 9, I had a HUGE crush on Mr. Spock. LOVED HIM. And, and (spoiler alert!) HE DIES IN THIS FILM!!! A total, self-sacrificing, gut-wrenching death!! I even knew it was going to happen! (So many rumors!!) and I STILL cried!! The poor teenager next to me tried to console me: “It’s okay, lady. It’s only a movie. It’s okay, lady!” But I still sobbed. All the way home. Of course, he got resurrected in the next movie, so now I can watch it w/o actually sobbing, tho I still tear up at his sacrifice.

    As for other movies, like “Extremely loud…”, I don’t watch them, because they are TOO REAL and it will hurt too much. Mr. Spock dying was sad, but I know he’s not real. People dying in the 9/11 attacks: real. Can’t watch. Hurts me too bad.

    But I do understand that a good cry can be cathartic, and I’m not trying to be judgey that you watched it and I couldn’t. It’s just me. I can’t handle real pain right now…

    Good thoughts! I’m sending them!!


  • lazyboo

    So, you’re years behind on pop culture, I’m weeks behind on your blog. Eh. However, now that my partner is reading it (hee) I get the highlights, and yesterday she was all we need to get these movies Amy is talking about. We ended up watching Hysteria, although I was almost put off by the subject matter being somehow mashed into a rom-com… There are just far too many levels of wrong going on.

    Anyway, long story short (well, shortish) it was actually not too bad. Although something about Maggie Gyllenhaal put me off the entire movie, until right at the end I worked out why. She really obviously modelled her English accent off Emma Thompson. It’s uncanny.

    I can’t believe your dad recommended it. This is not a family film. Lulz.

    The movie that repeatedly makes me bawl with uncontrollable sobbing is Frida. God I love it SO SO MUCH. I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen it, and it’s really a happy ending in the greater part, but I still ugly-cry every single time. But that’s not saying much. I can’t watch The Lion King without crying either. I cry easily at films. And TV. And books. So I’m a little wary about embarking on Extremely Loud…


    • lucysfootball

      I didn’t love “Hysteria.” I never mentioned it again – I was talking about other things – but, yeah. I thought it would be more serious. It was way too silly for me. You knew who he was going to end up with the minute she appeared on screen and everyone kind of annoyed me.

      HI PARTNER! I like that it’s a family affair. That makes me smile!

      I have so many cry-every-time movies I can’t even list them. SO MANY. And I own most of them, too. I like knowing I have something that will make me cry on hand at any time. I need a good cleansing cry quite often.

      “Extremely Loud” is a total sob-fest. At least it was for me. Like gaspy-crying. Not sure if it would be for everyone else, or it’s an Amy-thing, or I was just in that kind of mood, or what was happening…but, yeah. Beware.


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