Per The Nephew: I am NOT cranky, I AM AUNT AMY.

This is going to be a post that I write when I have random time over the next three days because the next three days are going to be insane busy crazy nuts bad. Doubt I can get it done tonight like I planned. I am WRITTEN OUT. Too much writing in the past few days. My head’s all muddled up.

So you probably want to know how the panel thingy went, right? Um…well, sometimes you do a thing, and then it’s done, and then the nicest thing you can say is, “that’s done, and I never, ever have to do that again, ever?” So, yeah. That’s what I’m saying about that. I did it, it’s done, it…did not go well, and that’s that. There are reasons I do not leave my house and talk in front of people and live my life on the internet. Let’s just leave it at that, ok? OK. Good. It is done, and I never, EVER have to do that again. Not even one little time. I can now look back on this experience and say, “no, I think I will not choose to do that, because one time I did, and IT WAS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISASTER.” OK. There’s your vague and unhelpful update. And don’t even be nice and say, “oh, I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.” Because if there was EVEN the SLIGHTEST BIT OF HUMOR in what happened at that panel, I can promise you I’d be sharing it. IT WAS JUST THAT CRASH-AND-BURNY. No no no.

Just like this. EXACTLY LIKE THIS.

Anyway. ANYWAY. So that’s what I did today. And now THAT’S over. So this week I’m working at least 6 days in a row, so 48 hours, and maybe more if they decide they want me on Sunday. I’ll take it. Anything over 40 hours is overtime, baby. I do so like extra money, because it can be spent on wasty things like THE ELECTRIC BILL and even – wait, this is going to be good – FRESH FRUIT. So I don’t get scurvy. Arrr.

Why do all the fruit pictures have things in them I hate like melons and grapes and kiwi? GROSS. NO THANK YOU.

So tomorrow night: auditions. Then Tuesday night: auditions. Then Wednesday: I GET TO GO HOME AFTER WORK HOORAY! That’ll be nice, right? RIGHT. There’s a certain cat here who likes that plan a lot. He’s getting all kinds of separation anxiety. For Dumbcat, separation anxiety means he gets in and out and in and out and IN and OUT of bed with me a billion times a night and each time meows into my face when I’m sleeping and wants petting and headbutts me and I find it very hard to be mean to him, because I love him the most, but also I like sleeping so much, too. So I say “no no Dumbcat Mom is SLEEPIN'” and he is sad and gets down and then back he comes, like an hour later, thinking, “hmm. Perhaps she is not sleeping NOW!” because he is ETERNALLY HOPEFUL, this cat. You cannot dislike him for that. It’s charming.

Then Thursday it is Wicked time, hooray! And Friday I work late and then also Saturday. And also Friday I go straight to the theater to see The Shape of Things with K. and A. which is exciting because I love them AND I love the show. So I’m going to be a little missing this week. Sorry, people who care about such things. Someday things will get right back on track, I’d think.

Oh, I totally got to talk to The Nephew today. He has a toy train named Cranky, apparently. Which I thought was a very funny name for a train. (It is, right? Come on. That’s a funny name for a train.) So I told my mom, “That’s MY name. I’M Cranky.” So she told The Nephew that, and he was all, “NO NO!” and he actually WANTED THE PHONE, which is a first, because he NEVER wants the phone. So he got on the phone with his little Nephew-breathing and I said, “That’s MY name. I am Cranky.” And he said, “No no. You are Aunt Amy!” and I laughed and I said, “But, The Nephew! I am very cranky!” and he said, “Nooooo.” And since he’s always right, I said, “OK. I am Aunt Amy.” And he laughed and said, “OK. Bye!” and gave the phone back to my mom, because he was DONE with that conversation, because he’d won it. That’s ok. He can always win. I’ll let him. Other people can teach him how to be a graceful loser if they want. I’m the aunt. I get to provide moral support and snack foods and presents. Mom said he was laughing the whole time, so that’s an Aunt Amy win. I like that I can still make the kiddo laugh, even long-distance. I MISS YOU KIDDO! You have my whole heart!

Apparently this is Cranky the Crane. I make this face at LEAST 8 times a day. At least.

Oh, and tomorrow (well, days ago for you, I suppose) my next review will be in the paper! I’m going to try to buy a paper on the way home tomorrow night but I don’t know if I’ll be able to. Probably I’m wasting my money BUYING ALL MY REVIEWS but I really like to have hard copies of them all. I’ll make a scrapbook or something someday. Be all fancy. Or just make a huge pile of papers so that I’m like a hoarder and then I’ll get mice or something. Well, MORE mice. (Although I haven’t seen a mouse since Dumbcat did the mouse-slaughtering that time. Thanks, Dumbcat! Nice job, babe!) UPDATE UPDATE: I totally ran out of time to buy the paper. But here’s the link if you want to spend $2 reading me geek out about Hello, Dolly. Spoiler alert: I loved it so much.

Also, by now Dad is back! Soon I will get to talk to him and THAT will be exciting. I can’t wait. It’s been a long time since I talked to Dad. We will have MANY things to talk about. Hunting and traveling and LIFE and MOOSE. And what was up in that hunting cabin. ALSO AN UPDATE: totally talked to him tonight. I will have a Dad-post soon. I missed him like CRAZY. It was a good conversation until we started shouting about politics and then we decided to get off the phone.

OK, now it is bedtime. There are so not enough pictures in this post but it is so so late and I’m going to be a zombie tomorrow. I have to bed it up by 10 every night this week except Thursday. I am not the best at early-bedtiming, so we’ll see what happens with that. However, it’s gotten colder, and I sleep MUCH better when it’s colder. I can burrow under covers like a champ and get all cozy. It’s my favorite. Happy Wednesday, people! The week’s almost over! YAY FOR THE WEEK BEING ALMOST OVER!!!

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