Let ’em eat cookies. And drink soda, I guess.

Long, busy week, jellybeans. Lots of work, lots of stuff, lots of running around like a crazy person. This weekend I have a review to write, one more performance of Assassins to run, a show at my theater to usher, and my fancy fancy panel on Sunday. Plus I’m working all in there among all that fun stuff, and also I PROMISE I will try to blog. I will do my damndest. Like a BOSS. I’m ok, just running around like a looney. It’ll slow down a little this coming week, I think. We’ll see. You never can tell, with me. Things just pop up out of nowhere. ALL THE THINGS. Some better than others, I guess. Such is the life of someone JUST THIS FANCY.

Oh, in exciting news: apparently, there are Goodreads awards? Yeah, look how up on things I am. (The answer is, I’m not. Not at all.) Anyway, you can go on over here, if you are a Goodreads member, and you can write my book into the little write-in box at the bottom, and if enough of you do that, I’d advance to the next round. What would I win? Haven’t a clue, lovelies. But I like the IDEA of winning. Who doesn’t? I feel like an asshole, telling people to go vote for me in something, but if I don’t, probably no one will even know this thing is happening…so there you have it. Please vote, thank you! You are wonderful and I love your faces.

I have night-shift tonight. Blergh. It’s Halloween in Amy-land so I can’t even imagine what kind of shenanigans are going to happen tonight. Halloween brings out the loonies. Then tomorrow it’s back to days, so I’m thinking I’m going to be a sleepy girl tomorrow. This nomadic lifestyle! It is not for the faint of heart! Or for those unable to sleep, or without sleeping pills!

I have a brain full of scattery today, as you can see. I’m not 100% sure why, as I got a full night’s sleep last night and all. I guess some days I’m just more scattery. Who knows. Also, I think I might be getting sick? I don’t know. It might be allergies. There is a lot of coughing and hacking going on over here at Chez Football. Does a person get allergies at this point in the year? I don’t even know. I have a weird body. It’s possible.

The internet says I can have fall allergies. THANK YOU INTERNET. No thank you, fall allergies.

I just won a trip to the Bahamas. SEE YOU LATER SUCKAS! Seriously, has anyone ever taken those recorded telemarketer calls up on their offers? They seem like such a waste of time and resources. I can’t even tell you how many of those we get a day at work. My favorite is the one that starts with the very loud ship-horn. Because how better to win someone over than blasting a ship-horn in my ear! Very good marketing strategy. Makes me VERY eager to listen to the rest of the call. Unable to HEAR the rest of the call, because the VERY LOUD SHIP-HORN has deafened me, but SO EAGER to listen to the rest of your annoying spiel.

Look at the ship I’ll be on when I go on my Bahamas trip I TOTALLY JUST WON!!!

It’s getting colder here. I get to start wearing warmer clothes. I kind of love this time of year. It’s close to winter but not quite there yet and there’s this excitement in the air. It makes me happy. I get to start wearing jackets and scarves and things. I know, you’re all “BUT SUMMER IS BEST!” but for someone who is always too hot, this is the best time of year. Summer’s all sweaty and disgusting. Fall is the best season ever. I’ll totally fight you over this. (Winter’s fine, if I didn’t have to drive in the snow. Or deal with the other people who are terrible at driving in the snow and either drive 4 miles per hour or get all up on your tailfeathers and honk because they think YOU are driving too slow for the conditions when you are CLEARLY driving the SAFE SPEED for the conditions and if they were to hit any sort of slipperiness they would totally hit your beloved car and potentially give you all the whiplash.)

This made me laugh. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

I had to go to the store on Monday. Not for HURRICANE SANDY GROCERY SHOPPING ZOMG, but because it was my only day off this week so I had to grocery shop or else I wouldn’t have had a chance to do it at all. I was pretty sure it was going to be insane, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned around here, storms make people go crazy about stocking up on things. But! Luckily, I apparently hit it at just the right time, and it wasn’t that busy at all. But, here is what I learned about the groceries people buy for hurricane prep in the Capital District, based on what was missing from the shelves. The most popular things to stock up on seemed to be:

  • bread;
  • soda;
  • water;
  • and all the cookies.

The funniest part of this was the cookies. The cookie aisle was DECIMATED. There was one package of Oreos on the floor all stomped and half-open as if it had lost a very long battle. The cookie aisle had so many empty spots on the shelves. It made me laugh so hard. There was also one woman with TWO FULL CARTS OF SODA. Two! So if the water went out, she’d be covered, I guess? With soda? All the soda? So, if we had been hit hard by Sandy, we would have been eating (and drinking) all the carbs. ALL THE CARBS. And I guess drinking all the water.

Normal Oreo aisle! Not at MY store, not on Monday!

Oh, just a note: we were very lucky here, the hurricane did nothing but give us a little wind, and a little rain. Some people around here lost power, but otherwise we didn’t get much at all. This is a lucky thing, because I’m sure you’ve all seen what happened to my beloved New York City, and my heart hurts for them. I actually did laundry all in the storm, back and forth to the laundry room, and nothing more happened than it gave me crazy windblown hair. Which doesn’t look too much different than my regular hair, to be honest. So we didn’t get much. Our leaves mostly blew off the trees. That was the most we got around here. Thank you for that.

Look how badass my governor is. All strolling around in his jacket.

OK. off I go to eat some lunch and then run to work to deal with the Halloween craziness. Wish me very little Halloween craziness. I don’t know that I have the mental fortitude necessary this evening. One drunk crazy tries to tell me a story about a ghost or some such shit and I think I might send a poltergeist out to haunt him or something.

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22 responses to “Let ’em eat cookies. And drink soda, I guess.

  • sj

    Don’t forget to tell people to write you in in the POETRY category! Cos, um – while I think you totes deserve to win book of the year, it’d be better if you were entered in your category.



  • Charleen

    I have lots of comments today!

    1) I already totally wrote you in for the poetry category, DESPITE the fact that I haven’t read your book. I feel a little guilty about that, but not really, because I’m sure it’s awesome, I’m just not really a poetry person myself, but I would love to make you a nominee so that more people who ARE poetry people would say, “Wow, this write-in nominee must be pretty good, I shall go check it out.”

    2) YES, fall is the best, and summer is WAY too hot, and winter would be just fine if it wasn’t for the snow. You and I are on the same wavelength, weather-wise.

    3) I am thinking (hoping!) that the people who stocked up on cookies and soda sort of knew that the storm wasn’t going to be that bad where you were (you’re pretty far inland, right?) and just wanted an excuse to eat a lot of junk food. I would hope that if they really thought they’d be hunkered down in their homes without resources for days on end, that they’d make smarter choices. At the very least choose water over soda.

    And that’s gotta be the longest comment I’ve ever made on your blog.


    • lucysfootball

      Thank you! I hope so, too. How exciting would THAT be? SO exciting. I don’t know what HAPPENS, exactly, if I make it to the next round, but still. EXCITING!

      We’re pretty far inland, but we did get hit pretty hard by Irene. We have the Hudson running right through Albany, and lots of low-lying towns nearby that got severely flooded, so people were super-nervous this time around since we didn’t think Irene would hit us, and it did. Badly.


  • 35JupiterDrive

    Okay. I did my important thing to do. Check!

    Also, I thought I’d share this,so you’re ready for winter: http://www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/109733/Fuck/


  • Samantha

    I have already written you in for poetry book of the year! :D

    I am glad that you and your town are safe. It made me really sad to see what happened in New York City, especially after I read this fabulously written AP article that gave me the chills about it. Just so sad. :(


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Perhaps the cookies and soda pop hoarding is a warning of things to come? When the zombie apocalypse hits you all know what to get: not fuel or ammo, but bickies and Coke.


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    And obviously we’re all so very happy you’re safe. The destruction on the east coast has been horrific in places, so glad the people I know weren’t badly affected.


    • lucysfootball

      Me, too. I like that Andrew Cuomo seems like he has very little time for shenanigans. He’s a guy that gets shit DONE. He always has this look on his face like, “UGH, you people are WASTING MY TIME, let’s just GO” and it always makes me giggle.


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