If I don’t get enough sleep, I get giggly over nonsense. TRUE STORY!

Now here we are on Saturday. Listen, here is why my brain is broken. Remember how I was going out with work-people tonight to say goodbye to friend R.? WHY DIDN’T YOU PEOPLE REMIND ME OF THAT WHEN I STARTED TALKING ABOUT THE SHOW. Because I can’t do BOTH. I was supposed to meet everyone tonight at 9, and the show starts at 8. AAAHHH! I totally FORGOT! Listen, sj, I blame you for this. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MY DAYPLANNER! (I’m kidding, I’m kidding, sj is not my dayplanner. I am a grown woman and I have to be my OWN dayplanner. But my brain is broken and exhausted and I am having trouble keeping things in it. Like work and theater and parties and such. Dammit. I feel terrible and I made friend R. so sad. I’m an awful person. Argh.)

The choreographer just yelled “PIVOT!!!” at the actors and all I could think of was Ross in Friends when he was telling Rachel and Chandler to pivot and I almost choked on my water but she wasn’t even being sarcastic. Pivot is apparently a choreography term. Huh. Who knew. It still made me giggle like a moron. The only thing I remember from my short-lived days in a musical (ONE musical, ONE TIME, NEVER AGAIN) was “kick ball change.” Which I could never do. I couldn’t kick, ball, OR change. Or was it chase?  Was it kick ball chase? See, this is why I was very bad at musicals. So that’s the time the director told me to stand behind the plywood tree and not to sing. Good call, director. MEAN, but good call, nonetheless.

A very pretty man has been wandering around all up in here and I was like, dude, who is THAT, he’s not even on STAGE, who’s this random Pretty McPrettyson and of COURSE he’s one of the band members. OF COURSE HE IS. Me and my random musician radar. It’s something you can count on, like gravity. Or all the colors of the wind. SO PRETTY MY WORD. Very pretty hair. All floppy. Sigh, random musician I will be watching now like a crazy stalker for the rest of the show who is making my ovaries do calisthenics.

I was trying to find someone with similar hair and the only person I could find was this guy from “Heroes” who I don’t think is pretty at all. My musician-guy = much prettier. Also, he has SALT AND PEPPER HAIR which wins more than this boy who is all nondescript.

Yeah, the show’s started and I’m still blogging. SO WHAT SO WHAT. I have time between cues. I’m paying attention. I’m multi-tasky. Well, we’ll see if I am. Maybe I’ll eff up tonight. I’ve gotten pretty good at doing about fifteen things in a light booth. (Well, this isn’t a light booth. It’s a table at the back of the theater. Where I have set up a billion things like a laptop and a cell phone and a script and water and a pencil and also all the lighting computers and boards and such. I am FANCY. Same thing as a light booth, only you don’t have to go up any stairs.)

Here’s my fancy screen. Look at my light cues! When I saw these for the first time I totally squealed, and I knew where most of them WENT, because I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW.

Oh, so Halloween’s coming up. I’m protesting by not even buying any candy this year. I think that I’ll be working, anyway. Most people want that night off so I told them I could work. What do I care, it’s not like I’m DOING anything. Plus, no children ever come to my house, even when I have EXCELLENT candy. Too bad, kiddos, no candy from me this year. Maybe Dumbcat’ll give out cat treats while I’m gone, who knows. He’s tricky like that. I mean, he’s got THUMBS. He should be USING them for something. Come on, cat. Sheesh.

My favorite assassin in this show is Charles Guiteau. He had ALL the panache. Well, all the craziness, too. But SO MUCH PANACHE. My word! Guiteau killed a president because he thought he deserved to be ambassador to France, you know. And when Garfield was all, “Um…yeah, that’s not…ha ha…no,” he killed him dead dead dead. That’s pretty bon vivanty, in a mentally-ill way. Thinking you deserve to be ambassador to France. (Also, in real life, he joined a free love commune, but no one would sleep with him. Yes, poor Guiteau was too weird for even free-love practitioners to sleep with. TRUE TALES!) Also, I love his song. It is ROUSING. I wish you all could see this, sincerely. You would love it so much.

Here’s Guiteau. You know he’s bon vivanty. Who can tell me why? Anyone? Anyone? Fine. It’s the beard. You can TELL because of the BEARD.

Oh, in further stories of I’m losing my mind because I have too much going on, I thought I had to get  up at 8 today, so I got up at 8 (after not getting to bed until 1:30 because…of…um…things I WAS DOING THINGS. Fine, I was on the internet, I had someone I had to talk to) and was all, “MAN, time’s FLYING this morning” until I realized I really was supposed to get up at 7:30 and I’m an asshole. SIGH ME. I’ll be better tomorrow. I promise. My tomorrow. Not yours. Your tomorrow is Sunday, and your tomorrow…well, I’m going to be sleeping in that day. SO MUCH SLEEPING IN.

A random sound-effect gunshot just went off and with the timing, it made it look like someone was just murdered offstage. It was probably not funny to anyone but me. Did I mention I’m very tired? And inappropriately giggly? Because I AM.

I am very very tired and thinking lustful thoughts about sleeping. I want to sleep like no one has ever slept before. For a VERY LONG TIME. I’m used to many hours of sleep now. So getting less is not the best thing for me anymore. I am getting OLD. When did that happen? Huh. (Oh, in news of getting old, I am getting all the proper gray hairs now. They are the BEST. I even have one spot where I have about TWENTY of them in all one SPOT so it’s like a little TUFT of gray hair. I am very dignified and proper and coming up on elderly.)

We are about halfway done now. We’ve been running for about 45 minutes. This taking-the-laptop along-idea was pretty damn brilliant, if I do say so myself. It has kept me much more entertained and much less stabby with the downtime. And also I’m probably annoying people less with my singing along because I’m too preoccupied to sing along right now.

Oh, I ate some delicious Finnish chocolate. The analysis: IT IS VERY GOOD. THANK YOU ANDREAS! You are fantastic and I adore you. Also, I listened to some of my first CD Andreas made me and I laughed and I cried and I loved it. I’m almost done the first one. I’m trying to make them last but I don’t know that I can. I’m not so good at being patient. What, you don’t know that about me? OF COURSE YOU DO. You’re just being nice. I appreciate that. So sweet. Just so sweet, you guys.

This was my favorite song from the first CD so far. HOW MUCH DID I LOVE THIS? So SO much, is how much.

OK. Both blog posts – WRITTEN. Whether or not I will get pictures in them, I don’t know? But the TEXT is here. I’m pleased with this. So pleased. Happy days! Happy happy days!

Happy Saturday to you all. I think I have the day off tomorrow. Well, except for theater. So I’m going to SLEEP IN. Like a CRAZY PERSON. Huzzah!

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22 responses to “If I don’t get enough sleep, I get giggly over nonsense. TRUE STORY!

  • Charleen

    Speaking with the expertise of someone who took three years of dance lessons over twenty years ago, I’m pretty sure it is “kick ball change.” And yes, pivot is also a dancy term, but I think that scene has pretty much ruined it forever in my mind. It’s probably a good thing I’d stopped taking dance lessons by the time I started watching Friends.

    “Well, Joey couldn’t come, so I brought the next best thing.”
    *Chandler walks in*
    “Chandler? The next best thing would have been Monica!”
    “I’d be insulted, but she IS freakishly strong.”


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Ooh! I’ve got a beard nowadays! (Well, sort of..) Does that make me a bon vivant too? Or just an assassin?


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    You’re most welcome – I’m glad you liked the Fazer chocolate. And the CDs too.


  • 35JupiterDrive

    Now I want a ukulele and chocolate. And a lighting computer.

    Wait. What?


  • sj

    I am so sorry I let you down! Um…I’m trying to remember if I actually knew WHEN this going away party was supposed to be? Because if you did not tell me dates then that IS NOT MY FAULT!

    Wait, I’m totally tired and that sounded mean when I was trying to sound funny.

    I hope you’re having the best time out now, and that your server is wearing lots of flair. <3

    I'm totally going to go watch Mockingbird Lane and maybe be in bed around midnight. [gasp]


    • lucysfootball

      You didn’t let me down, goofy. I totally didn’t tell you when it was. My fault. I need to create a Google calendar called “Amy’s Life” and share it with ONLY YOU. And also me. Don’t forget me. I probably need to know what I’m doing, too, right?

      There was no flair. NO FLAIR AT ALL. Sigh.

      Ooh, I recorded Mockingbird Lane. It has my douchebag boyfriend Jerry O’Connell in it. Tell me if it was any good?


      • sj

        So, I was IN BED around midnight, but then I couldn’t sleep (even though I took a benadryl because apparently I’m allergic to tropical storm Sally) and ended up reading, like, 60 pages so – I don’t know, it was probably 1:30 or something before I actually fell asleep.

        Anyway, Mockingbird Lane was pretty awesome.

        I loved your douchebag boyfriend in it (even though I don’t generally think he’s all that great), and Eddie Izzard was AWESOME.

        Portia DiRossi was…I don’t know. She wasn’t on top of her game, sadly. Plus, she looked so different that if it weren’t for her voice, I wouldn’t have known it was her.

        I hope it gets picked up for more episodes, I would totally watch it every week.


        • lucysfootball

          Good, I’m glad you liked it. I don’t know when I’ll ever catch up on what I’m behind on, but now I know it’s worth waiting for, yay! And I didn’t even know Eddie Izzard was in it! I LOVE HIM!


    • Andreas Heinakroon

      To me a server is a machine that serves emails, files and permissions, but that doesn’t make any sense reading your comment above.

      It’s almost like the word ‘server’ has a double meaning. Could it be so? Could it really? And what would that be?


  • Heather

    From the dancer: It’s kick ball change. Haha! It’s also probably the easiest dance step to do, and I have no doubt you could do it well. Haha!

    I get all giddy and stupid when I’m too tired, too. Giggles for days (over the dumbest stuff).


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