Everybody’s got the right to some sunshine. (Not the sun, but maybe one of its beams.)

I have a lot of ground to cover in this post. It’s going to be ALL OVER THE PLACE. Then I have to try to write two more today. That’s…a lot of writing, kitty. (I randomly say “kitty” after things sometimes. I think I got it from South Park. I don’t know.) Also, there is one picture and one video in this post. I know. I just DID NOT HAVE THE TIME TO DO MORE. Please forgive.

OK, so anyway, I have to watch a movie because it’s due back at the library today, then I have to go to the library, then I have to come back and write MORE and also change the cat litter because poor Dumbcat, then I have to say my goodbyes to people, and then…oh, wait, the goodbyes? Don’t jump the gun, I’m getting there.

OK. So…in order for this to make sense, we have to go BACK IN TIME. (I can’t say “back in time” without thinking of Back to the Future. Probably will still be thinking that way when I’m 90. Do you think I’ll be alive when I’m 90? MAN, that’s a long time from now. Can you even IMAGINE how crabby I’ll be when I’m 90?)

Once upon a time, I was a young thing. (No, seriously, it’s totally true.) I went to a college where all my people were theater people. I loved my theater people. (I still love my theater people, that shouldn’t have been the past tense.) We did a lot of shows. A LOT of shows. I was working on probably 2 or 3 shows at a time for all 4 years. I didn’t sleep a lot. I didn’t care. I was having the best time ever. So many shows and so many wonderful people and so much love. Classes? Oh, shit, yeah, I guess I went to those too, sometimes. Whatever. I mean, I GRADUATED, with a very respectable GPA, I must have attended SOME classes.

A couple years after I arrived, my most theater-intelligent friend D. (no, seriously, I have never in my life known someone, and still don’t know anyone, who knows more about theater) decided to direct a musical I’d never heard of. (Well, wee-Amy had not heard of a LOT of musicals. She grew up in the boonies, remember.) “It’s about presidential assassins, Amy,” he said. “You’re going to love it.”

I thought, no. Probably I’m not. I mean, musicals shouldn’t be about KILLERS. What the hell? This is weird.

Then opening night happened and OH HOLY SHIT.

I’ve mentioned Assassins here like a billion times. It’s my favorite musical of all time. And at this point in my life, I’ve seen a lot of musicals. A LOT OF MUSICALS. Because I love them.

D.’s production of Assassins was fantastic. I’ve seen a lot of productions since, but this one stands out for me as the best one ever. Which, listen, it probably wasn’t. It was a college production with barely a budget and everyone was like 18-21 years old and I think everyone had more enthusiasm than talent (well, except for one guy, who seriously was, and remains, one of my favorite people to have ever seen on a stage, ever) but in my head? It’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Ever, ever. It ran over a couple weekends and I watched it a couple times, maybe even three, and I just fell crazy crazy in love with the show. I was heartbroken I hadn’t been able to work on it. It’s one of my big regrets.

I have since worn out my Assassins CD because it’s my road-trip music, and watched it every single time it’s come anywhere near me, wherever I live (some productions better than others) and oh, how much did I want to see it with Neil Patrick Harris when it was on Broadway? The most. Couldn’t afford it, of course, but oh, I wanted to.

It’s my favorite show ever. Out of all the shows. Ever, ever.

One of our local theater groups is doing the show. It opens Friday. One of the people who runs that group is one of my favorite humans. A. texted me last night and I of course didn’t see it until like 1 am because I don’t go to bed at a normal time on days I don’t have to get up in the morning. “Huge favor?” asked friend A.

Woke up this morning and had email from friend A., who had been sleeping when I FINALLY responded to his text. Like a normal person with a job does. “So…we need a light board op for Assassins. Please?”

I am underemployed and the only time I have to relax is the few hours when I get home and also that’s when I write HERE and talk to my PEOPLE and BREATHE a little and I looked at my calendar and thought, no. This is stupid. You can’t say yes to this. This is the absolute worst time ever to commit to a show.

And then I thought of friend A., who is genuinely one of the best people I know and also makes me laugh until I cry sometimes. And I thought of Assassins, and how twenty years ago, the only thing I ever wanted to do was work on Assassins. And I thought, you know, you can plan and plan and plan, but sometimes, the things that are the best in the world happen when you deviate from the plan. The unexpected things. The startlingly wonderful things.

So I emailed friend A. and said, “You can have me every day but November 1 and 3. Still want me?”

“Can you be here starting tonight?” friend A. responded immediately.

So this is why I will be saying goodbye to people for about a week or so, because I will be working all day (THANK YOU JOB, for working around my insane schedule this week! I love you so much!) and then running home quickly and eating and then running over to Troy (oh, this theater, you guys. This theater. It is BEAUTIFUL, I wish I could find a photo to show you) and working with some wonderful people on my most favorite show ever. So, 19-year-old-Amy, I’m doing something you wanted to do, all those years ago. That’s pretty awesome, right? Yes. You are WELCOME, 19-year-old Amy. Always looking out for you, babe.

Thank you, friend A. I know you were all “THANK YOU THANK YOU YOU SAVED OUR ASSES” but really, this is kind of a dream of mine. Will I be all stressy this week? Yes. But will I also be happy this week (and a little of next?) Yes. Yes, I will.

And I get to listen to people singing Assassins songs to me, live, over and over, for two weeks straight. I have the best seat in the house. For two weeks straight. Is there anything better than that? I don’t know if there is.

So. What does this mean for the old bloggy blog on over here? Don’t know, honestly. I’d like to say things’ll be fine, but I can’t see that they will. I think probably there are going to be days where there aren’t posts here. I KNOW! What WILL you do? I might have time to write a couple paragraphs just letting you know I’m alive, but I can’t imagine there will be more time than that. Not until…oh, let’s say next Sunday, anyway. Because today…well, today, here it’s Tuesday. In your world, it’s Thursday. I have tech rehearsal the next three days until late and work all day leading up to tech. Then the show opens Friday. Then work then show. So…well, I’m thinking you might not get a real post Friday and Saturday. Things should go back to normal after that.

Don’t worry. I’m fine and I’m dandy and I’m having the time of my life, no doubt. Just no time to write anything, and busy making the people onstage look pretty with all the lights.

Oh, ok, before I go, one more thing. I didn’t tell you about the end of the blog book tour, and then the couple things that happened after that ended. SO, let’s do that before I go.

Posts that I haven’t talked about yet:

Heather at Between the Covers had a guest post from me where I talk about a gorgeous Margaret Atwood poem;

Lori at TNBBC had a post where she said the nicest things ever about my book and then you get to listen to me talking about where my inspiration comes from and then read one of the poems from my book out loud with my mouth;

Serena at Savvy Verse and Wit reviewed my book

and then she had a post where you can see my smiling face as I read you two poems, one from the book and one brand-new and never-before-seen.

And then I thought the tour was done, and it was just the best week, and I was all weepy all week because that was a lot of concentrated love in all one week. And I thanked everyone profusely on Twitter (and SPECIAL thanks to my wonderful Susie, who orchestrated the whole love-fest) and she said something like, “Oh. Maybe it’s not done yet” and I said, “whaaa? No, I saw the schedule, it’s done, isn’t it? Did I forget to thank someone? I’m such an asshole, who’d I forget” and she was all cagey and I was like “Ooh, surprises!” and then I worked a million hours and promptly forgot that we’d even had that conversation because that’s what I do.

But then I was at work on Sunday and I went out for a break and had a tweet from her all SURPRISE and she and Ken had conspired on this secret post where Ken took the book bon vivanting and I totally broke down weeping in the parking lot. Unexpected kindnesses get me. I don’t get them a lot, and it was a long week, and Ken took my book PLACES and this was a whole THING that he and Susie had PLANNED and neither of them TOLD me and so I got all weepy because seriously? Seriously? How am I so lucky? How do I know these amazing people? I got this whole week just for my book, and then this? Shush, I’m getting weepy again.

Then, even though the week was technically over, the hits just kept coming! Because Elaine was inspired by one of my poems, the one that Heather posted, and painted a painting inspired by it. A painting! Inspired by one of my poems! Listen, THAT’S something, right? I’m not artsy – far from it – and artsy people just AWE me. This made me so happy, I can’t even explain.

And then, my wonderful Lisa (Lisa will always always ALWAYS be one of my favorite people in the whole world, because Lisa is the one who said, “Here, please meet these people, their names are Andreas and Ken, I think you’ll like them” and I DID. Well, Andreas I did. Ken I didn’t, right away. No. It’s not that I didn’t LIKE him. It’s that I didn’t give him a CHANCE. That’s a whole story. I told that once, on Ken’s tea blog. I totally didn’t follow Ken back for like ever, because I checked out his Twitter feed and I was all, “This is a guy who likes tea and is a billionaire who jets off to like FLORENCE and NICE whenever he feels like it. What the hell would this guy and I have in common? I won’t have anything to talk about with this guy. I’m not following this guy.” Luckily, Ken was persistent, as was Lisa, and I finally was all “FINE I will FOLLOW him he keeps TWEETING me and I’m being RUDE” and, as you know, the rest is bon-vivanty history and come to find out we’re secret siblings, after all, and isn’t life a funny thing, sometimes? Yes, yes it is) read my book and wrote this post and it is just gorgeous. That last full paragraph is just tear-inducingly beautiful. The woman can write, you guys. Well, you probably already knew that. But here’s further proof.

I will be (when I get two seconds to breathe) adding all these  links to my “I wrote a book!” tab up there so they’re there for ALL POSTERITY soon. Promise.

I will always and forever be the girl who doesn’t think she deserves nice things. That’s not going to change. So when they happen, they hit me in a way they don’t hit other people. Right in the heart-area. Thank you, one and all, for participating. You have no idea what it means to me. Not even a little bit. Thank you thank you thank you.

OK. Whoa, this is long, and I didn’t write THREE posts today, I wrote ONE. Huh. Dammit. I did finish my movie, though. It was Wanderlust with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston and it was hilarious and I highly recommend it. OK, I have to eat and run errands and then off to the theater with me. To see MY Assassins for the first time. Tonight I’m just watching. I’m seriously tummy-butterfly-ey. It’s my favorite show, you guys. My favorite show ever.

(Oh, psst, Ken takes off for London today. I’m not 1o0% convinced if I don’t tell his plane to stay in the air and land at the appropriate times, it won’t crash. KEN’S PLANE! Don’t crash. Please and thank you. Also, Ken and Elaine and Ken’s mom, please have the best best best most bon-vivanty time; I can’t wait to hear all about it!)

Everybody’s got the right to be happy. Don’t be mad; life’s not as bad as it seems. If you keep your goal in sight, you can climb to any height. Everybody’s got the right to their dreams.

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