We’re singing Hallelujah and the edge in your affection broke my skin

Here we are. It’s – what day is this? Um…Friday? OK. It’s Friday. Hi! Happy Friday! Does that mean this week is almost over? Oh, that’s nice. I like that a lot. I’m looking forward to the end of this week, I really am. It’s been filled with turmoil. ALL THE TURMOIL! Dumbcat says to tell you that for him, it has NOT been filled with turmoil, and that he’s been taking many nice naps as always, and that he can’t be blamed for waking his beloved mom up at 4am the other morning with many cheerful headbutts but he was just SO EXCITED TO BE ALIVE that he wanted to share some of that joie de vivre with her, is all. He can NOT imagine why she was all “STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT GO AWAY DUMBCAT I AM ASLEEPIN’!!!” It is an utter mystery to this Dumbcat.

The Nephew is going to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. I saw a video of him in his little costume and it made my whole Grinch heart break the measuring machine. I would show you but I can’t find a way to take it off of Facebook and make it go somewhere else. Plus I don’t think I should put The Nephew on the old bloggity blog because of the killers. Anyway, he is the BEST Buzz Lightyear, and he said MANY cheerful “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!”s and jumped up in the air, and at one point, he said, “when can I fly?” to his mom, and that made my whole heart ache. That’s how you KNOW he’s the real Buzz Lightyear. Buzz Lightyear wanted to fly, too. Mom said he told her that he was going to really fly, and when she said, “You will get hurt if you try!” he said, “No. Buzz Lightyear NEVER gets hurt!” so I think maybe he didn’t internalize the lessons of Toy Story where Buzz Lightyear came to the hard cold truth he was really a toy and this makes me nervous The Nephew is going to jump off something high on Halloween to see if he can fly. GULP. Dear Nephew: I love you more than anything in the whole world. Anything ever. I would turn myself inside out to make it so you can really fly. Don’t even think I wouldn’t. (Listen, you think I’m rabidly loyal to my friends? You haven’t seen me with The Nephew. There is possibly no one in the world more beloved than that child. I see him and I just GLOW.)

Think this is cute? Imagine a 3-year-old blondie doing it with a HUGE grin on his face. It’s the utter best.

I am currently watching American Horror Story and it’s already freaking me out a little. This bodes well. I do so love being freaked out. This is because I’m a little mentally deranged. Shh, don’t tell anyone. Oh, what’s that? You all already knew that? FINE. I can’t keep secrets from you, can I? Aw, my sweet little potpies. Also, it’s the best month for scary. Nice job, American Horror Story! (Also, THANK YOU for keeping my Evan Peters around. I could watch this kid act all day long. LOVE.) And now I am having a LOT of trouble concentrating on blogging. THIS IS A VERY GOOD SEASON ALREADY. Oh, thank you thank you American Horror Story. I so needed a good program this season and nothing else has lived up to expectations. (Also, Joseph Fiennes is a priest. JOSEPH FIENNES. I will always and forever be in love with Joseph Fiennes. Have I mentioned? This is a very good show.)

I love Evan Peters. Even though it’s a little creepy and he’s probably young enough to be my kid. Sorry, Evan Peters. I don’t want to sex you up, or anything. I just think you’re amazing.

Argh, I totally have TWO VERY GOOD IDEAS for blog posts and I can’t write them because I don’t have the time. Grump grump. I think I have Monday off so maybe I can work on at least one of them then. Oh, well, listen, I’m not saying they’re going to be GOOD. I’m just excited I have IDEAS. (One of them will be good. One of them will, anyway. I have a whole brain-plan. Well, the part of my brain that’s not all scrambly from the insanity of this week, anyway.)

Oh good grief I cannot pay attention to you, blog, I can’t look away from the television. THIS IS SO GOOD. Seriously, internets, you need to be watching this show.

Here is Joseph Fiennes as a sexy priest. He’d also be a sexy serial killer or a sexy Muppet, though, let’s be honest.

OK, you’re tired of hearing about the teevee and so is Dumbcat because he just kind of pounced on the laptop to get my attention so I had to erase what he said but it was kind of like this: woihefoosdihf. I think that means, pet me more now Mom stop being distracted-like! in Dumbcat-ese.

Oh! Here is a story called, why it is good to have an sj in your life. So at work today, they said, “Amy! Can you work the late shift on Sunday please please? We need you.” And they pay extra on weekends. And what do we like in the Lucy’s Football household, especially these days? Money to pay the bills. Also, there’s a play coming up I want to see. And it’s like $20. But I don’t spend money on things that aren’t bills or food. BUT I NEED TO SEE THIS PLAY. Because a., it’s got one of my favorite people in the world in it, and b., it’s my favorite musical of all time. (Who knows what musical that is? Extra credit if you remember the answer to this one. N., if you’re reading, YOU CAN NOT PLAY! You already KNOW the answer! Because we BOTH love this musical to distraction!) So extra money and extra hours = being able to see this play and not having to go without…oh, I don’t know…groceries.

Here’s a hint. NO, I’m not going to TELL you. This is a TEST. To see who’s paying ATTENTION. Extra credit if you know whose back is to the audience here. The character, not the actor. I don’t know who this actor is, either. Some dude on the interweb.

Anyway, so they asked, and I thought about it for like four seconds and was like, “UGH, I need a day off after the week I’ve had” but then I thought, “hell, I’ll have Monday off, probably, I’ll be ok” and said ok.

Then I got home, and I emailed sj (which is what I do, because she is my sj) and we were chatting and I mentioned Sunday and she was all, “Don’t you have theater that night?” and SHIT SHIT! I had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN about having theater that night! This week has sucked my brain out of my ears and replaced it with cotton candy, I swear. Ooh, that makes me think of the Ben Lee song “Apple Candy” and I haven’t obsessed over that in a while and I want to do that again over and over so I SHALL, thank you.

(I don’t know what’s up with this weird fan-video, either. Just shut your eyes and listen to how gorgeous this is. I saw him in concert once and he’s about as big as someone you could pop in your pocket, no joke. SO CUTE! I feel like we’ve talked about this before. Did we talk about this before, or did I just talk about this with sj? Stupid brain.)

So I had to email all the theater people and send my apologies (although I very much want to do the theater thing that night, I have to do the money-thing more than I can do the theater-thing. The theater-thing isn’t like a MANDATORY theater-thing. It would have been a FUN theater-thing. And I am sad to miss it. But, money, you know? DAMN YOU MONEY.) When you have a friend who knows your schedule better than you do, you have found a keeper. Hey, sj? You’re amazing, you know? Shush, me, I’m going to get weepy.

Oh! Blog tour news! Three things for you today! Two artsy posts that are SO AMAZING YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY, if you don’t check these out you are missing out – one from sj and Meg, with the prettiest animated gif…argh, I can’t even. YOU HAVE TO GO SEE. And one from my Science Fellow! It has my HEART in it, you guys, my HEART! My magpie heart! Oh, wait til you see. It’s wonderful. I love them both so much. I seriously had all the tears yesterday. Then! One from Heather at Between the Covers introducing my book (and she’ll have a guest post from me soon, too!) And she picked a poem to talk about and I re-read it and I thought, huh, I wrote that, that’s pretty good, yeah? Well, good job, me. Good job. Then I got glowy.

OK. I have got to get to bed, jellybeans and gumdrops. Another long day tomorrow. Today I learned a new SKILL at work because I am THE AWESOMENESS. It is all very exciting to be the awesomeness, but sometimes the awesomeness has to get some sleep. To recharge the awesomeness. It takes a lot of energy, to be awesome, you see. Plus when your cat wakes you up at 4am with headbutts you gotta be prepared, yo. Goodnight. Or, good DAY, I guess. Since you’re reading this in the morning-hours. TIME FOR BED EITHER WAY.

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27 responses to “We’re singing Hallelujah and the edge in your affection broke my skin

  • sj

    I think we talked about Ben Lee on twitter one time. Because I was talking about how I listen to Catch My Disease when I’m in a crap mood and it makes me feel better, and you said that you GOT TO GO SEE HIM and I was the most jealous thing ever.

    Also, I think we talked about how I hated Claire Danes for a very long time because they were dating.


  • sj

    ZOMG, I just looked it up and Ben Lee is ONLY FIVE FOOT SEVEN! I might cry.

    Sorry, Benny. It’s probably better that we weren’t both single at the same time because that would have made me very sad to learn I was taller than you.


  • Heather

    1. SJ is pretty awesome, isn’t she?

    2. You have had the BEST blog tour in history.

    3. I heart Ben Lee.


  • Charleen

    My cat jumps into my lap ALL THE TIME! I have to balance the laptop out on my knees. It’s worse when I’m reading a book, because he’ll rub his face up against the book, shoving it all over the place. I hate to get mad at him for it, because he never used to snuggle, and I always wanted him to snuggle, and now he’s morphed into a cat who likes to snuggle . . . be careful what you wish for, I guess.


    • lucysfootball

      I love Dumbcat’s headbutts, but at 3am – they’re not as wonderful as they are at the proper hour. But he’s so damn CUTE, I feel bad telling him to stop it. He gets such sadface.


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Actually, I’m reading this post at 21:24 (that’s 9:24pm to you imperialists and colonials), so it’s late evening for me. Well, it FEELS late because I’m tired. But also happy, since Fiancée and Baby Boy came home from hospital today. Yay!

    Thanks for the linkback by the way – I’ve had several new followers from that Blog Tour post. Boy, are they going to be disappointed when they realise what my posts are usually about!


    • lucysfootball

      Imperialists AND colonials! That made me laugh!

      YAY FOR HOMECOMING! You make sure you flood FB with photos. I want to see lots of that kiddo! Well, BOTH your kiddos. They’re some of my favorite internet kids!

      They are NOT going to be disappointed! They’re going to feel SO LUCKY they followed you!


  • ProfMomEsq

    Hi! Sorry I’ve not been around much lately in your comments. I’ve been reading though. You pop into my inbox for coffee every day. ;-) I left a comment on Heather’s blog — I have your book, all shiny and new, on my nightstand. It’s accompanying me on my plane ride to Connecticut in a couple of weeks to soothe my flying nerves. So excited, and glad you’re getting so much support for the book through your wonderful friends!


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