We’re all about secret handshakes and meetings after midnight around these parts.

I have (as usual) very little time to write this. Busy week, cats and kittens and precious pumpkins, busy busy week. Work and work and work and today I had a theater thing so even LESS time when I got home. And now I am obsessively watching a random old Criminal Minds episode. YES I know I should be watching the debates. I don’t want to. It’s been a long day and I don’t feel like dealing with that level of crazy right now. I’ll catch the recap tomorrow or something. I’m kind of…I don’t know. Filled with a political malaise at the moment. I don’t want to watch people yelling at each other right now. It makes my stomach hurt. I’m ready for this all to be over. Things are way too tense right now. Apparently there was something about binders? Binders full of women? I don’t know. I want to know who won? Obviously not those women in those totally constricty binders.

So, let’s see. I have tentative work-related news, but until it’s official work-related news, I’m going to hold off on saying anything about that. I could be all hinty-hinty and shit but that’s just rude. I should know more by the end of the week, I think. I’ll tell you more then, if I know anything. Is it good news? It’s more STEADY news. Less scary news. So, yes. It’s good news. But, you know I’m not telling you anything unless I’ve got that bird in my hand, and that BIRD is my CHICKEN and I can COUNT that chicken. You know me and my chicken-counting obsession. That makes me sound all bitter. I DO NOT MEAN TO SOUND BITTER.

OK. So! Among the delicious taste of because it is bitter because it is my heart right here in my mouth-area (I’m going to sigh if you don’t get that reference, JUST SIGH) there was some MOST EXCELLENT NEWS today. Most excellent!

Apparently my beloved Stephen Crane loved using all-caps? I KNEW I LOVED HIM!

First, in Science Fellow news…ANDREAS IS A PROUD DAD AGAIN! Earlier in the week Andreas and Andreas’s lovely fiancée had THE MOST WONDERFUL BABY BOY! He is teeny and tiny and he TOTALLY looks like a Baby Andreas, which makes me smile huge. He is TOTALLY some future-blogger’s future Science Fellow. Since no kids are poppin’ out of this lady-area anytime soon, or ever, I guess he’ll have to be The Nephew’s future Science Fellow, because The Nephew is the closest I’ll ever come to progeny. Aw, can you imagine Wee Baby Andreas being The Nephew’s future Science Fellow? I like this very much.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS, ANDREAS! I am so so excited and happy for you and waking up to news that you were a dad again was the only thing that made my day yesterday not-terrible. Someday – and I utterly refuse to believe this will not be the case – I am coming to FINLAND and I will meet you and your lovely family and we will hit it off like gangbusters. I just know it.

Look at Andreas’ pretty islands! I want to go to there.

In other news, I got an email that I will be invited back to review MORE THEATER next month! So apparently my review was ok this weekend! So I got to put in my request for what shows I wanted to review next month (the answer is…well, I’m the low man on the totem pole, so whatever ones are left, honestly, and seriously, I’ll see ANYTHING if you pay me to see it, this is so much fun for me, I can’t even tell you, but one of them is potentially something super-exciting, so stay tuned, jellybeans!)

And I have ANOTHER potentially exciting theater-thing going on! Which, again, I WILL NOT COUNT THOSE CHICKENS! So I’ll tell you when it’s a definite. It’s something in November and it’s something that has money attached AND it’s something prestigious, so it’s pretty exciting and also fancy. I’m finger-crossing for this one. It’s something I’d like very much and it’s a good opportunity. And – but here’s the scary part – IT WOULD MEAN TALKING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. Eek! More soon. More more more soon. I hope.

And another theater thing this weekend where I get to see a show I’m very excited about! That one’s fun but it does mean I’m going to miss Amazing-Race-night with my sj, so that’s sad. I don’t like that part of it. Boo.

SO MUCH THEATER! That makes me the happiest.

Oh, blog tour news! The lovely Mandy at Adventures in Borkdom wrote the most touching post about my book today, and it made me have tears. You should read it. It is really stellar. She’s wonderful, that Mandy. I’m lucky to know her.

Also, it is one of my oldest (not in YEARS, but in TIME KNOWN) friend’s birthday’s today! And I did not have time to send her a card in a timely fashion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY R. BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS! R. is Baby Girl Awesomesauce (also known as Ceevee)’s mom and I have known her since I was 17. SEVENTEEN! Is that not a very long time? Yes it is! Also, we went to Europe and England and Arizona together. Look, there was totally a time when I used to bon vivant, don’t even think there wasn’t. And she has met Amy’s Dad! Happy birthday, R. You are one of my favorite people and I hope you have a wonderful day! Here is a picture of a penguin because they are cheerful!


Most of this post is news I can’t tell you yet. That seems quite unfair. I’m full of secrets. Aren’t I just like a spy or what? The MOST secretive. I’m all code-words and complicated handshakes. Dad totally said the other day, “Don’t you tell those internet people your secrets! Especially if you don’t know they’re HAPPENING yet. That’s just STUPID.” And for all the things I DON’T agree with, Dad-wise, I agree with that one. You don’t tell people what’s up until you know it’s for sure. I would make a very good spy. Or someone who keeps secrets in a fairy tale. Ooh, I want to be in a fairy tale. That’d be fun. I’d be quite good at that. Can there be talking animals and maybe magical beans or something? No dwarves, though. Or princes kissing you all out of nowhere. I don’t want to kiss strangers. Especially ROYAL strangers. No thanks, keep those lips to yourself, buckaroo.

This is the only prince I’d kiss. I do like White’s tree frogs. They’re totally trustworthy. When I worked at the pet store sometimes I’d wear one around the place like a brooch.

OK. This is short and I am tired and I am going to bed now. I know! I know. It’s been a long day. Back tomorrow. More stuff. OH, also, when I got home tonight, there was a note on my door that I won’t have water tomorrow? Which is worrisome because wouldn’t most people want water when they wake up so they can, oh, I don’t know, get ready for work? What the hell, water people? And then I got a weird letter from the power people apologizing for having to cut my trees down in a few days. They’re not MY trees. I didn’t PLANT them. They belong to where I LIVE. What a weird letter! So, I guess I forgive you, power company? For cutting back some trees so I can still have electricity? Because I need electricity so I can…um…see? And have heat? And a television? You’re forgiven. Stop sending me weird letters.

Happy day, people of the internets. I promise, less secrecy soon. But can there be piracy? I’d like there to be more piracy around these parts.

Arr. Always room for more piracy, mateys.

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10 responses to “We’re all about secret handshakes and meetings after midnight around these parts.

  • sj

    I forgive you for missing The Amazing Race. We can totally catch up on it when you get home from ALL THE THINGS, and with me remembering your schedule and whatnot, it will totally work out just fine.

    Plus, we have many more weeks of it ahead of us.

    I’m very excited about these uncounted chickens, I can’t even tell you. <3


  • Samantha

    Yay! Will be waiting to hear what all the goods news is. Totally understandable about not counting the chickens (I did that once with a job and it was very sad)

    I think tiny tree frogs are just the cutest little things. My boss was telling me one got into his house the other day and he kept chasing it around until finally it just stayed put and was like, “Oh, I give up.” So he got to put it back outside. Sometimes I want to own frogs. Sometimes.


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Aw, thank you! And you’re most welcome to come and visit us anytime, you know that.

    Little Baby Boy will be coming home (with Fiancée obviously) from hospital tomorrow night, which is awesome. And Little Girl doesn’t hate him yet, which is a plus.


  • lahikmajoe

    Insert clever blogcomment from lahikmajoe *here*.


  • Heather

    I think the funniest binders pic I’ve seen so far is a still photo of Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing, with the caption “Nobody puts Baby in a binder.” HA!


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