Everything I’ve got for a little peace of mind

This was the longest weekend in the history of ever. EVER YOU GUYS. Want a recap? Sure you do. Why wouldn’t you? MY LIFE IS SO INTERESTING. Please listen to the sarcasm in that statement. It is utterly DRIPPING from the words.

I searched “dripping with sarcasm” and found this and I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Barnacles! THIS PERSON HATES BARNACLES SO MUCH!

OK, so let’s see. Friday morning I had a job interview. I don’t want to talk about it too much, because probably blog-wise isn’t the way to go with things such as this. But then something else came up, kind of…so I may have a job-related decision to make soon? Possibly? We’ll see. I mean, maybe it won’t come to pass, who knows. I’ll let you know if it does. But, anyway, it was kind of a weird jobby day. I’m making lists and trying to figure out what to do and asking advice and getting my ducks in a row. ALL THE DUCKS. So, news might be forthcoming. We’ll see what happens.

Aw, I want these ducks in this row. I LOVE DUCKS, you guys.

So them I went to work, and I worked worked worked WORKED, and it was Friday so it was crazy busy. Oh, I should probably mention that I couldn’t sleep Thursday night. I had one of those weird tossy-turny nights with too much in my head. And the night BEFORE I had one of those nights, too. So I was kind of out of it. I don’t know, I have some worries lately. Things. Things in my brain-space.

After work, I got in the car and jetted over to friend N.’s house. Friend N. kindly agreed to be my theater-buddy for my first reviewing adventure! I haven’t seen N. for any length of time in quite some time, because my life has been work and the internet for the past…oh, what, three months, so the only people I see are coworkers and sometimes I see my theater people for brief periods of time at board meetings and such. But I haven’t seen N. for a while, so this was a nice chance to multitask and do my theater-thing and ALSO see N.

So I picked up N. and then my buddy TomTom directed us to the theater. Loudly and annoyingly. And it kept saying things in this weird voice like it had had a stroke, like “Boofehlow.” That’s Buffalo in TomTom speak. No, we weren’t going to Buffalo, but the highway we had to get on at one point was pointed toward Buffalo. Then TomTom brought us to someone’s house. No, not the theater. SOMEONE’S HOUSE. In this weird residential area. And proudly, TomTom announced, “YOU HAVE REACHED! YOUR DESTINATION!” and we both said, “No. No, TomTom. No, we haven’t.” So I figured out how to get us out of there and back on track by directing us toward one of the only places I know where it is in Schenectady, and I TRICKED TomTom into bringing me to the theater! YAY ME!

TOMTOM! We are totally fighting right now.

So then we watched the show. I can’t really tell you about the show. I feel like that would be ill-advised since I wrote a review for the paper. I’ll be generic: I watched a show. I watched it with friend N. The show was in a theater. There were actors in the show. There were lights and sound in the show.

Then the show was over and it was SO SO LATE and I brought N. home (sorry I almost killed us, N.! In my defense, TomTom was not being at all helpful and there were a LOT of lanes on that highway! Oh, the OTHER other time I almost killed us? Well, that was just my own stupidity, I don’t even have a defense for that other than exhaustion) and then by the time I got home it was midnight and I still had to write the review! Argh. ARGH SAYS I.

So I sat down and listen. I AM A GOLDEN GODDESS. I wrote that review in like an HOUR. And I think it’s good. Although I’ve gotten very little sleep in the past few days, so maybe it’s terrible. (I only have to write 500 words a review. I write one of these posts in a couple hours, so it figures I could write a theater review – something I KNOW something about, with no photos – in an hour.) Then I emailed it to the newsdesk – TO THE NEWSDESK! You GUYS! TO THE NEWSDESK! Like a REPORTER! and it should be in the paper on Sunday or Monday. And online somewhere around there, too. Like I mentioned a while ago, you have to pay if you want to see it – it’s like a dollar, if you feel seeing a theater review I’ve written is worth a dollar, I’ll throw the link up here – but I’m so going to buy the paper. Because I want to see my first byline! MY FIRST BYLINE YOU GUYS!!! That’s worth a ZOMG. TWO ZOMGS! The editor said they would call me if they had questions and no one’s called yet. I hope that doesn’t mean it’s so terrible they’re all “WHATEVER I’VE GIVEN UP ON THIS.” I so want to do this again. It was so much fun. I felt so fancy.

I love this because it has TWO of my favorite things. ZOMG and ASSASSINS.

Then I went to sleep and slept for about 5 hours. That is not long enough. When my alarm went off, I wanted to throw it across the room. I sleepwalked to work (fine, fine, I DROVE, it’s too far to walk, sleeping or no) and it was like the busiest Saturday ever. The first day after it gets cold is always a crazy day because people tried to turn on their furnaces the night before – and the furnaces, sitting dormant the whole night, don’t work, a lot of the time. So we get a billion no-heat calls. Plus our regular billion calls. And we had three people call off, and so we were just the busiest. However, I work with the most wonderful people, and we laughed and laughed through our craziness, and listen, people, I just want to hug you. You make the craziness over there so bearable. Thank you thank you thank you. (Especially you, R., who even reads this after seeing me at my craziest day after day. I am going to miss you so much when you leave.)

Oh, also, we got this new account where we get a kabillion calls about pest control. Some of the things the pest control company covers? Rattlesnakes. Bees. Wild boars. (WILDSCHWEIN!) Monkeys. MONKEYS YOU GUYS! And, my personal favorite? Goats. PEST GOATS. So my coworkers kept saying, “I got raccoons!” “I got rattlesnakes!” “I got a MAMMA and a BABY rattlesnake!” And I never got ANYTHING good. I got a couple dog calls and someone who thought maybe a squirrel was scratching under their house and someone who saw some bees. THOSE ARE BORING. Sigh. I am DYING for the day I get my first pest goat call. If there’s a listing for pest goats, it figures that there must BE pest goats, somewhere, right? And that I might get a call about them? Oh, how much do I want a pest goat call? SO SO MUCH. I feel like I’d be singularly well-equipped to take one of these, because I know someone who is OF the goats, you see.

So now I have to go to bed, because I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow. That’s a.m. FIVE THIRTY A.M. I know. And then I work 8 hours and then I come home and then I have 42 hours off. And you might think, that is awesome! But I have the first of my three freelance assignments due this week, and I’m not sure how long it’s going to take, since it’s the first one. I also have to: grocery shop do laundry go to the library try to get some time to blog deal with my head-worries call my parents and SLEEP SOME MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS.

So there’s the haps. Like that? That’s what the kids are saying. The haps. That’s the haps, kiddos. Going to be a busy busy week, but things might slow down a little after that. So I’ve been kind of a ghost lately, but I promise I’ve been thinking of all of you. Well, most of you. NOT YOU DING DONG JOE.


Time for bed. I have a date with warm pajamas and a cat who hasn’t been getting NEARLY enough cuddling.

Happy Monday, happy Monday. Send kind thoughts for my sanity!

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16 responses to “Everything I’ve got for a little peace of mind

  • sj

    HAPPY MONDAY! You can totally do this ish. I know it’s all busy busy busy for you, but you can do it. And I’m only an email away.

    (but I’m sorry you’re so tired you haven’t slept a wink)


  • blogginglily

    I FINALLY got off my dead ass, contacted your book place and figured out what happened with your book. Apparently I purchased the ebook. She refunded me and I JUST NOW bought your hardcover book which will deliver in 5 – 15 days. And then I will read it. I will read it despite the fact that it is a book of poetry comprised almost entirely of poems! POEMS!! That’s how much I like you.

    I did read the sample poem. . . or the part that showed, and it was kinda kicky and dark and magical and I liked it sort of against my own wishes. But we’ll see!! WE’LL SEE!!!

    Good job on you writing your review!


    • lucysfootball

      YAY YAY!!!

      I like you that much, too. If you wrote a whole book of…um…sports stuff, I’d read it. That’s probably a similar thing, right? My dislike for sports, your dislike of poetry?

      The review is done, and went very well. Today I did the first part of the gigantic freelance project. I don’t know how it turned out. Waiting for feedback. It was NINE STRAIGHT HOURS OF WRITING GACK. I need a drink, or at least some cake or something.


  • elaine4queen

    the HAPS????

    you leave us with a throwaway comment that ALL THE KIDS ARE SAYING THIS NEW THING “THE HAPS”????? where did it come from? are ALL the kids saying it or just some of the kids? which kids?

    i need to know. it’s for a thing.


    • lucysfootball

      You’ve never heard that before? I think it’s a douchey young-person thing. They say, “what’s the haps?” instead of “what’s happening?”

      I don’t think you should do it. It’s annoying. You’re better than that.

      There’s a thing? I want to do a thing.


  • sunraeny

    zomg … saturday … i still am kinda twitching from it!!! all i can say is that the ppl we work with make what we do bearable! the judging stupid callers etc :) i’m glad you like that account from the depths of hades cuz i’m not really feeling it yo :)


    • lucysfootball

      Well, that account makes me laugh. But I don’t like that you have to take a billion tons of info then refer someone, because then the people yell at you and I hate being yelled at so much.

      We do work with great people, right? Especially on Saturdays. I love them!


  • Charleen

    I am exhausted just reading this.

    But I love your ducks in a row. We don’t get baby ducks around here so much, but we get baby geese! And they’re so cute and fuzzy! And then they get bigger, but they’re still fuzzy, so they’re like awkward teenager geese.


  • becomingcliche

    I feel your GPS related pain. We once had our GPS drive us AROUND a state park for two hours. Around the entire perimeter. Because my husband just knew we’d get there any second.


    • lucysfootball

      My GPS hates the park in downtown Albany. It always wants to drive me into it, yet always gets me lost in it. Then when I see it’s about to drive me into it, I’m all NO NO and I turn the other way and it gets very disappointed in me. “Recalculating,” it says, in a very judgmental voice. Well, it’s your OWN DAMN FAULT, GPS. If you didn’t try to make me drive down FOOTPATHS every time we go in there, I’d let you take me for a drive through the park. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HIT PEDESTRIANS, TOMTOM.


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