“Would thou’ldst be ruled by me!” “Madam, I will.” Aaand…MARRIED.

You’ve been getting a lot of posts o’randomness lately. Sorry! Brain’s FULL of randomness.

Today we have many things to discuss! Theater and job interviews and exciting book news. ALL THE THINGS. What do these things have in common? Well, shit, nothing, other than they all happened in the last 24 hours in Amy-land, dammit.

Let’s see. First, in exciting book news, last night, right before I went to sleep (much too late, because I was up much too late because I got home late and said, “Amy, you should go to bed now” but then Twitter was interesting and fun and I got sucked into the black hole of the internet, as I often do) I saw this tweet:

So of course I clicked, because I wanted to see what the September read for my book club is. (I’ve mentioned this before, but the Geek Girls Book Club is my online book club, and where I’ve met some of my favorite people. It’s grown in leaps and bounds and it’s a huge group of some of the most amazing geeks in the world. Not just girls. Boys, too. We’re all-inclusive.)

ZOMG YOU GUYS! Out of True and Elegantly Wasted were chosen as the September reads for the GGBC!

So I immediately was all teary-eyed and fluttery and Wayne’s World “I am not WORTHY” about the whole thing because that’s how I handle good things when they happen to me, you see.

I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

My book was chosen as the read for my book club! I’m kind of in shock about that. Lots of people will (well, potentially) be reading my book! And I can talk to them about it! Oh, this is exciting. This is so exciting.

(As a side note, probably I should be MORE excited that people will be buying it? Because, yay! More money! But honestly, and this is why I’m never going to be a multi-billionaire-poetry-lady, it’s more exciting to have people read what I’ve written than get paid for it. Don’t get me wrong, money? it is awesome. But having people read what you’ve written is even MORE awesome. I know. I don’t have the mindset of a millionaire. I’m a self-defeating prophecy.)

So, thank you thank you THANK YOU to @Nikkisticks, who not only gave me a gang to run with when I was a shaky-legged newbie to the Twitter scene, but who tirelessly campaigns for the awesomeness of geeks and books and reading everywhere. You know how some people are good people? She’s the BEST people.

Now: theater! Last night, we had our critique for our first show of the season over at my theater. We’re doing Twelfth Night. I’ve seen the show before (in London once, doesn’t THAT make me sound fancy, and a recording of the – I think? – Broadway version with Helen Hunt and Paul Rudd once) and I love it much. I think I love it for the wrong reasons, because the first time I saw it (I’ve mentioned this, I think?) the director made the choice to show Malvolio as a bullying victim, which I thought (and still do) was a strong choice (not, perhaps, what Shakespeare intended…but that’s one of the many things I love about Shakespeare, how well it lends itself to various interpretations.) I enjoyed myself very much, and think the show will do well.

Here is a thing that made me laugh and laugh, which was not intended. I assume it was a Shakespeare thing. Maybe it was something that happened in Shakespeare-times, who knows.

Hee, I like this painting. Look at his little hair-poof!

So, ok. A little backstory. Identical twins Sebastian and Viola shipwreck on Illyria, separately. Each assume the other is dead. So she is not raped and murdered or whatever, Viola pretends to be a boy, Cesario, and goes to be the servant of the Duke of Illyria, Orsino. She (of course) falls in love with him. He, in turn (stick with me, cupcakes) is in love with Olivia. So he keeps sending Cesario off to woo Olivia for him. (I guess that’s a thing they did, back in the day, I don’t know.) Olivia IMMEDIATELY falls for Cesario, because she thinks Cesario is a fella. Even though Cesario is a LADY IN DISGUISE. Cesario keeps saying, “Not interested, Olivia!” Olivia keeps saying, “BUT I LOVE YOU CESARIO!”

Here’s Anne Hathaway as Cesario. Listen, I’d have a crush on her too, let’s just say it.

So eventually, Sebastian wanders upon this whole scene o’craziness. Olivia sees him and assumes he’s Cesario, because, as mentioned, identical twins. She’s all, as she has been for days, “I LOVE YOU CESARIO!” And Sebastian, even though he was just called the totally wrong name? Is all, “Um…ok! I LOVE YOU TOO!” and then they get MARRIED. Yep, you read that right. Sebastian marries this chick – who called him by the wrong name – FIVE MINUTES AFTER HE MEETS HER.

No, I’m not Cesario. Eh, screw it, let’s get MARRIED FOREVER.

What? Seriously? She might be a looney! You don’t know who this chick is! And she thinks you’re someone else, you goofball! Nope, it’s ok, I WILL MARRY YOU NOW! I laughed and laughed about that. I’m pretty sure that part isn’t supposed to be funny, either. I just liked the immediacy of it. Talk about a call-me-maybe situation. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, I think you’re someone else, marry me, baby.

Anyway, as I know you’re all WAITING WITH BATED BREATH to know what happens to those kooky twins, Sebastian and Cesario/Viola are reunited, which means that Viola no longer has to pretend to be a boy because now her brother can protect her delicate flower, and she can be a lady again. And Orsino, who’s been SO CONFUSED about his feelings for a BOY, breathes a sigh of relief that his servant was a lady all along and asks her to marry him. So Sebastian and Olivia (who apparently doesn’t care which of the twins she gets, as long as she gets one of them) and Orsino and Viola are all happy-happy-joy-joy couples, huzzah! There’s also a side plot involving the hijinks Olivia’s servants get up to, but that’s for another day.

Here’s an actual photo from our production (by the inimitable Tom Killips, thanks, Tom!) Orsino and Viola on your left, Olivia and Sebastian on your right.

So, what I took away from the show, other than it was lovely and the audience will enjoy themselves a great deal, is that back in Shakespeare’s day, people got married IMMEDIATELY. Hee!

In job interview news, I had a phone interview today. Those are always strange. On one hand, a little less stressful, because you can do them in your pajamas. (No, I didn’t. But I could have. I didn’t, though.) On the other hand, a little weird, because you’re trying to be the best on the phone, and I’m a little weird on the phone. I have phone phobia. And I tend to fill in the gaps with LOTS OF TALK. Because I get nervous.

Seemed to go well – I didn’t get that weirdness-vibe I get sometimes – but it’s hard to tell over the phone. He has a lot more phone interviews lined up for the next two weeks so said he’d get back to me in a couple of weeks letting me know if I’d made the cut for a face-to-face interview. So we’ll see. Patience may be a virtue, but it’s sure as hell not one of mine. Gah. I do a lot of finger-drumming and waiting around and DEEP DEEP SIGHING.

So, happy Saturday to you all. Enjoy your weekend! And remember, if you get stranded on a deserted island, probably you should marry the first chick who calls you by the wrong name. SHAKESPEARE SAYS SO.

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12 responses to ““Would thou’ldst be ruled by me!” “Madam, I will.” Aaand…MARRIED.

  • Andreas Heinakroon

    Ha! Me thinks Sebastian wanted to have him some sex! So obviously he had to get married.


    • lucysfootball

      Ha! You’re totally right. The only people in Shakespeare’s time that seemed to be having any extracurricular sexy fun-times were the lower-class. The servants are all KINDS of ribald.


    • Korvah

      So I know you’re supposed to use your imagination, but movies are usually supposed to make the image work. You’d think if the twins are so identical they get mistaken for each other, the actors themselves would be twins!!


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    And AGAIN I forgot to ask you about your interview! I’m the most worthless of online friends, I really am!

    I’m glad it went well though. Hopefully you won’t have to do too many more interviews before you’re once again in the rat race. (Ok, that sounded totally depressing. I meant: until you’re once again a useful member of the society. Argh! No: until you’re once again happily employed and enjoying financial security. Bah, that’ll have to do. Hopefully you’re better at knowing what I mean than I am at expressing it.)


  • Samantha

    OH GOD phone interviews. I KNOW. I had one a few months ago where I had just woken up, and had morning voice, and although it seemed to go pretty well, they were like “oh we’ll let you know if you get a face-to-face interview” but when I heard back they’d already hired someone. :( It doesn’t matter though, I want to hear about the one from Tuesday that you are uber excited about. (Although maybe you’ve already written about it? I still have one more post to catch up on…*goes to read*)


    • lucysfootball

      I’m not talking too much about the jobs…only because it seems ill-advised, and plus I’m superstitious. The interview tomorrow is for one that would be utter perfection, and I have two more this week, so it’s a big week!


  • sj

    Catching up! Lots of posts to read!

    How are Sebastian and Viola identical? Also, aren’t Viola and Olivia just a little to close to each other name-wise to both be used in the same play? Shakespeare confuses me.


    • lucysfootball

      I guess they’re not really identical, they’re fraternal, but they’re supposed to be or the whole “YOU LOOK JUST LIKE EACH OTHER!” thingy wouldn’t work. The director of our show said she did the show years ago, and she looked nothing like her Sebastian – he was like a foot taller and had completely different coloration. That would have made me giggle. At least our actors have a similar look!

      Viola and Olivia’s names ARE very similar! When I was taking notes at the critique, I kept screwing them up!


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