The streets are paved with diamonds and there’s just so much to see!

Ugh, this week is a killer, yo. No, not like a stalker-killer. Like a “I AM SO EXHAUSTED” killer. Even tonight, which is the only night I don’t have something planned, I have to go grocery shopping. And then Saturday night, which is usually my loafing and writing night, I have to do laundry. SO BUSY. In retrospect, I might have planned this week better, had I been thinking more clearly. But sometimes I get in the “DO ALL THE THINGS!” mode, you know? Then halfway through all the things, I get all “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING”-y and need a nap.

Next week is nice, though. Only a few things planned. I’m going to write and write and write and probably turn on the air conditioning because when did summer get here, overnight? It’s muggy all of a sudden, right? Whoo! And we all know what THAT means! It’s the season of the craziest Amy-hair! I mean, all year long I have unruly hair. But when it’s humid out, I get CRAZY unruly hair. With WAVES and FLYAWAYS and STICKY-UPPY PARTS. I look even MORE deranged when it’s humid. It’s just a treat, really.

Here’s me, May to September. PRETTY.

Last night, I went to dinner with a real-life friend and we had such a nice time catching up and making theatery plans and schemes and I ate many things with much cheese on them. It was fantastic. I know I like you all a great deal, and spending time on the interwebs is just about my favorite things in the whole whole world, but sometimes the real world can be nice, too, you know?

Oh, AND, SIDE NOTE!!! Today is my one-year Twitter anniversary. In case you’re all “WE DON’T CARE WE’RE NOT ON TWITTER RIGHT NOW THIS IS A BLOG,” this blog wouldn’t exist without Twitter, so in a strange way, you DO care. You just don’t know you do. One year ago, I had my shiny new phone (which is, now, a less-shiny, somewhat-scratched-up, yet much-beloved phone) and thought, hey! Twitter might be a good use of my copious free time! And now, almost 16.5 thousand tweets later (and I don’t even want to think about how many DMs), I have NO free time, have met some of the best people I’ve ever known in my life, and have laughed more and harder over the past year than I have ever laughed. My Twitter people are the best. Deciding randomly to sign up for Twitter a year ago? One of the best decisions I ever made. Love you guys to pieces.

Oh, ok, well, now that my wonderful Susie made it OFFICIAL, I can share the top-secret news I am so, so excited about with all of you.


You all know I write for Insatiable Booksluts too, right? Not as much as I should. There will be a lot more forthcoming, as my time becomes my own again. ANYWAY, Susie at IB entered a contest sponsored by Goodreads to find the best Independent Book Bloggers in the WHOLE LAND. And we won. YOU GUYS WE WON! Best in the Adult Fiction category! This means she gets an all-expense paid trip to New York City to attend the BookExpo America next month, and she gets to accept a fancy-schmancy award and maybe even make a SPEECH! My dad thinks it’s a major award so that means it’s a leg lamp. I don’t think it’s a leg lamp, how would she get that home on the plane? They’d think she was a terrorist. A LEG LAMP TERRORIST. That’s the worst kind.

Fra-gee-lay. It must be Italian.

(Thank you all for voting for us, seriously. The blog’s only about a year old, and this is just so hellaciously cool I can’t even. THANK YOU.)

Here, I’ll let Susie tell you about it, because she is awesome and so excited and it’s adorable and I’ve been smiling huge all damn day long and wait a minute, because I’m about to geek out all over her. Be prepared, you guys. There’s going to be some gushing.

OK, so honestly, I can’t even remember when Susie and I started chatting on Twitter. September, maybe? I’m thinking fall, somewhere around there. But the VERY FIRST TWEET she sent me she told me she thought we were long-lost siblings. (Sometimes that’s not creepy. You had to be there, I guess.) And you guys, we totally are. Now, you meet all kinds of people online. Some are good; some are downright stabbifying; most are just acquaintances, and you chat, and that’s nice, but that’s as far as it goes.  Some, however, some you totally click with. And I don’t mean one of you clicks and the other doesn’t (which we will discuss at another time, as it is something that needs to be discussed); I mean both of you click, and it’s almost audible, that click. You start chatting on Twitter, then you start DMing on Twitter, then you friend each other on Facebook, then you start emailing, and you wake up one day and you realize you’re knit into each other’s lives. That click. It doesn’t happen often. You meet, what, let’s say 500 people online in a year? 750? And that click happens with maybe 6 or 7 of them? And it’s magic every single time. It just WORKS. It’s EASY. It’s like it was always there and you lost it and then you found it again and wondered how you ever lived without it. It’s the reason I laugh at people who discount social media and the friendships made thereon as unreal. They make me sad. They never felt the click. They never found what was lost.

I’m planning to talk more about this another time, because the mechanics of friendships via social media, and how they work (and how they don’t) fascinates me. Expect more soon, I promise. I have a whole post planned. It will be both interesting AND helpful!

Susie and I clicked. We talked and talked and talked. We both love books like crazy people. I loved her blogs. She loved mine. And one day, she asked me to write a piece for her blog. I’d never been asked to guest post! That was exciting! And the guest post became a regular gig and I couldn’t be more proud to be affiliated with Insatiable Booksluts. I’m proud of everything I’ve written there. I’m proud of the work Susie does there; I’m proud of the followers she’s gathered; I’m proud every time I see my name on something posted there.  And I’m so, so happy to have Susie in my life. She’s a great friend. She’s passionate and she’s hysterical and she’s loyal and she’s intelligent and she’s brave and she’s honest and she’s just generally kickass all-around. When I have good news that I’m dying to tell someone, Susie’s one of the first people I tell. I know she’ll rejoice with me. And does she ever.

Listen, you all want a Susie in your life. You all do. And I hope you all have one. You all deserve one.

So…Susie’s coming to New York City in three weeks. I live about three hours from New York City. I’m one broke lady, but if I drive to Poughkeepsie, and take the MTA train in off-peak hours? I can spend about ten hours in the City for a little over THIRTY DOLLARS. I know, right? That’s ROUND-TRIP, you guys. OK, well, maybe I have to pay for gas to & from Poughkeepsie, but that’s not too bad. The rest of my cash money? CAN BE SPENT IN NEW YORK CITY.

Can you see me & Susie? We’re totally there. Squint a little.

And what would a person do in New York City if they were to go there from, say, about 11:30am to 8pm on, oh, I don’t know, Tuesday? June fifth? That is, if they were to ask their boss for that day off (and they did) and the boss gave it to them (and he did?)


Susie and her husband will be in the City for five days. I get to spend most of one of those days with her.

We’re already planning many photos and much talking and a grand adventure and eating all the foods and then MORE talking and then can you even imagine the blog post that will result? It will be the best.

I’m so excited I have butterflies. I have grand plans to meet OTHER internet people later in the year; this one was unexpected and unplanned and listen, usually I’m all planny-planny I NEED A YEAR TO PREPARE but I don’t even care. I’d do this on two days’ notice. I’d go NOW.

Congratulations, Susie. I love you to death. Thank you for finding me and thank you for being my long-lost sister and thank you for letting me play with you on the blog and thank you for being my friend. We are going to rock New York City’s face off SO EFFING HARD.

Oh, here’s the song from the title. It makes me irrationally happy. I don’t really need any MORE happy today, but maybe you all do? Here you go. I hope your Thursday is stellar.

Oh, hey. Also? Ken‘s traveling to the States today. Ken’s plane, stay up when appropriate and land, also when appropriate, as I have grown to enjoy having Ken in my life. Texas, treat Ken well, that’s an order. I AM SO EXCITED KEN’S ONLY GOING TO BE AN HOUR AWAY FROM ME TIME-ZONE WISE FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS. So excited, as a matter of fact, I had to all-caps that WHOLE DAMN SENTENCE.

Listen, this week started like shit but it’s really shaping up well. Nice job pulling your head our of your ass, week.

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19 responses to “The streets are paved with diamonds and there’s just so much to see!

  • sj

    Oh, man. I’m all weepy. I am the most excited that you and Susie get to hang out, seriously.


  • blogginglily

    1) I FORBID you from murdering Susie. FORBID!! It has to stop, Ame.
    2) TWO “They Might Be Giants” references in ONE DAY. INCONCEIVABLE!!!

    So, because you linked that video I will now divulge the origin of catfood. Both my college roommates had nicknames. “Nuts” (don’t ask) and “Mouse” decided that I also needed a nickname. Without trying particularly hard, Mouse took it upon himself to half-ass his way into giving me one. Every so often I’d ask him how the project was coming along and he’d say it wasn’t really working.

    He’d pick a nickname, but I’d shake my head and say. . . “won’t stick”. Sometimes people think up stupid nicknames.

    Finally one day, drunk, we were listening to “They Might Be Giants” in the room and talking about the nickname. The song was “Don’t Let’s Start” and I was like, “Whatever, Mouse, just pick a name and go with it.”

    “Wake up, smell the catfood. . . ” they sang in the background, and I said, “Like Catfood. . . just pick anything.”

    And he did. And I became Catfood (Food, c’food, etc.) for the rest of my college experience.


    • lucysfootball

      Oh, I’ll try to control myself from committing all the murder upon Susie and her husband, IF I MUST.

      I know, I laughed to myself when you mentioned TMBG this morning before my post went up, because I KNEW that in a couple of hours, I would ALSO have a TMBG reference!

      I have never had a nickname. Once, this guy I had a crush on decided I needed one. But I refused. So he said my nickname would be “Pooh” because I was pooh-poohing the whole nickname thing, and also because I had a Winnie-the-Pooh bear in my room. However, the look of death I gave him when he tried that a couple of times kind of put the kibosh on that. It didn’t stick.

      I’ll let you have Ame. Because I like you that much. No one else gets to do it, though. NO ONE DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?


  • blogginglily

    DAMNIT!!! Did I leave off the closing bracket???


  • Heather

    WOOOOO! Congrats on the exciting stuff! I’m so happy for you ladies…er…booksluts!

    I love that you used a picture of Gilda Earner/Roseann Roseannadanna for this post. That makes me love you even more.


  • greengeekgirl

    It’s super hard even to find anything to say that could be even nearly as good as your post. I made Bobby read it. I love you! We are going to have the best time! And New York will be all like “WHOA what just happened? I’m not sure why, but it suddenly feels 5000% more awesome here.” That’ll be us.


    • lucysfootball

      Aw, I love you too! I can not WAIT to meet you & Bobby. We are going to have such an adventure! I told my parents it was definitely happening tonight and even my PARENTS were excited! Both of them! Two and a half weeks! Yahoo!


  • ProfMomEsq

    Congratulations, Amy – on the award, on getting to meet Susie in New York, and finding so much wonderfulness for your life through the evil social media. :-)


  • lazyboo

    I am completely looking forward to you blogging about friendship via social media. I have made some friends through twitter that are closer to me than family even though they live on the other side of the world. Anyone who denigrates online friendships just… IDEK, they must not be a very good friend.
    Awesome and completely well deserved that you guys won the award. And the double bonus that you’ll get to do a RL meet is all the sweeter. I look forward to that blog too. It’ll be epic.


    • lucysfootball

      Aw, thank you! And, totally agreed. I’ve talked about it a little bit – I did a post on it a few weeks ago, when that jerk in – what magazine was it, the Atlantic Monthly, or whatever? – wrote that article about how social media is making us all lonely – but it’s such a fascinating topic for me personally that I want to talk about it in more detail soon.


  • Andreas Heinakroon

    You only been a year on twitter? Really? Feels like you’ve been there always. (In a good way, obviously!) Isn’t finding online friends the best? I’m so looking forward to that post of yours on social media!


    • lucysfootball

      Yep, just a year! Because before that, I was AFRAID of social media. I thought the killers would find me and stab me to death. (I’m still not sure they won’t, but I try to ignore that now.)

      It IS the best. Because I’ve found the best people. Or you guys found me. Either way, we’re all found.

      I’ve got to get working on that social media post! Now it’s being anticipated! Eek!


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  • Are You an Insatiable Bookslut? « Nerdy Girl Shops

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