I Can’t Even Do a Year-End Best-Of Music Post Like a Normal Human: Day Two of Three.

You’re back! And so am I! So if you read yesterday, you know the drill. If you didn’t read yesterday, well, you’re obviously not as obsessed with me as you should be, and I mean, seriously, what, do you have a life of your own or something? That’s sad. That’s just totally sad.

It’s now Christmas Eve. I’m sure today you’re all doing family things or something. I’m probably trying not to jam knitting needles in my ears while my dad watches FOX News and my mom is probably baking. FUN WITH FAMILY.

And now! Without further ado! Here are songs 20-11!

20.   I Pity the Fool – Molly Lewis

Album: I Made You a CD…But I Eated It (2009)

If Nancy Grace and I were to meet I would’ve kicked her in the uterus


Yep, Molly Lewis gets TWO SPOTS. I know, right? Swanky! I love this song MORE than the other. It is hysterical. You seriously need to watch the video. Then you need to go download the album, because I adore her and want her to get paid for being so awesome. This is a song about how Mr. T made her less angry. No, seriously. It is the best thing. You cannot be sad after listening to this song. I’m pretty sure it’s an impossibility.

19.    The Way it Goes – Gillian Welch

Album: The Harrow and the Harvest (2011)

See the brightest ones of all/early in October fall

This whole album is gorgeous, but I especially love this song. Gillian Welch has this slightly hoarse, rich, sexy voice that just fills you up inside until you feel like you’re full of beauty. I can’t even describe. She’s amazing. Again, I know nothing about music, so please forgive – it’s kind of country? I suppose? Amazon says it’s bluegrass. I’ll go with that, they probably know about such things. Whatever it is, I love it, and it makes me happy and sad at the same time, which is exactly what I want from my music.

18.    Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

Album: El Camino (2011)

I got a love that keeps me waiting


This is one of those songs that comes on while I’m driving and I do a frantic car-dance. I love this. Love, love, love. It’s happy and exciting and boppy and fast and loud and just the most exciting thing. Apparently, The Black Keys are the next big thing? The radio told me today they sold out Madison Square Garden in fifteen minutes lately and that sucker’s pretty big, from what I remember. So, you go, Black Keys! This song makes it impossible for you not to wiggle like you’ve got ants in your pants. I like that.

17.    Born with a Broken Heart – The David Wax Museum

Album: Everything is Saved (2011)

Some of us come with new hearts/most of us come with used hearts

This is a cheerily optimistic happy sad song and another one that makes me bop around while driving. I’m pretty sure anyone who’s in the lane next to me on the way to work thinks I have some sort of tic-filled disease. Whatever, at least I’m not putting on makeup or eating or texting or something, shut up, judgey hypothetical other driver, sheesh. I love the line I have quotes above. Is that not one of the most perfect things? And totally true? I love it so much. Also, the band name makes me laugh.

16.    Girlfriend – Julia Price

Album: Stories Between the Avenues (upcoming – 2012, I assume)

I’m a whole girl; can’t make me half 

I heard Julia Price in a live session on my favorite local station on the way home from work one night and stayed in the car way too long after I got home to hear the rest of her set. She’s really adorable and full of fun and life and this song is wry and funny and somewhat touching. And who hasn’t been there? Well, I mean, which females haven’t been there. I suppose probably not a ton of men have been there. Some, I guess. I’m not here to judge your sexual proclivities. I couldn’t care less. LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH BABY. 

15.    Colder Weather – The Zac Brown Band

Album: You Get What You Give (2010)

You got a gypsy soul to blame/and you were born for leavin’

OK, I don’t have a lot of country on here, because I don’t care about a lot of country, but I love this song kind of beyond all things. It makes me so sad. And the harmonies on the song are beautiful. I have a weird thing for harmony. I think it’s all the acapella groups I watched in college. They have warped me! Warped me for life! No, seriously, it’s a lovely song, and yes, it’s totally a country song, no question about it, but it’s really nice and not at all twangy.

14.    Lost in my Mind – The Head and the Heart

Album: The Head and the Heart (2011)

You’re already home where you feel love

This is another cheery song that makes me smile whenever I hear it. I bought the whole album from Amazon, and their stupid cloud or whatever wouldn’t let me have it anywhere but ON their cloud, what the HELL, Amazon, last time I download music from you, so I had to re-purchase this song if I wanted to listen to it, which is annoying. But I like it that much. So I can deal.

13.    Lucky Now – Ryan Adams

Album: Ashes and Fire (2011)

And love can mend your heart/but only if you’re lucky now

I’m madly in love with Ryan Adams. He seems to know about sadness, but also he’s wacky. He sings one of my favorite songs of all time, which I will tell you about at a later date, maybe. But I just adore him, and have seen him live twice, in two of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. I love this song. It’s mellow and rumbly and sexy and romantic and just what I love from him.

12.    You Got Growin’ Up to Do – Joshua Radin & Patty Griffin

Album: Simple Times (2008)

But I can’t think of what else to try

I don’t know how I didn’t hear this song or even know who Joshua Radin was until this year. He kind of looks like Xander from Buffy, right? Why didn’t I know about him? Anyway, this is a perfect song, because it’s sad and longing and I love male/female duets where the voices counterpoint one another perfectly. This is a wonderful song. Again, not a real video, but any of the performances don’t have Patty Griffin, and I think he needs her voice in this to make it just perfection.

11.     E. Watson – The Decemberists

Album: Long Live the King (2011)

And buried him all face down with a good view into hell

I’m sure if I did some research which I am much too tired to do I could find out what was going on in this song, but instead, just listen, and you’ll see how beautiful it is. I also think probably The Decemberists are another one of those hipster bands that I should hate, but I love this song. Their voices are gorgeous. I know, I know, no real video. This just came out, I don’t think they’ve had time to make one yet! Sorry, sorry, close your eyes and think of England, maybe.

Whew! Almost there, kids and kidlets! One more day! Tomorrow – the TOP TEN DUN DUN DUNNNN. What two artists have two songs each in the top ten? And who made the coveted TOP SPOT OF THE YEAR? Well, you’ll just have to wait til Christmas day to find out, won’t you? It’ll be my present to you, aren’t I totally generous?

Happy Christmas Eve!

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