There is very little doubt I would be the best Emmy voter in the WORLD.

The 2011 Primetime Emmy nominations came out today. As mentioned, I’m a TV junkie. I’m not in a 12-step program, or anything. I know I have a problem. I just don’t care to do anything to treat it right now, thank you. So, as someone who’s addicted to the so-called idiot box, I was very interested in how the nominations would turn out.
I know, I know. Awards shows are faith-healer hokum! No one cares! They are just an excuse for pretty people to wear fancy duds and applaud themselves! Whatever. Shut it. I love awards shows. LOVE THEM. Oscars first, then Golden Globes, then Emmys, then Tonys. I love the pomp and circumstance and stupid-long speeches and WTF moments and unexpected wins and sourpuss faces on the losers. LOVE THEM. And from the buzz online today, I’m not alone in this, so suck it, haters!
My thoughts on today’s announcements:
Justified deserves all good things. That show crackles. Are you watching this? If you’re not, Netflix it, as I am told most people in the land have Netflix (or currently do, but are super-pissed at some sort of price increase they’re planning on –sorry, I know nothing about this, I can’t even afford the cheapest Netflix plan! I have cable because I can’t cut the cord and need instant gratification and get all else free from the library!) It is really brilliant. Timothy Olyphant deserves a win for the way he wears his hat alone. Hell, the HAT should win an Emmy, just for the jaunty way it sits on his head, and how important it is to the narrative, sometimes. And Walter Goggins – ok, he’s an odd-looking duck, this guy. But something about the way he plays this character makes him very, very appealing. That deserves an award. Also, he’s totally badass, and once held a man out the window of his truck and drove away because the guy was being rude and he didn’t approve. Also, Margo Martindale? Her performance this season was flawless. If she doesn’t win, it will be a travesty. Her apple pie moonshine and Raylan’s hat should have been nominated, which you would understand if you watched the show. So watch the show, already.
I can’t get enough of The Good Wife, A Game of Thrones, andParks and Recreation, so was very happy to see the three of them nominated.
I feel like Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch’s nominations are kind of pity nominations. Like, the Emmy committee got together after watching Glee’s second season and said, “Aw, you guys, the show, it’s not good now, but Jane and Chris, they still rock it out, every week! They’re totally too good for the show! Can we – no, we can’t – can we?”and then they nominated them, and then threw in a nod for the show although it didn’t deserve it. Listen, I love Glee. I do. I watch it religiously. But season one had me cheering and clapping and crying and laughing and season two had me confused, angry and grumpy. Except for Kurt and Sue. They deserve the noms.
I feel like Melissa McCarthy wanted to say, “Ha, you skinnybitch, people DO want to see normal-sized people on television! Go eat some carbs and be judgey somewhere else!” I’ve only seen a few episodes of this show – I’m not a huge fan of this type of sitcom – but it’s really kind of well-done and touching. Melissa McCarthy is adorable. I plan on getting the whole season on DVD at some point and catching up.
I guess it’s true. Goonies never say die. Aw! Martha Plimpton! So happy for her! I feel like she’s a childhood friend who succeeded in the big bad world of television, or something. Her nom gave me the second biggest smile of the morning. (Shut up, my biggest was Peter Dinklage. I love the HELL out of Tyrion Lannister.)
Tina Fey, although still hysterical, I now, oddly enough, want to step out of the way so others have the chance to shine. I know! I feel like I’m betraying her. I love her to pieces but she’s been there so many times. It’s like, we KNOW, already, Tina, you’re the BEST THING EVER, but throw someone ELSE a bone already! (That being said, her book was one of the best I’ve read this year so far.) Also she’s up against one of her best friends (Amy Poehler.) Awkward or awesome? Would you be rooting for your best friend, or rooting for yourself? I think I’d be 90% rooting for her and 10% for me, and inside a little sad if I lost but mostly happy, especially if I’d already won. Right?
Is it often that a Saturday Night Live actress gets a nod for best supporting actress in a comedy? I don’t think it is. At least, I don’t remember it being so. You go, Kristen Wiig! Well-deserved. (Side note – I am a gigantic Saturday Night Live geek. Like, I went on the tour a few years ago in NYC, and kind of embarrassed my friend I was there with because I was so excited to be there I kept up a constant patter with the tour guide and answered all of her questions and had crazy overbright eyes and wanted to see everything and I think was kind of scary. But I love it. I’ve read all the books about it; I still don’t miss a single episode, even when it’s stupid, although I have been known to fast forward the dumber sketches, though. I’m not tasteless. Just a fan.)
I’m pleased to see Steve Buscemi get a nod. Although this got me strange looks on Twitter today, I’ll admit it, I have a crush on Buscemi. I know, I know. He’s kind of weird-looking. But I have a thing for men with character, and he’s got that. I also get crushes on actors who are wildly talented, and he’s got that, too. I love how angry he gets. I like passion. I’ve liked him since Reservoir Dogs and Trees Lounge and how could you not find him adorable and smooshy in Ghost World? I haven’t seen Boardwalk Empire but it’s on my list of things to watch.
I HATE the best supporting actor in a drama category this year. It is too difficult. How the hell can I choose between Goggins, Dinklage and Cumming? That’s like choosing your favorite cut of bacon. They are all delicious. I’m going to have to give the edge to Dinklage, but I love the other two almost as much. Seriously, though, Dinklage rocked the hell out of Tyrion Lannister. The character was just as wonderful as in the book, only MORE so. How is that possible? Dinklage. I give it to him. But Cumming and Goggins were also very good this year.
What the hell does John Noble have to do to get a nom? I’m completely serious, here. This year he played TWO VERSIONS OF HIMSELF. Who were both equally awesome, in totally opposite ways. And he doesn’t get a nod? Emmy voters aren’t watching Fringe. They can’t be, right? Because he is amazing in this. The show itself is brilliant, and he is the best thing in an already wonderful show.
Community is the funniest show on television. Like, gasping-for-air funny. I’ve had to re-watch because I’ve missed things because I’ve been laughing too hard to hear them. Are the Emmy voters mad at Joel McHale for mocking them on The Soup at one point or another? Or at Chevy Chase for his SNL years or his rumored douchiness? It’s really good, Emmy voters. Seriously. Better than Parks and Rec, which is very good.
I will never understand categorization. Nurse Jackie and The Big C are comedies? I don’t watch them, but from what I understand, Nurse Jackie’s about a nurse with a drug habit and The Big C  is about someone struggling with a cancer diagnosis. So, laugh riots, then?
Best supporting actor in a comedy is kind of stacked toward Modern Family. I feel like the cast will rough up Duckie and Kurt in the bathroom beforehand. But they won’t do a very good job of it, because they’re kind of bumbling. Well, except for Jay, who I think would be tough in a fight. So watch out for Jay, Duckie and Kurt. I think he’d be a force to be reckoned with.
Mirielle Enos did NOTHING on The Killing. She stood around stone-faced and then moped stone-faced and then ran around angry and then was stone-faced again. Unless she’s a clown or on the manic end of manic-depression in real life, this is a stupid nomination. Also, Michelle Forbes isn’t a good actress. Is this blasphemy? Because Hollywood keeps casting her. And I think she’s awful. Others agree with me. I’m not the only one who thinks this. So why does she keep getting cast in things? I see her and I just cringe.

Sherlock should have been nominated for bigger awards. The acting on that show is stellar. I mean, I get the editing, music, visual effects noms, and they’re warranted. But Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman deserve nominations. They are fantastic. I’m glad it’s coming back for another season.

Missing from nominations: The Walking Dead, True Blood, and Neil Patrick Harris (along with John Noble and Community that I’ve previously mentioned.) All of these shows/people deserved something.
So what did you think? Agree? Disagree? Think awards shows suck and are a huge waste of time which could be better spent volunteering for some cause like homeless puppies (in which case, yes, homeless puppies are awesome, but AWARDS SHOWS ARE MY SUPERBOWL SO LAY OFF BUCKO)?

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One response to “There is very little doubt I would be the best Emmy voter in the WORLD.

  • Cara Elizabeth

    I agree that the only good thing about Glee is Lynch and Colfer. And I LOVE Steve Buscemi… I got to meet him once and I squealed like a teenager meeting Justin Timberlake. He probably thought I was nuts.

    I was appalled that Walking Dead wasn't nominated- but that's because I'm a zombie freak.

    I couldn't agree more about Cummings and Dinklage… not that I have anything against Goggins but I prefer Dinklage to WIN IT ALL.

    Nurse Jackie is crap- I can't stand her in that show and I LOVE her. It pisses me off… it's NOT funny at ALL lol I could blog rant on that one. The Big C is a more humorous look at a woman fighting cancer so I can at least see that angle.


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