okcWelcome to my portfolio, blog, and the main place you can contact and find me, if you so desire!

Please visit the tabs above; they should bring you wherever you need to go.

My blog is still there, for those of you who are interested; my years as a blogger seem to have come to an end, but you are welcome to relive them whenever you so choose.

The link to my book is also still there; although it is currently out of print, the more digitally savvy among you may still be able to find copies of it out there used.

I am updating the “other places to read me” tab quite regularly – I’ve been very lucky to be published often lately, and am writing up a storm. Please visit, read, and enjoy!

Want to hire me for copyediting or social media/digital consulting? Want to talk about collaborating on a project? Like my work and think I’d be perfect for something you’re working on? My contact information is at the bottom of the page – please reach out. I’d love to talk to you.

For any other questions, please read the “frequently asked questions” section, and if there’s anything I don’t cover there, please feel free to contact me and ask.

Thank you for reading!


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