Where do we go from here?

I know. You’re probably wondering, what has happened to Amy? Is she dead? Has she forgotten about us? Does she think she is too good for us? IS SHE TOO GOOD FOR HER HOME?!?!? 

Nothing this shocking, my little tater tots. Nothing this gossip-worthy at all. The answer’s a lot more mundane, promise. 

Total and complete case of what seems to be some sort of writer’s block. Well, no. Not WRITER’S block, per se: blogger’s block, I guess.

I have nothing whatsoever to write about. Nothing in my head; no ideas to write about; nothing at all noteworthy in my life to share. I’ll sit down to write something for you all and nothing at all comes to mind. 

I have plenty of things to write about in other arenas; I can email/text my friends all day long, I can write about books, I can review plays, I can write poetry, I can do work-related writing. None of this has suffered at all. 

But when I sit down to write HERE…nope. Nada. Nothing big, nothing small, nothing at all. (That was strangely Dr. Seussian, no?) Not even a little post making fun of a ridiculous thing I read in the news. Nothing seems right and nothing seems worth the bother. 

I have three posts planned for next week, possible four; I know exactly what they’ll be about, so that’s something. I have ideas for five posts for December. I’m working on a separate project that’s writing related that I can share sometime in the next couple of weeks. Other than that? Don’t know. Might be a few more posts, depending on what comes across my radar that I think needs to be shared; might not. 

But AMY! What does this MEAN? Are you OK? 

Here’s the funniest thing? I’m just about as ok as I’ve been since I started writing here. So I have to wonder if this was my free therapy, and maybe at the moment, I don’t need it as much? Not really sure. I’m more stressed about the fact that I’m randomly letting the interwebs down than I am about not having a multitude of words at my beck and call. (Now, if I didn’t have any words at ALL, like, to say or email or use at WORK, I’d be worried. But they’re still there. They’re just not there for the blogging, is all.) 

ALL THE WORDS! Except when I sit down to blog.

ALL THE WORDS! Except when I sit down to blog.

As for what it means? Well, it means the updates here are going to come less frequently. I’m not leaving altogether; I like it here too much to run away like Brave Sir Robin.

I like the community we’ve made here, and I like the things that blogging’s brought into my life (and the people.) Blogging’s become such an innate part of who I am that it seems so strange to not be doing it. But another thing is – I’ve kind of (against my better judgment) developed some sort of a life. With actual people in it. People who want to see me! And do things with me! And add to that my part-time jobs, and the time I’d like to spend with myself just recharging, reading or watching endless episodes of Catfish (sincerely, WHO SENDS SOMEONE THEY DON’T KNOW THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, I CAN’T EVEN) and planning for the holidays and and and…the endless hours I used to spend blogging seem…sort of decadent, to me. Like something from long-ago. I don’t know where I found the time, and I don’t know that I’ll ever have that kind of time again, or that drive, or all those pretty, pretty words, all lined up at my beck and call, ready to make you laugh, or cry, depending on the day. 

See, Nev and Max know how shocking "Catfish" can be and HOW IMPORTANT IT IS I WATCH EVERY LAST EPISODE, DAMMIT.

See, Max and Nev know how shocking “Catfish” can be and HOW IMPORTANT IT IS I WATCH EVERY LAST EPISODE, DAMMIT.

I will, of course, still be around. I will still be reading and commenting on blogs; I will still be lurking on Twitter and Facebook (I’ve become just terrible about tweeting and Facebookery; I think they’re things I need to get back into practice of, but, again, there are all those episodes of Catfish to watch.) I will still be updating social media here and there. You know how to reach me, should you feel the need to do so. I’m not DYING. I’m just going to not be around HERE as much. 

I suppose we could see it as an “absence makes the heart grow fonder” thing, right? “Oh! THERE IS A NEW LUCY’S FOOTBALL POST! It is a FRABJOUS day! CALLOO CALLAY!” Right? Right. 

And there are things to look forward to. You will get all the bloggery come next spring; you’re all coming with me to the land of Finns, because tickets have been purchased for my grand European adventure to visit my beloved Andreas and his most wonderful family.

Look at Andreas' beautiful islands I will be visiting! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Look at Andreas’ beautiful islands I will be visiting! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Plans are being made as we speak for this. I will be spending two weeks on the continent of Yerp, adventuring and chatting and traveling and eating fancy foreign foods and using my hard-won new Swedish vocabulary. Ready? I will share it with you. “Hej.” I CAN NOW SAY HI IN SWEDISH. I know you’re impressed. You really should be. Even better: “hej” is pronounced “hey” so it’s SUPER-hard to remember, I mean, seriously. I will also be in a couple of other countries while I am there and I think you’ll need to hear all about those, too. I mean, it’s not like I can’t share that with you guys. Who better to represent Merka in Yerp than me, I ask you? I will be the MOST excited. (Side note: Andreas says Finns are a very stoic people, and my natural ebullience will make them think I am either mentally ill or on the drugs. I CANNOT WAIT TO GO TO A COUNTRY WHERE PEOPLE THINK THAT, JUST BY BEING ME, I AM MENTALLY ILL OR ON THE DRUGS, YOU GUYS!) There is a little countdown clock thingy on the right over there so I can look at it and grin about how close it’s getting. Less than 200 days to go, now! 

So really, I’m just here using all the words to tell you I have no words and you won’t be seeing me so much, which seems a very confusing thing to do to you all. Sorry about that. 

I’ll be around, here and there, which makes me sound like I’m watching you like Sting or Santa or a stalker (those are very alliterative, whoo.) Love your faces, and thank you for being here, you know? You’re the best part of the bloggery. Most sincerely.

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33 responses to “Where do we go from here?

  • gabrieleneumann

    Snaps for use of “ebullience”. Criminally underrated word. Boo to less blogging, but yay to real life happening!

  • Andreas Heinakroon

    I find that lowering one’s expectations until they are met – or ideally surpassed – by one’s actions is a great way to remove some of the pressure and start to feel good about oneself.

    But honestly, you blog at least an order of magnitude more often than I do even in my most productive periods, so I fail to see why you should beat yourself up over any slight lull in productivity. Let the blog posts come when they come*. Because they will come. In due course.

    Of that I’m more than certain.

    * So not a euphemism

    • lucysfootball

      I have very high expectations of myself. Higher than I have of anyone else, actually. Which is insane. I realize that.


      (Thanks, Andreas. You are, as always, my most supportive friend and my most calming voice of reason.)

  • Andreas Heinakroon

    (Dammit. I messed up the HTML formatting like some noob. Would you mind terribly?)

  • A. Pope

    What I enjoy is your writing and your take on the world. The frequency is not so important–besides, once you stopped blogging every day your posts became happy surprises in my email or on Facebook (whichever I saw first).

  • summerstommy2

    What I love about your blog is that even today you say you have nothing to say or write about but you do it in the most interesting manner, good stuff Amy, I wish I could be so fluent. But I guess from my perspective you are just kicking Lucy’s football about. Well done.

  • emuse

    I find that lowering one’s expectations until they are met – or ideally surpassed – by one’s actions is a great way to remove some of the pressure and start to feel good about oneself. – Andreas

    The above statement is pure genius.


    I think it’s fine. Blog whenever. I was online during the ’90s and then everyone wanted me to blog back when there were 4 people doing it and I said, no, gads no, get me away from the internets. So I get it. Even though I wish now I’d done something small because I lost people. Dammit.

    Anyway. Check in enough not to lose us. Well, except that weird guy in the corner. Lose him. And have fun with life. :)

    • lucysfootball

      He’ll deny it, but Andreas himself really is pure genius. He’s kind of amazing.

      I will be here. I won’t disappear altogether. (Get outta here, weird guy in the corner, you’re creeping us all out, yo.)

  • Charleen

    Free therapy is the best therapy.

  • Stephanie

    We will be here, doing our own stuffs and yes it will be a nice surprise that comes into our inbox, when a note pops in.
    Enjoy life.. it is underrated.

  • cynthiaw

    So.. when reading the title of this post, did anyone else hear Axl Rose singing Where do we go
    Where do we go now
    Where do we go- 0-0-0-0-0-0-0

    in his/her head? No? Just me? Okay, fine.

    Blog whenever and enjoy having a life!

    • lucysfootball

      See, I had Buffy’s “Once More With Feeling” episode in my head, with Spike saying “oh, bugger this” when I wrote that…Axl Rose, Spike, tomato, tomahto.

      Thank you! Life’s been just grand lately. Hoping for more of the same!

  • jbrown3079

    It would have been unrealistic for anyone to continue writing as much as you did. Instead of being disappointed, I am happy your life is going well. After all, that is what we hope for when it comes to our friends. Good health, happy times and unicorns. (I am convinced unicorns exist in Scandinavia and will be looking forward to those posts)

    • lucysfootball

      Unicorns! Oh, now I think so, too. (I’d settle for hedgehogs, though. There’s a slight chance of hedgehogs, and it’s been my dream for SO LONG to see one in real life! They huff and puff like little steam engines, how awesome is THAT?)

      Thank you, John. Sorry I’ve been so absent from Twitter. I’ve become terrible at it. No one’s fault but my own. I miss you guys. I need to get back over there.

  • bensbitterblog

    Thanks for not going away forever. I just know that I have had times of writer’s block and other times when I have just not had enough time but push through. I know I’m crazy, but I love it so much that I do it even when I have the block.

    • lucysfootball

      Nope. I’ll still be around. Just a lot less frequently. I used to be able to write no matter what, but maybe it goes in cycles, who knows?

      • bensbitterblog

        Yeah, the last month or two I have struggled, but I keep feeling like I need to put stuff out regardless if it is not quite my best or favorite work. It does take a whole lot of time to do though and I don’t blame you for scaling back. I keep thinking I want to do that too.

        • lucysfootball

          Back in the day (the day being a couple of years ago) I blogged daily. I honestly don’t know where all those ideas came from. Or the time, really. I think this will be a happy medium – more time for me, and more time to make the posts I do write really count.

  • innyganker

    I was always super impressed that you HAD so much to say. Thanks for taking it down a notch, makes people like me feel better about ourselves and lack of blog material.

  • grrgoyl

    But….but….you’re my favorite blogger! You’re the highlight of WP for me! You’re also sort of my inspiration, because reading you makes me want to write. Have you given ANY thought to my feelings? Clearly not.

    Ah well. Enjoy your “real life,” Ms. Too Good to Blog Anymore. ;)

    • lucysfootball

      You are very sweet, and this made my whole day. Thank you. No, I am VERY self-absorbed. I think of no one but myself. And the misguided souls on “Catfish,” of course.

      Promise I’m not going away completely, just cutting back a little more. Maybe the extra time to work on the posts will make them SUPER-SPARKLY-AWESOME!!!1!

  • becomingcliche

    I just found this in my inbox. Any day there’s a Lucy’s Football post is a good day for me.

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